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27 June 2014

At last! After what seems like an age, we are thrilled to unveil some more New Series News in the form of a cracking new promo image for the first episode of Series 8; 'Deep Breath'.

The image (which can be viewed in full, in the right-hand features column) features The Doctor and Clara in what seems to be a tweaked TARDIS interior.

To tie-in with today's promo image, the BBC have also released a teaser trailer (which you can view below), that includes some rather interesting dialogue: 

The Doctor: "Clara, be my pal, tell me, am I a good man?"
Clara: "I don't think I know who The Doctor is anymore..."

Below is DWO's guide to the confirmed and rumoured titles for Series 8:

8.1: Deep Breath - written by Steven Moffat
8.2: [Untitled] - written by Phil Ford
8.3: Robots Of Sherwood*
 - written by Mark Gatiss
8.4: Listen*
 - written by Steven Moffat
8.5: Time Heist*
 - written by Stephen Thompson
8.6: [Untitled] - written by Gareth Roberts
8.7: Kill The Moon*
8.8: Mummy On The Orient Express*
8.9: Flatline*
8.10: [Untitled]
8.11: [Untitled]
8.12: [Untitled]

* Unconfirmed

+  Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in the UK on 23rd August 2014, on BBC One.
+  Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in the USA on 23rd August 2014, on BBC America.
+  Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in Canada on 23rd August 2014, on SPACE.
+  Series 8 of Doctor Who will air in Australia on 24th August 2014, on ABC1

[Source: BBC]

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