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4 April 2013

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary - watching Doctor Who one episode a day from the very start... 

Day Ninety-Four: Small Prophet, Quick Return (The Myth Makers, Episode Two)

Dear diary,

Well today's episode has certainly picked things up a little for me! I still don't know enough about the events of Troy to get as much from it as I should, but with references to the wooden horse, and suggestions of things being brought into Troy with Greeks hidden inside… there's enough here for me to latch onto.

Perhaps the best thing about this episode, though, is the addition of the Troy characters. They've got a sense of humour to them that really struck a chord with me, creating a historical comedy that I'm enjoying, as opposed to something like The Romans, which didn't appeal. I wonder if it's because I knew that The Romans was supposed to be a comedy, and as such was waiting for it to make me laugh. With The Myth Makers, I was expecting a more traditional tale (and that's certainly what Episode One seemed to promise), so the comedy is an unexpected and happy addition.

I think Paris has to be my favourite of the characters on display, and he certainly gets the best of the more humorous moments from the script. The way he mocks Cassandra over her ability to tell the future ('I'm sure you don't have a monopoly on it') and his sense of pride at having captured the - unguarded - police box from the middle of the plains ('What use is it? What use is it? Well, I've not idea, really…').

It's nice to see Vicki brought back into the action again today, too, and given more of a presence in the story. The moment that she emerges from the TARDIS at just the right moment to be mistaken for a God is still fun, just as it was with the Doctor in the last episode, but it's nice to see her cutting though the pomposity almost instantly, telling the assembled crowd that she's nobody important, just a girl from the future.

All round, there seems to be a lot of open and honest talk about where our regulars have come from. Vicki tells the Trojans, while Steven explains their predicament with the Greeks (calling it a 'miscalculation' on the Doctor's part, who seems pretty pleased with himself to have managed to land on Earth at all). It's unusual to hear them talking like this - not something we're often shown. It's another (albeit minor) step down the road of this history-altering arc we've been on.

Next Episode: Death of a Spy

Next Episode: Death of a Spy 
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