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7 January 2015

Speaking in a recent interview with Radio Times, ex-Doctor Who show runner and head writer, Russell T. Davies, discussed his reasons for ruling out a return to writing for the show anytime soon, as well as why there shouldn't be a 10th anniversary this year.

When asked if he would like to write for Series 9, Davies replied with a polite 'thanks but no thanks' when approached by the BBC:

“Someone from the branding team sent me a very lovely email saying do you want to do something. I don’t know what they imagined - a talk or a convention perhaps. I just said no, to be honest. A programme can’t have its fiftieth and then it’s tenth. I think that’s just confusing. It's marvellous and glorious; let it carry on.”

When asked if he would ever write another episode of the hit show, Davies replied:

“Wouldn’t that be nice? The lovely Steven invites me every year to come and write one. And I love him and I love them and I love watching it, but here I am, moving on. I love Doctor Who with all my heart but nothing is more important to me than my own stuff.”

Davies’ latest project is Cucumber, Tofu, Banana, a three-pronged project examining gay life in modern Britain.

+  Cucumber, Tofu, Banana will be shown on Channel 4, E4 and 4oD in January 2015.

[Source: Radio Times]

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