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9 May 2011

US breakfast TV show, The Today Show, has a Doctor Who feature presented by Meredith Vieira.

Below is the 8-minute video feature, which includes a clip and mild spoilers for Episode 13:

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[Source: MSNBC]

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Phil Vance United States
5/9/2011 5:17:06 PM #

Now you Brits know how we feel, when we listen to Peri...  or, for that matter, Paterson Joseph in "Jekyll".  

Al United States
5/10/2011 6:03:14 AM #

Dear friends from the other side of the pond,

Please don't hate us, we aren't all as bad as what you've just seen.


Tony Malone Ireland
5/11/2011 3:51:26 PM #

OK, Moffet doesn't like spoilers then allow these people to leak a MASSIVE one!

Chris Wadel United States
3/30/2020 8:50:02 PM #

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