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2 May 2013

Earlier this year, Topps released their new Doctor Who Alien Attax Trading Cards, and DWO recently got a chance to check them out.

The 240-card set is full of high quality trading cards featuring both the new and classic series of Doctor Who, with a broad range of Doctors, Companions, Monsters, Villains and other notable characters from the series.

You can kick-start your collection with the Doctor Who Alien Attax Starter Pack, which retails at £4.99 and includes a collector binder, game guide, game mat and a packet of cards, plus a limited edition Animotion card, to help you get straight into the action. The binder itself looks fantastic once you populate it with your cards (back to back), and serves as a great momento in this 50th anniversary to be able to look back over the many characters the show has produced over the years.

You can also get the Doctor Who Alien Attax Multipack for £5, which comes with 5 card packs and a limited edition Weeping Angel card. There's one more limited edition card available in the Doctor Who Alien Attax Tin, which includes 26 x Regular Cards, 3 x Mirror Foil Cards, 1 x Rainbow Foil Card and 1 x Animotion Limited Edition Card changing between David Tennant and Christopher Eccleson.

It's then up to you to get more packs (just £1 each for 9 cards), swap with friends and keep your eyes peeled for special promotional cards in places like Doctor Who Adventures Magazine.

DWO caught up with Topps' Entertainment Marketing Manager, Anup Dave to talk about the series:

How have you found the reaction to your new Doctor Who Alien Attax Trading Card series?

In a word: Fantastic! The response has been phenomenal, so much so that we sold out of the Doctor Who Alien Attax Collector Tins online and have since had to rush around to see if we can get our hands on as much stock as possible. It’s the fastest selling tin product we have had and at retail, sales have been strong. In fact, upon its launch, Doctor Who Alien Attax was the number one selling entertainment title in several retail chains. 

We have hugely positive feedback on the quality of the collection, from consumers as far away as Australia. The trading card collection is colourful, vibrant and not many product lines can showcase the fact that they feature 50 years of Doctor Who in one complete set.

Topps have had a long and respected reign as producers of trading cards, how did the Doctor Who license come about and did the company ever wish to produce Doctor Who cards before now?

Topps has previously produced the Doctor Who Sticker Collection, from which we launched four fantastic collections, so it was a natural progression for us to seize the opportunity to work with such a renowned, and of course iconic, British show and be able to bring to market an all-new, exciting and compelling trading card game. You could say it was on the cards!

Are there any plans for future additions to the series?

Yes! It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Doctor Who TV show this year, so definitely stay tuned. We would love to reveal more, as we are very excited about the 50th Anniversary, but we are currently at the planning stage to make things happen for a very compelling and exciting product….watch this space!

Fancy winning one of 10 Doctor Who Alien Attax Starter Packs? Head on over to the DWO Competitions section!

+  For further information about the Doctor Who Alien Attax cards, visit www.toppsdirect.com.

[Sources: DWO; Topps]


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