Takeover Ad
Takeover Ad
5 December 2014

Doctor Who is truly a fantastic TV show, so why not wear the show proudly with one of Tostadora's fantastic personalised T-Shirts. Can you imagine wearing a personalised T-Shirt design featuring the ‘Bigger on the inside’ slogan? Tostadora have you covered!

Doctor Who is one the best sellers on Tostadora.co.uk, a marketplace where you can find humorous, geek, TV Series and kinds of personalized T-Shirts and items like iPhone covers. Actually, a lot of designers that have opened a free store with Tostadora have submitted creations regarding this awesome TV series. So, if you’re looking for cool personalized T-shirts regarding Doctor Who or his trusty TARDIS, you’re in good hands!

Also, if you’re a designer, artist or illustrator you can open a free store and submit your designs and creations to be printed on T-Shirts which will be sold among our community.

[Source: Tostadora]

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