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30 May 2013

Manufacturer: WhoSounds Ltd

RRP: £150.00

Release Date: Out Now!

Reviewed by: Doctor Who Online

Review Posted: 30th May 2013

The new TARDIS Speaker System by WhoSounds is now available to buy, and DWO have had the pleasure of receiving a review unit.

It's no secret that the speaker has been in the works for a while now, and it is clear from the finished design that a painstaking amount of detail and love has gone into it.

The unit is a scale model of the 11th edition TARDIS, and features a Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system, complete with remote control, USB charger and AUX cable. Bluetooth v2.0 is supported and is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices including Smartphone's and Tablets using Blackberry, Apple, Android and more.

The magic really begins when you sync your mobile device with the speaker - the TARDIS landing sound plays and the light on top of the TARDIS begins to flash! Sure it may not be a necessary addition, but its little things like this that make the unit stand out and feel like it's more than just a speaker.

The sound quality produced is simply awesome, and to shamelessly use a well-known Doctor Who related reference, it really does sound like it's bigger on the inside. There's a depth of sound and crispness that we can only compare to the top of the range BOSE speaker range - which would cost up to double the price of the TARDIS speaker!

We, rather aptly, tested out the speaker with a selection of songs from the Doctor Who: Series 6 Soundtrack - all of which sounded fantastic. The remote control allows you to play around with the bass, which the unit kicks out impressively. We also tested out one of the Doctor Who audiobooks from Big Finish, which, again sounded fantastically clear.

Picture the setting…it's a Sunday afternoon, you've just brewed yourself a nice cup of tea, and you're sitting in your favourite comfy chair. You get your [insert mobile device here] and hit the play button for your desired audiobook, and sitting patiently in the corner of the room, your TARDIS Speaker System springs into action. If you close your eyes (remembering to hold your hot cup of tea up correctly, first), you actually feel like you are right there - the sound literally brings the audiobook story to you. 

If, like us, all your USB ports are occupied on your computer system, you can charge your mobile device using the speaker itself, thanks to the handy USB port.

The RRP for the product is £150.00, which we think is actually quite good, considering the quality and usability of the unit. We cannot really fault the TARDIS Speaker System. WhoSounds have produced something very special here and it most definitely gets the DWO seal of approval.

(Just don't give it a name…not that we did…honest!)

Check out an official unboxing video of the TARDIS Speaker System below:

You can buy the TARDIS Speaker System from the following outlets:

+  WhoSoundshttp://www.whosounds.com/
+  Amazonhttp://www.amazon.co.uk


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