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28 March 2015

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start...

Day 817: Night Terrors

Dear diary,

So. The arrival of the TARDIS is nicely shot, innit?

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been sort of dreading this one, because I simply have nothing to say about it. When this episode first went out, I can remember thinking that it was a bit of a rehash of Fear Her (which in my memory had been rubbish in itself), and that I’d not be rushing to revisit it any time soon. In fairness, watching it today I can safely say that it’s not in any way a rehash of Fear Her, but that hasn’t made me love it any more.

This is actually the second entry I’ve written for this episode, because putting together the first version earlier on, I found myself simply typing as I mulled over the episode, and slowly realised exactly what my problem was with it. The closer I came to the conclusion, the more I found myself getting annoyed by it, and consequently the score today is probably lower than it should have been, as marks dropped off it (not many marks, to be fair, but all the same). Does it deserve such a low score? Well, no, probably not. For one thing, the direction really is rather nice in this one, and there’s some especially nice transitions from shot to shot, but even those can’t save it from the big issue at its heart.

Specifically, the last two stories have been about Amy and Rory suddenly discovering that - shock horror - they’ve got a baby. It’s one that they weren’t really expecting, since Amy hadn’t broached the subject with her husband before being kidnapped and replaced with a living Flesh duplicate. As you do. Just when they think that everything is back to normal and that they can actually come to terms with the sudden arrival of a child in their lives, the kid gets snatched away again, and they have to head back home to await news for their baby’s well being.

Mixed in with all this is the discovery that a woman they’ve shared several adventures with and who their time-travelling best friend has a bit of a thing for has actually been their daughter - albeit grown up - all along. As if all that wasn’t enough, it then turns out that the same woman was also their childhood best friend but in a different body, so they’ve actually been growing up alongside their daughter all this time. I’m sure you’ll admit that it’s quite the roller coaster of emotions for a couple to experience, and it’s probably rather clever that the next story to be broadcast after this little mini-arc is one all about how difficult it can be to act as a parent. There’s so much that you can explore here with Amy and Rory coming to terms with everything that’s just happened.

But that’s not really what happens. In fact, the events of the last couple of episodes don’t even warrant a mention, while Amy and Rory only appear in the same scene as the child of the story briefly towards the end (and Amy’s made of wood by that point). It felt like an odd decision on first glance, but is actively annoying me the more I think about it - why waste such an obvious opportunity to explore the depth of the situation they’ve just been through? Over the next couple of stories, we’re going to be building towards Amy and Rory’s first exit from the TARDIS, and it just feels like this should have been an important step on that journey. A real shame.

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