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14 August 2012

Manufacturer: The Wand Company Ltd

RRP: £59.99

Release Date: End of August 2012

Reviewed by: Doctor Who Online

Review Posted: 14th August 2012

From the moment you open the packaging, it is clear that the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote is a thing of beauty. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unlike any other sonic replica out there and the fact that it has IR functionality only adds to the value for money.

Out of the box, the device sits neatly on its own stand with a perspex hood, which protects the sonic should you wish to have it on display. The sonic itself smacks of quality. From the weight, right down to the die-cast metal and hand-polished, copper-plated finish, you can't help feeling that you're holding something a little bit special.

Programming the IR codes is surprisingly easy - long gone are the days of scouring through user manuals, hoping to find the right code for your TV set. All you do is press the desired button on your old remote in front of the sonic remote, and a voice confirms the process with a reassuring 'ok'.

Gestures include, Up, Down, Left Right, Push, Pull, Tap Top, Tab Bottom, Tap Left and Tap Right - with no doubt more that we've yet to discover!

There's an FX mode which houses 13 different sound effects that will please new fans right down to the hardcore purists. There are also some Easter Egg functions, but without spoiling the fun, we'll let you discover those for yourself.

It's hard to fault this product, at times it can seem a little too responsive, but as the instruction manual points out, 'gestures are cool, but humans need to practise them'.

The RRP of £59.99 may seem a little high for a remote control, but what you get here is a loyal replica of the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver with the added bonus of a remote control. Compared to other replicas that have gone before it, the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote is miles cheaper in comparison, with heaps more functionality to boot.

+  Click Here to buy now from FireBox!

Last month DWO teamed up with Firebox to offer 3 lucky DWO Twitter followers, the chance to win a ticket to the press launch of the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote. DWO WhoCast interviewer, Siobhan Gallichan was on-hand to interview the winners on the day which you can listen to below:



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