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31 October 2017

Manufacturer: Who Dares Publishing

RRP: £14.99

Release Date: 1st October 2017

Reviewed by: Doctor Who Online

Review Posted: 31st October 2017

Purchasing your annual Doctor Who calendar is a must for any Doctor Who fan, but the choices out there are extremely limited, and the focus is mainly on the new series / current Doctor.

Those of us of a particular age will remember the Target Doctor Who books range, with their beautiful cover art, with great fondness. Following on from last year's relaunch of Who Dares Publishing, the company have just released the brand new Andrew Skilleter Target Art Calendar for 2018, which features 12 of some of Andrew's finest covers for the range.

Each page is filled with about 90% artwork / 10% calendar, meaning you have large scale versions of the art, along with info text for each piece from Andrew himself.

It's a real eye-opener to learn just how little reference material Andrew had to go on, but the finished results were always impressive. The Dominators is a prime example of this; no visual reference, but a stunning gouache with blue and pink hues that capture the essence of the story perfectly!

Definitely worth purchasing; not just because of the nostalgic gratification you get from seeing memories from long ago, but for the sheer delight you will get from the brilliance of Andrew Skilleter's artwork.

+  Click Here to buy now from Who Dares Publishing for £14.99!


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