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21 June 2012

It is with deepest regret that DWO announces the passing of Classic Series Doctor Who Actress, Caroline John.

Caroline was best known to Doctor Who fans for playing The 3rd Doctor's companion; Liz Shaw. Caroline appeared as Liz Shaw in a total of 5 televised stories:

Spearhead from Space
The Silurians
The Ambassadors of Death
The Five Doctors

It is understood that she passed away on 5th June 2012, but news has only been made public today.

DWO would like to extend our sympathies to Caroline's family and friends, and particularly her husband (and fellow Doctor Who actor) Geoffrey Beevers.

On announcing the news to the @DrWhoOnline Twitter followers, we asked for some of your comments to include in our obituary, of which we have added a small selection below:

@WhoFrazer - @DrWhoOnline so so sad to hear the news. Another of our family gone.

@BarryAldridge - @DrWhoOnline Caroline John was a wonderful actress on the screen was an equal to Jon Pertwee #doctorwho

@dn21media - @DrWhoOnline She really made that first season of Pertwee top notch, excellent particularly in Spearhead and as Evil Liz in Inferno.

@MattHolme0 - @DrWhoOnline Goodbye Liz. Underrated and understated. Say hi to Sarah,Barbara and the Brig for me x

@Tarkers73 - @DrWhoOnline so sad about Caroline John, put so much back into the show in the DVD era, thank heaven her memories are recorded forever #rip

@OptimusGinge - @DrWhoOnline another great and much loved companion leaves us

+  You can leave messages of condolence in the DWO Forums thread, here.

[Source: BBC]

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