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13 June 2013

There are some cool new Doctor Who Tees and accessories now available from our friends (and big Doctor Who fans) over at TV Store Online

Have you ever wanted a Dalek bath towel, or a TARDIS bath robe to slide on after your morning shower? Or what about a Doctor Who t-shirt that shows off your love for The Doctor and the show itself to other fans out there but still looks fashion friendly? Have no fear, because TV Store Online is here and if you're looking for the best place to grab a Doctor Who Tee, your search is over.

It takes one to know one, doesn't it? So why not find the other Doctor Who fans in your life by showing your admiration for The Doctor with a cool T-shirt? TV Store Online offers a fantastic selection of Doctor Who Tees for adults and juniors that will have everyone staring at you because of your impeccable taste in all things geek culture and Science Fiction.

From The Big Bang Theory to My Little Pony, TV Store Online.com have thousands of officially licensed Tees available on the store's website and fans of The Doctor need not worry about shipping from the States to the UK either - they ship worldwide! Looking for something a bit more dressy or something for your girlfriend? TV Store Online also has Doctor Who Polo Shirts too. Are you looking for a Wibbly Wobbly Quote Doctor Who Tee or a High Council of the Time Lords Tee? TV Store Online has all of your Doctor Who T-shirt and merchandise needs covered.   

Here are some samples of TV Store Online's selection of Doctor Who T-shirts:

Doctor Who Robot Exterminate Splatter Charcoal Gray T-shirt

Beware the Daleks...Exterminate! Exterminate! Doctor Who doesn't get any more stylish or cooler than with this Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate Splatter Charcoal Gray T-Shirt. It's an officially licensed item and is made of 100% cotton. Everyone loves a Dalek, so why not wear it to your next convention that will have everyone that walks by you saying, "Exterminate!" It's also incredibly fashionable!

Doctor Who Tardis Time Vortex Phone Booth Ice Grey Adult T-shirt

The Doctor is cool and stylish and so is this fashion friendly Doctor Who T-Shirt. This distressed print in Ice Grey features The TARDIS hurtling through time. Where will The Doctor stop next? We never thought we'd call The TARDIS sexy, but look at this shirt! For a Doctor Who fan who wants to have that certain something with the ladies. 

Doctor Who Space Vortex Black Adult T-shirt

Hurry and grab up one of these Matt Smith Doctor Who Tees! With the 11th Doctor leaving the show these shirts are certain to become a collectors item in no time. Don't you wish you still had all of the cool T-Shirts that you had when you were a kid? Can you imagine how much one of these Matt Smith Doctor Who Tees will be going for on Ebay in three or four years? Reveal yourself to other Doctor Who fans at the next convention when you wear this super cool Matt Smith 11th Doctor, Black Doctor Who Tee. If you don't grab one now you'll need The TARDIS when you want one next season. Get 'em before they are gone!

+  For all these and more, check out TVStoreOnline.com.

[Sources: TV Store Online]

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