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3 June 2013
5/10 Doctor Who Online needs you! 

Doctor Who Online needs you! 

In 2009, to celebrate the 200th Doctor Who story (Planet of the Dead), Doctor Who Magazine ran ‘The Mighty 200!’, a survey to find out just where those 200 televised stories sat within fan estimations. That poll led to the Fifth Doctor’s 1984 swan song, The Caves of Androzani being crowned the greatest Doctor Who story ever, with the following story, The Twin Dilemma consigned to the opposite end of the list, coming in as number 200.


Since that poll was conducted, however, there’s been almost 40 new adventures for the Time Lord, which has taken us into his Eleventh Incarnation, introduced us to the Ponds, revealed the secrets of River Song, and brought us a whole new universe of terror. Just where do these stories sit within the history of the programme? Are any of them able to displace The Caves of Androzani?


What we want you to do is mark each of the Doctor’s televised adventures out of 10, using the form below. A perfect score of ’10’ should really be reserved for the very best of stories - those which you feel are practically perfect. Similarly, a score of ‘1’ should only be given out to those stories which have no redeeming features at all. There’s no limit on how many 10s or 1s you can give, or any of the numbers in between, this is about how much you enjoy these stories. 


It doesn’t matter if you’ve not seen all of the Doctor’s televised adventures - just leave blank any that you don’t feel you can rate. The results will be displayed as an average of the scores given, so some of the older stories (which may draw less response than the more recent ones) won’t be losing out unfairly.


You’ll notice that we’ve split The Trial of a Time Lord into five separate options, just as the Doctor Who Magazine poll did in 2009. The story was originally broadcast in 1986 as a 14-part epic, and this is how we’d like you to rate it. However, it’s often thought of these days as being a collection of four separate stories with a linking theme, so you’re also welcome to give an individual score for those parts, too. While it will be the main story we use in the final ratings, we'll add in a sidebar with the individual scores for each segment, so you can see how popular (or otherwise!) they are.


In a strange twist of events, the 'Mighty 200' poll was conducted when the Tenth Doctor had only two more stories to come at the end of the year, and we'll be conducting our poll under similar conditions - with the final two Eleventh Doctor stories on the horizon! 

The survey is available in several different formats, which you can get hold of at the bottom of this post. There’s an interactive PDF, which you can fill in using Adobe Acrobat, or if you’re a Mac user, you can fill it in using Preview. 


You can also print out the survey form, write on manually, and then scan or photograph to send us your scores. Don’t worry - it doesn’t have to be printed in colour if you want to save your printer inks! 


Finally, both pages are available as JPGs, so you can open them up in Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, or any other image editor, and add your scores that way. 


As long as we can clearly read the scores you’re giving to each story, and they’re on the survey form, that’s absolutely fine. Please don’t just list them in the body of your email, though!


Once you’ve filled in your form, you’ll need to email it to us at 50yearpoll@drwho-online.co.uk before 31st July 2013. We’ll be analysing the results throughout August, and we’ll announce them in early September. 

Will there be a new favourite Doctor Who story in time for the programme’s 50th Anniversary? There’s only one way to find out - get voting!



(Link opens up a dropbox window, please select the 'download' button in the

top right-hand corner)




[Source: Doctor Who Online]


Will there be a new favourite Doctor Who story in time for the programme’s 50th Anniversary? There’s only one way to find out - get voting! 
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