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10 December 2014

As we reach that time of the year where the Christmas tree is up and we hang up all our favourite ornaments, make sure you save a place for some of the awesome creations by PJ McQuade.

PJ has crafted some fantastic Doctor Who themed Christmas cards, featuring all 12 Doctors, from Hartnell to Capaldi. Also available are some rather nifty tree ornaments made from the same artwork.

You can also get hold of some limited edition, hand signed prints of the art - all of which can be viewed on his Etsy page - but hurry as they are in limited supply.

Product details:


-  Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"
-  Clay coated 12 pt. premium card stock
-  Comes with one white envelope.
-  $5.00
-  Available in packs of 5, 10 or 20 at discounted rates.


-  5ml laminated prints, custom cut, hole punched with hanging hook.
-  Hand signed and dated on the back. All ornaments measure roughly 4x3"
-  Available individually or as a 12 pack combo. Free Doctor Who Christmas card with purchase of combo 12 pack.


-  Dimensions: 11x14". Printed on 300gsm MOAB Entrada Fine Art Rag with archival 8 dye inks. Hand signed, numbered and dated.
-  Limited edition of 175 for the regular.
-  Limited edition of 200 for the Santa Hat variant.
-  Every print purchased comes with a free Doctor Who Christmas card.

+  Visit PJ McQuade’s Etsy page.
+  Visit PJ McQuade's Official Website.
+  Follow PJ McQuade on Twitter.

[Source: PJ McQuade]

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