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22 August 2012

The Radio Times have confirmed the airdate for Series 7 of Doctor Who, ending months of speculation and confusion.

The listings on the Radio Times website show that Doctor Who will indeed return with 7.1: Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday 1st September 2012, at 7:20pm.

DWO reported the possible airdate as far back as May 2012, but as always, nothing is confirmed until official word from the BBC, which we now have through the Radio Times.

Worldwide Airdates:

USA - BBC America - Saturday 1st September at 9:00pm
Canada - Space - Saturday 1st September at 9:00pm
Australia - ABC1 - Saturday 8th September at 7:30pm
New Zealand
 - Prime - TBC September at TBC 

A new trailer via BBC America is also available to view below:

[Source: Radio Times]

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