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28 October 2011

The campaign to save Doctor Who Confidential, which was recently axed by the BBC is doing exceptionally well with over 50,000+ fans having now signed the online petition!

As of 2:00pm today, the petition has achieved 51,539 signatures and at the end of the day a total count will be sent to the BBC Trust.

Did you know, if the campaign achieves just 49,000+ more signatures, the matter has to be discussed by UK parliament. Hopefully those involved at axing the show will see sense before then, but in the meantime a huge thanks needs to go out to the @SaveDWC team as well as each and every fan who has signed the petition.

Get involved and help Save Doctor Who Confidential!:

+  Send a complaint to the BBC regarding the cancellation of Doctor Who Confidential!

+  Sign the online petition, which currently has over 15,000+ signatures!

+  Follow the @SaveDWC Twitter account!

[Source: DWO]

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