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13 January 2011

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has printed an updated schedule for Series Six (that's what we're calling it) of Doctor Who.

Episode 1 & Episode 2

Written by Steven Moffat, Directed by Toby Haynes

The two-part season opener sees The Doctor, Amy and Rory embarking on an epic adventure in 1960s America. The team are joined once again by the mysterious River Song, played by Alex Kingston, while Stuart Mulligan and Mark Sheppard guest star in major roles. Scenes have been shot in the Utah desert as well as other locations in the USA.

Episode 3

Written by Steve Thompson

Formerly Episode 9. The episode is set to film shortly as part of Block Four.

Episode 4

Written by Neil Gaiman, Directed by Richard Clark

Moved from its original position of Episode 3, the much-anticipated story by award-winning author, Neil Gaiman. The adventure guest-stars Suranne Jones playing someone who "might just turn out to be an old acquaintance with a new face".

Episode 5 & Episode 6

Written by Matthew Graham, Directed by Julian Simpson

Tentatively titled The Rebel Flesh and Gangers. The guest cast includes, Raquel Cassidy, Marshall Lancaster, Sarah Smart and Mark Bonnar.

Episode 7

Written by Steven Moffat

The concluding script for the first half of the season, which forms half of the fourth recording block along with Episode 3.

Episode 8

Written by Steven Moffat

The opener for the second half of Series Six, which will air in September 2011. This concludes the cliffhanger in Episode 7.

Episode 9

Written by Mark Gatiss, Directed by Richard Clark

Previously Episode 4. The guest cast includes, Daniel Mays, Andrew Tiernan, Leila Hoffman, Emma Cunniffe, Jamie Oram and Sophie Cosson.

Episode 10

No further details.

Episode 11

No further details.

Episode 12 & Episode 13

Written by Steven Moffat

** Further updates will be added in new News page updates, in the meantime, you can follow The Expanding Guide to Series Six in the DWO Forums.

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine - Issue #430]

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