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27 April 2013

Episode #289 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas take a Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS.

Whilst lost in the depths of the time machine, Thomas finds a copy of Festival of Death by Jonathan Morris to review, Dave finds Dean clutching a copy of the latest Big Finish / AudioGO title; Destiny of the Doctor: Babblesphere and have a listen together whilst somewhere near the Eye Of Harmony, Elizabeth reads the Third Doctor eBook The Spear of Destiny.

Only Elizabeth makes it back and she is so distraught that she settles down with Michelle to watch The Ribos Operation.

Listen to Episode #289 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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[Source: DWO]

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