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5 April 2012

The Time Traveling Troupe is a serialized improvised comedy series inspired by Doctor Who that follows the adventures of The Traveler, and her two companions, Travis and Tiffany, as they journey throughout time. Where and when they go, and what happens, will be based on three suggestions they receive at the beginning of each show.

Raychel Winstead plays The Traveler and is accompanied by Kyle Brower and Jessi Kyle, playing Travis Hartnell and Tiffany Smith respectively. Each night they will be joined with various talented improvisers to play supporting characters.

The first season will contain 12 episodes with a run of time of approximately 40-minutes each. Episodes will be available to watch for free via YouTube for everyone.

The team behind the venture are currently in the process of raising money to fund the show through a Kickstarter campaign, details of which, together with further information and a pitch video, can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/78344168/the-time-traveling-troupe

[Source: Dennis Spielman]

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