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26 March 2013

Radio Times have launched another issue of their popular magazine, sporting a Doctor Who cover, this time to promote Series 7 Part 2.

In this week’s Radio Times – on sale today – Matt Smith responds to recent criticisms that there isn’t enough on-air content planned for the show’s 50th Anniversary and that the show has become too complex for children:

"I think there’s only so much you can shoot. There’s a Christmas special and eight episodes, there’s the 50th anniversary, and on top of that you’ve got Mark Gatiss writing a script [An Adventure in Space and Time about Who’s origins]. There’s only so many you can make each year without compromising the quality.

I think we have to give children more credit. Children are always going to engage with the story in a slightly different way to adults, but I tell you this, I bet you they pay more attention. What are we meant to do? Just dumb everything down?"

Jenna-Louise Coleman speaks about her role as The Doctor's new assistant:

“I’d been doing period dramas for two years [Titanic, Dancing on the Edge] where you’re very still, so working with CGI, working with cameras when you’re constantly running, that’s a new experience. Mine and Matt’s dynamic is challenging. Matt describes it as a dance, but to me it’s such a ping-pongy kind of dynamic.”

She’s confirmed she’ll be in next year’s Doctor Who, but of the latest episodes, The Rings of Akhaten (next week) is her favourite:

“It’s Clara’s first experience of an alien world, realising what life will be like to travel with the Doctor. It’s big and heartfelt, but really funny. An epic episode wonderfully written by Neil Cross [Luther]."

As for scary monsters, wait for the finale:

“It’s a huge surprise, a monster with style.”

Also in this week's issue:

-  FREE Monster Wall-Chart
-  Steven Moffat's Episode Guide

+  Radio Times is out Today, priced £1.60.

+  Buy this issue of Radio Times as well as past issues from CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: Radio Times]

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