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13 March 2015

Manufacturer: LEGO

RRP: £39.99

Release Date: November 2014

Reviewed by: Doctor Who Online

Review Posted: 13th March 2015

Having run the largest Doctor Who server on Minecraft for over 3 years now, we have received constant requests from our visitors to start doing reviews for the LEGO Minecraft sets. Not being ones to disappoint, and grabbing the nearest possible excuse to play with some cool toys, we are thrilled to kick off our very first review for set ‘#21115 - The First Night’.

Before you get too stuck in, exploring caves and mining for diamonds, you’re going to need to build a little piece of home to base all your endeavours from, right? Well, what better way than building your very own Minecraft LEGO house!

The First Night is a lovingly thought-out set, incorporating many elements from the in-game world in LEGO brick form. Details such as pixelated swords, axes and pickaxes also throw a knowing nod to the Minecraft world, whilst adding the practicality and functionality of a playable LEGO set.

Speaking of functionality, there are some great features here; from an opening and closing front door and pig pen, to the hinged access to the house interior. The inside of Steve’s house is a thing of beauty with lots of details that further work as a touchstone to Minecraft. There’s a crafting table, an item frame (with removable pickaxe), tables, flower pots and a treasure chest! 

You can easily combine the set with others in the LEGO Minecraft range, and with the included ‘inspiration’ manual, there are a couple of other alternative tweaks you can make to the way it looks.

The Build:

With a total of 408 pieces, this is a set that you can easily build within an hour. It’s a genuinely fun and rewarding set to put together - from the foundations right up to the tree-laden roof terrace, there is immense satisfaction in building the house, brick by brick.

It’s also neat near the end of the build where the three separate elements cleanly slot together, and with set '#21114 The Farm’ (sold separately), you can add to this further as it slots in to the rear-right of the house.

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[With thanks to LEGO]

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