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5 March 2013

Our friends over at SFX Magazine have unveiled the first full promo shot of the New Series Ice Warriors.

The Classic Series villains will return in Series 7B, Episode Three (7.8), which is rumoured to be titled; 'The Cold War'.

Check Out DWO's Guide to Series 7B, below:

W = Written By / D = Directed By:

7.6: The Bells Of St.John - [W: Steven Moffat / D: Colm McCarthy]
7.7: The Rings of Akhaten - [W: Neil Cross / D: Farren Blackburn] - Rumoured Title
7.8: The Cold War - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Douglas Mackinnon] - Rumoured Title
7.9: Phantoms Of The Hex - [W: Neil Cross / D: Jamie Payne] - Rumoured Title
7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS - [W: Stephen Thompson / D: Mat King]
7.11: The Crimson Horror - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Saul Metzstein] - Rumoured Title
7.12: The Last Cyberman - [W: Neil Gaiman / D: Stephen Wolfenden]
7.13: Untitled - [W: Steven Moffat / D: Saul Metzstein]

Watch the preview for Series 7B, below:

[Source: SFX Magazine]

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