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13 December 2016

Who? Doctor Who, of course! Britain's top science fiction television programme, loved the world over, is a force in its own right. Since its creation in 1963 we've seen 34 series encompassing 813 episodes beam their way on to viewers' screens and the programme has been a favourite amongst groups of all ages. As such all manner of merchandise has been released to accompany the various series, including games. After so many years in the Sci-Fi limelight all manner of board and video games have been released, but what are they?

Dr. Who Monopoly

Nowadays there's a version of the popular property trading board game for practically every city, franchise or brand worth its salt, and Doctor Who is no different. In a rather uninspired move the creators decided not for the player to buy particular planets or space stations, but to trade in iconic episodes, playing with tokens inspired by the series and its recurring titular character; an umbrella, sonic screwdriver, celery, recorder, bow tie and scarf.

Operation: Doctor Who

The iconic game of Operation has been around for decades now, but got a reboot in 2004 when a Doctor Who version was released. Players must operate on one of the Doctor's arch nemeses, a Dalek, replacing its constituent parts and weathering its classic bellicose rhetoric in order to make the villain ready and able to take over the world.

Doctor Who on Xbox One & PS4 

There hasn't ever been a true triple-A Doctor console game created in the history of the franchise, although recent news suggests that the creators of the show, the BBC, are actively looking to join up with a high profile video game producer in order to produce a next generation game based on the series. Hopefully it'll be better than the terrible PS3 title "Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock", and might even spur on other developers to make new Doctor Who themed games, perhaps within the online gaming industry. Wintingo Online Casino, a provider of online games, has released all manner of games related to the television and film franchises we know and love, perhaps we'll see a Doctor Who slots game being released in the near future!

Dr. Who Minecraft DLC 

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever to be released on console or PC, so it seems fitting that the popular TV show and the game released a pack of downloadable content back in September based on all things Who. Players can change their in-game avatars to make them appear more like the show's protagonist(s), and are able to fight all manner of Doctor Who monsters, including blockish Daleks.

As audiences across the world catch on to the craze that is Doctor Who, the appetite for amazing Who-themed games will only grow larger. Who knows what amazing physical and digital games will be released in the near future that are based on the series? If only we had access to a TARDIS!

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