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15 December 2012

Dear diary…

There are two things in life that I'm very bad at (look at that, I'm just thirteen words in, and I've already lied. Truth be told, there's lots of things in life I'm very bad at. Like trying to make flapjacks, or successfully remove an intruding spider from my flat. There's two things I'm very bad at, though, which are vital to this entry); keeping a diary and completing a Doctor Who marathon.

That's a good start, isn't it? You've just clicked onto the first post in my 50 year diary for Doctor Who Online, and I've told you I'm rubbish. Start as you mean to go on, I suppose.

Thing is, they're tricky, aren't they? Both diaries and marathons. Diaries are tricky because I'm never sure what I want to write in them. I started one once, I must have been about thirteen or fourteen, with the sentence 'Went to Woolworths. Bought some sweets' (Woolworths, hah, that dates it…). Like I was ever going to look back in a decade's time and find that fascinating.

And then I wonder what to write about the bad times. Do I write it down verbatim, or will it just bum me out when I read it back? Do you see? Tricky. The solution - which I've found over many years of painstaking research - is to simply give up on January 4th and only open the diary again when you need to check what day your birthday falls in, or you need some paper to draw a funny picture of a Taran Wood Beast. Oh, don't judge me, we've all done it.

Marathons, then. Why are those tricky, you all ask? Well, one of you probably. Well, actually, marathons aren't all that tricky. Not really. I've watched through Friends in order several times, for instance. It's only Doctor Who marathons that I struggle with.

It's not that I don't like it. Quite the opposite - especially at the start! I love the 1960s! I'd go so far as to say (this is putting my cards on the table pretty early) that the 1960s is possibly my favourite era of the show. A time of limitless imagination against the odds. Yes, the other half sniggers when she catches me watching The Web Planet, but you know what? It's got charm. They didn't care if the budget didn't quite stretch that far - they were making television, and they were going to do their best.

No, the problem is that there's just so much of it. Doctor Who is big, and sprawling. At the time of writing, there's somewhere in the region of 789 individual episodes, with another due in just over a week. Then there's 2013! The big 5-0! It's daunting, when you see it all there waiting, and that's a bit off-putting.

But the biggest problem I have when it comes to trying a Who marathon? Gluttony. I love it too much! I'll watch An Unearthly Child, The Daleks and The Edge of Destruction all across one lazy weekend, then hurry through the rest of that first season before the week is out.

Frankly, I burn out.

So that's where this new project comes in. I'm going to be starting a brand new diary from January 1st 2013, as I make my way through Doctor Who, an episode a day. At that rate, by the end of 2013, I'll have only made it to Season Eleven.

And I'm being strict about this, too. No 'Oh, go on, then! Just one more episode!', it's one a day! Once I've watched, I'll be posting my thoughts here in my diary on Doctor Who Online. I can't promise it's going to be particularly intellectual reading, but it'll be my honest thoughts as I make my way through time and space, in a little blue box.

Hopefully, some of you will follow my journey! That'd be nice! If I've someone reading my diary, then there's a reason to keep writing, and more importantly, a reason to keep to my mission.

ONE per day! No more! No less!

I've set myself a few more rules for the task, which I'll go into more detail about once we've rung in the New Year, but for now, I thought I'd say 'hello!', and invite you aboard.

I'll see you back here January 1st…


Will Brooks is a freelance writer and kitchen designer based in Cardiff, just a stone's throw away from the Torchwood Hub. He's written for the official Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Role Playing Game, and made his way through a marathon of the Eighth Doctor's audio plays with Nick Mellish for the 2011 book Memoirs of an Edwardian Adventurer.

He's very pleased to be posting his blog on Doctor Who Online.

If you fancy keeping up with Will's non-marathon adventures, you'll find him on Twitter.

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