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30 March 2015

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start...

Day 819: The God Complex

Der diary,

When Lynda-with-a-‘y’ (I know it’s pointless to type out the full name, because you can see it’s ‘with-a-‘y’’, but somehow it feels wrong not to) turned up in the Series One finale, it seemed so clear to me that she was being introduced as a replacement to Rose, or at least an additional travelling companion, and I wasn’t all that keen on the thought, because she rubbed me up the wrong way, somehow. Then, of course, it turned out that she wasn’t to be the next companion at all, and that we were supposed to fall into the trap of thinking that, because we feel it all them ore keenly when she dies. That’s the kind of trick you can only pull the once, though, so when Astrid asks to go with the Doctor while the Titanic falls from orbit around them, you just know that she;s never making it out of that ship in one piece (and quite besides the face that it’s Kylie-bleedin’-Minogue, and there’s no way they’s get her to Cardiff for a nine month shoot!).

I resolved to never fall for that trap again, and it was working pretty well, on the whole, until this episode came along, and I became convinced that Rita was to be the replacement for Amy and Rory. She had all the hallmarks, and she’s being set up pretty obviously (but not too over-the-top obviously) as perfect companion material, and it seemed to be fairly common knowledge that the Ponds would be departing in this episode (or, at least, I assume it was common knowledge, because I was aware that this was to be their last episode - barring perhaps a cameo in the finale - and I’d not been paying all that much attention). Everything seemed to fit… and then the buggers went and did it again! She loses her faith, and heads off to meet the minotaur. Oh, that stung just as much as Lynda-with-a-‘y’. Perhaps even more so, because for all I said nice things about Amy and Rory yesterday, on first transmission they could have been anyone for all I cared about them, and I rather liked Rita.

If there’s something that bothers me here, then it’s the ending. Not the ending of all the stuff in the ‘hotel', that's all fine, but the actual end of the episode with the Doctor dropping the Ponds off to live a happy life together. In many ways, it’s a great ending for them (and, if I’m honest, i think it might be the best ending for them), being given everything they need to settle down and start living a more ‘normal' life together. You can only run away with your childhood imaginary friend for so long, after all. I think the issue I have is that it’s not quite built up as well as I’d like. We had Rory snapping at the Doctor during the events of The Girl Who Waited, and announcing that he’s had enough, and there's plenty of hints throughout this episode that the time is right for the Ponds to leave, but it feels like it needed a little… more.

The most obvious thing comes from episodes like Night Terrors, where I was very vocal about the irritating way that the episode doesn’t even try to touch on the relationship that Amy and Rory have with parenthood, and so soon after it’s been such a major concern for them. I can’t help but feel that this departure needed to come after a few episodes of the Ponds 'going through the motions’ because the Doctor is there and he’s ready for adventure, but they're ready to move on and grow up. Time to stop running. I’m also slightly unsure about the way that the departure is handled, with it being pitched as though it’s the first time that Amy will have been without the Doctor since he came back for her in Leadworth - although we know they had a break between A Christmas Carol and another one in the gap during Series Six… maybe Amy simply doesn’t think he will come back this time?

That doesn’t stop this from being a rather lovely way for them to say goodbye, and it’s only right that the bulk of the emotion in the scene is pitched over the Doctor and Amy - while Rory has been a vital part of their story together, it started with the scared little girl being rescued by the madman in the box, and it ends with the scared big girl moving on the next stage of her life. First time around, I couldn’t get on board with the idea that they go on to have another half-a-season of travels with the Doctor after such a fitting goodbye, so I’m intrigued now to see how they feel over the next week… 


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