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2 June 2011

2|Entertain have confirmed via their @classicdw Twitter feed, that the missing episodes for the upcoming The Reign of Terror DVD release will be animated.

The news will be hugely welcomed from fans who have petitioned and indeed championed for further animated, missing episodes, since the popular release of The Invasion DVD in 2006. Big Finish's Thetamation have been confirmed as the animation parters.

2|Entertain's Commissioning Editor, Dan Hall, also uploaded an early test graphic [pictured right], representing how the animation will look.

It is yet to be confirmed whether any more missing episodes will be animated for other forthcoming releases.

+  Post 2|Entertain's Commissioning Editor, Dan Hall, a question in the DWO Forums.

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[Source: 2|Entertain]

Comments (2) -

Ritchie Babcock
7/12/2011 5:54:53 AM #

Dan, any chance of bringing  "The Daleks Masterplan " to dvd i would love to see this animated if you can`t  find the missing episodes,in fact the very act of releasing this as a dvd may indeed shed some new light on the missing episodes to the public to remind them of their historic and cultural value!

Leon Price
11/19/2011 6:51:45 PM #

It would be nice to see a whole lot more doctor who episodes animated I would really like to see fury from the deep or even the space pirates animated it would be really nice

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