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3 February 2014

Following the recent success of their Doctor Who Coins, New Zealand Mint are releasing a new five-coin series featuring Doctor Who Monsters.

The Doctor Who Monsters series is a limited mintage of 5000 coins only per release, and is crafted from ½ Ounce of fine silver (0.999). Each coin is sold with an individual presentation case, along with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. Like recent releases, the coins will be issued under the licensing authority of Niue.

New Zealand Mint showcased this series at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration in London last November, and so it is exciting to now see the final product ready to ship. 

As a special value add for customers who purchase from their website, New Zealand Mint have reserved a block of the low certificate numbers in the series, numbers 50-999. These will be exclusively for their retail customers.

In addition, everyone who purchases the Dalek coin will have the opportunity to receive identically numbered certificates for each further release in the series, i.e if you get Dalek coin number 179, then you can also have number 179 of the next coin, and the next e.t.c.

Link: http://www.nzmint.com/coins/shop-online/doctor-who-monsters-daleks

[Source: New Zealand Mint]

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