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6 October 2020

TARDISMonkey's Torchwood Diary - watching Torchwood an episode a week from the start...

2.13: Exit Wounds

So here we go, we have reached the finale of series 2 and oh boy, this one will make you cry.


Chris Chibnall has really shone with the writing in this episode as the Torchwood team finally face their biggest adversary, and it’s not Captain John.


We start the episode with an end of the world/end of Cardiff style threat as loads of Weevils escape the sewers to attack the police station causing chaos across Cardiff, but what for? Amongst the commotion, John Hart kidnaps Jack and takes him back to Cardiff 27AD. In a shocking little twist, it turns out that John himself is under the control of Jack’s missing brother Gray, who has vowed to seek revenge against Jack after he let go of his brother’s hand as they were escaping an alien invasion. In a horrific turn of events, Jack is buried alive to suffer the equivalent fate that Gray faces himself, always on the verge of death. A slight criticism is when Torchwood finally find Jack again in 1901; he seems remarkably calm about the whole situation and going back to sleep for another 100 years. The whole issue about being buried alive seems like a whole story in itself without the sibling rivalry involved.


This episode shows the true skill and determination of the Torchwood team, as Gwen immediately takes command of the situation as Jack is taken away. Her police officer duties really display themselves, as she orders everyone to do their job the best way possible. However it’s also touching to see her vulnerable side, as the whole situation becomes overwhelming and she seeks Rhys for that little bit of security as he always has done. The scenes with Tosh and Ianto are precious, as it’s nice to seem them working together to take down the so called ghosts in the Cardiff server room, which turned out to be people dressed up. 


The whole situation seems to be clearing up quite nicely, as the Torchwood team take down the Weevils and try to keep a nuclear power station under control (after a huge explosion rips through Cardiff). Torchwood never fails in slowing down the pace in its 50 minute time slot. However, this wouldn’t be a good old fashioned episode without something going horribly wrong and this is when we’re faced with Tosh getting shot by Gray.


The whole episode revolves around the death of Tosh and Owen. Tosh whilst not telling Owen that she is also dying, tries to save his life from being obliterated by radiation. This is why Tosh is such an incredible, bold and down right legendary character. She’s stood by all of her team, even when they’ve treated her like the outsider and she followed her duty to her very last breath. The scene between Owen and Tosh as they both die, is beautifully written by Chris Chinball, as they reminisce about the times they should have taken the opportunity with life. It really gives a true display of their relationship with one another and actually shows that Owen really does care about life. Tosh dying in the arms of Jack, just proves how much Jack wanted to take care of Tosh even after her problems with UNIT, she was family and he wanted to protect her, but Torchwood is just too dangerous.


The finale scene of Jack, Gwen and Ianto watching the video of Tosh really gave her character the closure she deserved. It’s a different perspective watching how the audience would have felt during the time, not knowing if the series was going to carry on etc. Torchwood has its' happy and its’ sad times and in a weird sci-fi sense, really reflects the world we’re living in right now. 


Finishing this series, with everything that has happened and developed with everyone, what it really comes down to is Tosh. And you know what…

Ellie (TARDISMonkey) 



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