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8 July 2014

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start... 

Day 554: The Leisure Hive, Episode Two

Dear diary,

It’s really quite strange how this story comes along, and it’s as through the programme has suddenly realised ‘it’s the 1980s’. There’s so much about the design of the sets in this one, and the use of colour both in those sets and in the costumes of the guest cast which just feels like 1980s Doctor Who to me. Even in the music, it’s everything that says ‘the 1980s’ to me, and I think that’s what’s making the change between Season Seventeen and Season Eighteen feel all the more striking - the fact that it’s found its new groove this easily. I think, really, it comes down to the fact that what I think of as ‘1980s Doctor Who’ is really simply ‘John Nathan-Turner’s Doctor Who’, so I shouldn’t really be all that surprised.

You can also very much feel the hand of new script editor Christopher H Bidmead beginning to steer the programme here, because I’m not entirely sure what this ‘new science’ on Argolis is actually for. Oh, I get that it’s being modified and used here to try and de-age people (though that’s only a real possibility once Romana gets involved), but I don’t quite understand how the whole ‘tearing off limbs’ aspect comes in to play, or the stuff about the giant projected image… It’s interesting that, really, this is the same time experiment as seen in City of Death, moving objects or living creatures back and forth through their own personal time stream, but whereas it was perfectly clear to understand during that story (even if it was ‘technobabble’), here I’m completely lost. Season Eighteen is often thought of as the ‘scientific’ era of the programme, and it’s not hard to see why!

Something else I want to draw attention to today, because there’s a real risk that I’ll never get around to it otherwise, is the Doctor’s new costume. Now, putting my cards on the table early, I love the Season Eighteen look. The big greatcoat, the burgundy scarf, the hat, the boots (although they won’t actually turn up until later on), there’s something about it that just really chimes with me, and I think it’s the most successful of all the 1980s ‘uniform’ outfits for the Doctors.

Yet, I’m surprised to see how much variance is being thrown into the costume even at this early stage. I’ve always thought of this style being less ‘flexible’ for Baker, and that he couldn’t alter the look as much as he has done with all his other outfits, but already we’ve seen him in the full ensemble, complete with hat and Norfolk jacket (which I’ve never actually realised he had under that greatcoat!), but we get to see him in various stages of dress as these two episodes progress, taking off coats/jackets/scarves as he sees fit.

Wandering around the place without his scarf is something that - again - I’ve never really thought happened as often as it has, and I love that the scarf is being used so interestingly in this story. In yesterday’s episode, he tied it to a plastic statue of an Argolin and it gave Romana a shock when she followed the scarf to be presented with the unexpected ‘body’ at the end… so it’s great to see the same happen to the Doctor in this episode, only here to body is that of a dead man, and the Doctor has been arrested for his murder.

Then you reach the cliffhanger, and the Doctor’s had a whole new look again - aged up by 500 years! He’s really going through it in the cliffhangers to this story…! 

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