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31 December 2013

Hello! Happy New Year. 2013 - surely this is the year to be a Doctor Who fan? Anyway, resolutions made (same as ever, I promise to visit the gym more. I'll go later. Or maybe tomorrow.), and it's time to settle down to watch the first episode of my marathon.

Well would you look at that? December 31st, 2013. Have we all been the subject of a bit of TARDIS travel, or has this year disappeared especially quickly? 

And what a year it’s been! For a start, it was Doctor Who’s big old 50th Anniversary. At one point, that was the Holy Grail. The end-point for my marathon. 50 years of the world’s best science fiction programme watched at the pace of one episode a day, in order, from the very beginning. But then Matt Smith announced his departure from the series, and it meant I’d be stopping one episode short of the end of an era. More than that - I’d be stopping one episode short of the final adventure in the Doctor’s original regeneration cycle! 

So, it’s worth telling you (because I’m not sure that I have before), The 50 Year Diary will be running up to The Time of the Doctor. But oh! That’s a long way off from now! There’s a whole 2014 to get through before I reach Trenzalore, and there’s so much left for me to experience. 

I’m not gonna lie - I didn’t honestly think that I’d reach this point. I’m fickle, you see. Proper fickle. Yeah, sure, it sounded like a great idea to watch through all these stories in order and write about them for Doctor Who Online, but I’d be bored before the William Hartnell years had finished. For a start, he was on pretty much year round. And a chunk of them don’t even exist any more! Truth be told, I really did think that I’d bottle out of the experiment sometime around Marco Polo. On the good days, I thought I might make it as far as The Aztecs.

But look at us now! Right in the middle of Planet of the Daleks, and having sat through every episode that preceded them - sometimes twice (How wonderful that The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear should crop up, but just too late for me to watch them the first time around...)! And you know what? I’d not have missed this journey for the world. 

I’ve always known that I love Doctor Who, but I didn’t realise just how much I loved it. Even in the dark days of The Dominators, I can’t help but enjoy this programme, and I’ve grown to really love writing my thoughts about each episode here in the Diary. It’s all because of you lot! Those of you reading now. Everyone has been incredibly kind about my blog taking over the DWO news page (apart from the one person who reacted badly to my dislike towards The Evil of the Daleks, who sent in a message to suggest they hire someone who actually knew what they were talking about), and I can’t believe the goodwill and support that you’ve all offered. 

Thank you very much. I can’t wait to share 2014, and the adventures of the next few Doctors with you. 

In celebration of the New Year, we’re offering 15% off the price of The 50 Year Diary - Volume One from Pageturner Publishing. Just enter the promo code DWO2014 in your cart to activate the discount, it’s valid until the end of January. The Kindle version of the book is also still available, directly from Amazon (UK / USA).

- - - -

You may have noticed that the Diary has been a little quiet over Christmas week. I’ve been taking a break from posting while I’ve been away visiting friends and family (also stuffing myself with turkey and tuning into the obligatory Christmas Special!), but I’ve stayed true to my mission - I’ve still been watching an episode every day to keep up. 

These entries have now all been added to Doctor Who Online under their relevant days, and you can catch up with them using the links below. 

Happy New Year!

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