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31 March 2015

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start...

Day 820: Closing Time

Dear diary,

When this episode first aired, my general ‘meh’-ness about Series Six had reached fever pitch, and I was thoroughly bored by the whole thing. More Cybermen? Yawn. The return of Craig? Unnecessary. The Setting? Rubbish. The Story itself? Didn’t go anywhere. On the whole, I think it’s fair to say that I was a trifle grumpy.

It’s rather nice, therefore, that watching it today, with a wholly more positive outlook on this run of stories has almost been like presenting me with an entirely different story to the one I remember from a few years ago. More Cybermen? Good! They’re my favourite monsters, after all, and they’re really only used as window dressing here, because… The Return of Craig is the big selling point. We’ll come back to this in a moment because for now I need to touch on… The Setting. It’s not ‘rubbish’ at all - it’s just normal, which again, is the whole bloody point. You can tell how much of a funk I must have been in first time around, because there’s lots in here that I simply failed to engage with on any level before.

As I’ve said, the real point of this episode is the return of Craig from the previous year’s The Lodger. When this return was first announced, I don’t think I had any particular reaction beyond a simple ‘oh, right’. By the time the episode aired, though, it almost annoyed me that they’d brought him back. Why? What’s the point? He was a one story character who had no right or need to make a return appearance and certainly not this soon. What I think I totally failed to grasp before now is that Craig is back because of just how brilliant he is. Also, how well James Corden pairs up with Matt Smith. Oh, they went together brilliantly in The Lodger, but that’s notched right up to eleven this time around, and the highlights of this episode - for me - are every moment the two share the screen. They’re a hoot! There’s times where you sort of forget that it’s the Doctor and a human hanging out, and just feel like you’re enjoying Matt and James having a laugh - and you’re actually laughing along with them.

It’s telling that is in total contrast to the thing I enjoyed the least about this one - the cameo appearance of Amy and Rory. I think I knew that The God Complex wasn’t to be their last appearance because they were destined to be in the finale, but it felt like a pointless exercise to have them show up here. I realise that it’s a character moment for the Doctor, but even this time around, having been carried to this point of the episode throughly enjoying it, I suddenly found myself taken right out of the narrative, and making notes about how rubbish the moment is… and it’s all then highlighted by the fact that we’re thrown immediately back into the Doctor and Craig teaming up, and it’s back to being rather fun and enjoyable again!

If anything, it makes me rather sad that we didn’t get to have one final outing for the pair of them before the Eleventh Doctor’s time came to a close. I’m not quite sure where their story needs (or indeed can) go from here, but it seems like a shame to think that there’s a whole further season-and-a-bit of adventures for the Doctor, and that Craig will be absent from them. If nothing else, can we start working out how to get Smith and Corden their own show?


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