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24 November 2013

The overnight viewing figures are in for The Day Of The Doctor.

The episode achieved a figure of 10.2m viewers, with an audience share of 37.4%, and Doctor Who was the second most-watched programme for Saturday, being beaten marginally by Strictly Come Dancing.

Top Overnights - Saturday 23rd November:

1 - 10.6m - Strictly Come Dancing - BBC One
2 - 10.2m - Doctor Who - BBC One 
3 - 7.7m - The X Factor - ITV1

** Figures do not include BBC iPlayer or Cinema viewings.

Final BARB ratings will be available within the next 10 days.

Series 7 - Final BARB Ratings roundup:

7.1: Asylum Of The Daleks = 8.3m
7.2: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship = 7.57m
7.3: A Town Called Mercy = 8.42m
7.4: The Power Of Three = 7.67m
7.5: The Angels Take Manhattan = 7.82m
7.6X: The Snowmen = 9.87m
7.6: The Bells Of Saint John = 8.44m
7.7: The Rings Of Akhaten = 7.45m
7.8: Cold War = 7.37m 
7.9: Hide = 6.61m
7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS = 6.50m
7.11: The Crimson Horror = 6.47m
7.12: Nightmare In Silver = 6.64m
7.13: The Name Of The Doctor = 7.45m

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[Source: DWO]

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