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21 June 2013

It’s been almost three weeks since we launched our 50th Anniversary Poll, giving you the chance to rate the Doctor’s televised adventures, in an attempt to find fan’s number one story. 

In 2009, Doctor Who Magazine’s ‘Mighty 200’ poll rated The Caves of Androzani to be the number one story of all time, with the following story - The Twin Dilemma - consigned to last place. It’s been great to watch entries coming in over the last few weeks, and we’re somewhat pleased to say that neither of those stories occupy the position they did in the last poll, so there’s still everything to play for! 

Don’t forget that it’s not too late to get your votes in - you’ll find a link to download the survey form at the bottom of this post. All you need to do is rank the stories that you’ve seen between ‘1’ (terrible!) and ’10’ (the best of the best!) and email them to us at 50yearpoll@drwho-online.co.uk .

To give you something of a hint as to where things currently stand, here’s a story from each Doctor, along with it’s current placement in the chart (there’s a total of 239 positions), and it’s current average score. The scores alter slightly every time a new entry arrives in our inbox, so these tales could well end up in different places by the time the final votes are in! 


The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve 153    (63.58%)

The Space Pirates         236    (41.95%)

The Time Warrior         50    (77.45%) 

The Armageddon Factor         200    (57.36%) 

Earthshock                 23    (82.50%)

Vengeance on Varos         125    (67.67)

Ghost Light                  81    (71.96)

The TV Movie                  142   (65.22%)

Father’s Day                  68      (73.67%)

Smith and Jones          117   (68.35%)

The Name of the Doctor          12   (84.19%) 

The survey is available in several different formats, which you can get hold of at the bottom of this post. There’s an interactive PDF, which you can fill in using Adobe Acrobat, or if you’re a Mac user, you can fill it in using Preview. 


You can also print out the survey form, write on manually, and then scan or photograph to send us your scores. Don’t worry - it doesn’t have to be printed in colour if you want to save your printer inks! 


Finally, both pages are available as JPGs, so you can open them up in Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, or any other image editor, and add your scores that way. 


As long as we can clearly read the scores you’re giving to each story, and they’re on the survey form, that’s absolutely fine. Please don’t just list them in the body of your email, though!


Once you’ve filled in your form, you’ll need to email it to us at 50yearpoll@drwho-online.co.uk before 31st July 2013. We’ll be analysing the results throughout August, and we’ll announce them in early September. 

Will there be a new favourite Doctor Who story in time for the programme’s 50th Anniversary? There’s only one way to find out - get voting!



(Link opens up a dropbox window, please select the 'download' button in the

top right-hand corner)




[Source: Doctor Who Online]


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