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8 April 2012

DWO are thrilled to announce the return of our popular VortExtra section.

VortExtra began back in 2007 as a way of providing post-episode features that take the televised stories beyond what you see on screen. We continued the section for 2 more years before giving it a rest as we concentrated on other areas of the site.

In 2011, the DWO team discussed the options of reviving VortExtra, and after much deliberating, we decided to go in a new direction with the feature. We all know what happens in the televised stories, but we never really find out what happened just before or just after The Doctor's involvement in each adventure, as so began our quest to provide fans with just that; a Prologue and an Epilogue for every televised story - complete with Episode Guide entry links.

Roll forward to Easter 2012, and as of today, we have officially relaunched VortExtra, starting with the very first televised story; An Unearthly Child. Each Prologue and Epilogue will contain accompanying illustrations from some of the finest artists and illustrators around (who also happen to be Doctor Who fans), together with narration options and interactivity links.

Each week we will bring you a brand new VortExtra in random order from the shows 49-year history - including Classic and New Series adventures. We have also encouraged some established Authors and Writers to take part (some very well known indeed), in the hopes that maybe just a few of them *might* be up for taking part in the project [you don't ask, you don't get, right?]. We are also looking for fans with experience in writing to send in their submissions to us. A selection of the best material will make it through to have their stories made into VortExtra's with accompanying artwork and narration.

If you wish to take part, please E-mail the DWO team, together with a sample of your writing / artwork to: vortextra@drwho-online.co.uk.

+ Check Out VortExtra!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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