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12 October 2012

Twitter was ablaze last night with three words constantly cropping up in the trending list; 'Sarah Jane Adventures', 'Tommy Knight' and 'Waterloo Road' - which can only mean one thing...Tommy Knight's first episode of Waterloo Road has now aired in the UK!

Tommy, who previously played the role of Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures, has been cast as pupil Kevin Skelton in Waterloo Road, and is set to be a series regular going forward.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Tommy describes his character:

"Kevin is a foster child, who's been through many families and been to many different schools. He's constantly moving about all over the place, and it seems that he's been let down a bit in his past, so his expectations when it comes to things are incredibly low. He doesn't really expect much out of life. 

At the same time, Kevin is incredibly intelligent, but he's almost shy or ashamed of it, as if he's been bullied in the past. So he hides that away to start off with - it's not something that he's proud of, so he doesn't answer any of the questions in lessons. He also winds up the teachers and stuff like that. But later on, you find out he's a bit of an intelligent chap."

+  Read the full interview, here.

+  Tommy's episode of Waterloo Road is available to view on BBC iPlayer, here.

[Sources: BBCDigital Spy]

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