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26 August 2011

Radio Times have printed Steven Moffat's guide to the rest of Series 6, complete with all episode titles.

Episode 8: Let's Kill Hitler

Written by Steven Moffat

Amy and Rory have waited a long time for news of their daughter. Too long. But when they summon The Doctor, the consequence will change all their lives. The TARDIS crashes into Belin in the 1930's and they find themselves face to face not only with Hitler, but with a unique assassin from the distant future - and that's only the beginning. In the Fuhrer's office, at the heart of the Third Reich, The Doctor is in for one of the biggest shocks of his very long life...

Episode 9: Night Terrors

Written by Mark Gatiss

Horror in Doctor Who comes in many forms and many places, and a cry of distress reaches the TARDIS from the darkest and scariest place in universe. But where is it exactly? This story began with Mark Gatiss and me chatting on the set of Sherlock. "I'd like to do scary," he said. "Do you know where the scariest place in the universe is?" I've known Mark for a while. If he's decided to tell me where the scariest place in the universe is, I'd better listen. "Where?" I quavered from behind my rapid-deployment Doctor Who fear sofa. "A child's bedroom" he answered.

Parents of Britain - sorry, and good luck!

Episode 10: The Girl Who Waited

Written by Tom MacRae

Time Travel is more than just an element of Doctor Who - it's one of the main characters. I'm going to boast now and say that Tom MacRae's stylish and moving script is one of the best uses of time travel in any story anywhere - mind-blowing and heart-breaking in every twist and turn. The Doctor has been in Amy and Rory's life for a long while now - far longer than he ever intended. What if something were to go wrong?

When they step from the TARDIS into a strange white waiting room, they're all about to learn just how wrong time travel can go...

Episode 11: The God Complex

Written by Toby Whithouse

The brief to brilliant writer Toby Whithouse was just this - a hotel: make a hotel scary. All those corridors, all those identical rooms, those bleak and soulless bars and waiting rooms, that tinkling musak - surely all that was made for Doctor Who, where the scariest things of all come bleeding through the ordinary world.

If you've seen Toby's wonderful Being human, you've probably already decided he's a sick and twisted man. Doctor Who is delighted to confirm this simple truth for a BBC1 audience. (Oh, and do you have a ventriloquist dummy lurking somewhere in your house? Just asking, no reason...).

Episode 12: Closing Time

Written by Gareth Roberts

The Lodger was a surprise hit of last year's Doctor Who. It was a simple tale of a barmy Time Lord in a flatshare with a nice man called Craig. Except when you say one them's Matt Smith and the other is James Corden, then frankly you've got enough going on for a whole other series. I leapt at the chance of a sequel and writer Gareth Roberts leapt at the chance to take up his story again.

Events have moved on in Craig's life when The Doctor turns up on his doorstep for a second time; there's a terrible alien threat, of course, but never mind that - dear God, there's a BABY!

Episode 13: The Wedding of River Song

Written by Steven Moffat

"I don't want to marry you."

"I don't want to murder you."

And here it is at last - the episode with all the answers, as The Doctor journeys to Lake Silencio for his date with destiny. While I was writing this, my wife asked me, "What happens?" and when I frownedm and pondered my answer, she hurriedly added, "In one sentence. Quite a short one." I thought a moment and said, "The Doctor goes to his certain death - and it doesn't work out as well as he'd expected."

So welcome to what is, without doubt or serious competition, the wedding of the year! Wary reports indicate that it could make On Her Majesty's Secret Service look like a fairly successful honeymoon...

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[Source: Radio Times]

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