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23 December 2013

DWO are thrilled to unveil our Christmas video for 2013, and this year it is particularly special as we team up with fellow fan site, Blogtor Who!

Featuring DWO Editor, Seb J. Brook, and Blogtor Who Editor, Cameron K. McEwan, the 2013 Christmas video is the result of a simple challenge the two sites set themselves:

Film a Doctor Who themed video in just 1 hour with 1 iPhone, with just 20 minutes to work on a script!

So as a bit of fun for all our site visitors and social media followers, we present below, 'The Embargo Of The Doctor':


Having received a time-sensitive press release, Seb (Doctor Who Online) and Cameron (Blogtor Who) are summoned to the National Gallery in London to acquire the airtime of the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

With a refusal of permission to gain entry, and time literally against them, the duo must work together to save internet fandom from meltdown.

+  Follow @DrWhoOnline on Twitter.
+  Follow @BlogtorWho on Twitter.

[Source: DWO]

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