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6 June 2018

If you're up for a fun night out filled with Doctor Who and comedy, we highly recommend the upcoming UK tour of Rob Lloyd and his hilarious Who, Me, show.

Rob, who some of you may remember as the host of 'The Science Of Doctor Who' tour by the BBC, will be performing 7 UK venues for Who, Me:

-  June 27th Exeter.

-  June 29th Bordon.

-  June 30th Southport.

-  July 4th Chipping Norton.

-  July 5th Norwich.

-  July 7th Salford (near Manchester)

-  July 8th Inverness. 

DWO caught up with Rob for a quick interview:

What is your earliest memory of Doctor Who, and do you have a particular favourite episode of the classic / new series (or both)? 


My earliest memory of Who was after school episodes of the Sylvester McCoy era on our Australian National Broadcasting network (the ABC) when I was in Grade 5/6, so I was roughly 10/11. I distinctly remember Paradise Towers and Survival. 


It wasn’t until University that I had someone sit me down and explain ALL of Doctor Who to me…and I’ve been a fan ever since.


My favourite classic story is Inferno or The Robots of Death.


My favourite modern story is either Dinosaurs on a Spaceship or Oxygen.


You had great success at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival; how did you find the audience and would you return again? 


Last year was the second time I’ve performed Who, Me. at the Edinburgh Fringe. I was also there in 2013 for the 50th Anniversary of Who. I adore Edfringe, it is an intense experience and it is an incredible amount of hard work but it all worth it to be playing in the biggest playground (for performers) in the world. You have the opportunity to meet so many different people from around the world and see so many amazing shows. I cannot wait to return to do another one of my shows there.


This year sees you touring the UK - is there a particular leg of your tour that you are looking forward to? What can we expect from Who, Me this year? 


To be honest…and I don’t mean this to be a cop-out but…all of it really! 


I’ve never had the chance to explore England. On this tour we’ve got to cover seven cities in three weeks. So we’re hiring and car and then we will most definitely see a lot of the English landscape. I’m so excited.


Who, Me. is a solo comedy show where I put Doctor Who on trial, to see whether he has been a negative or a positive influence over my life. The audience are the jury and ultimately the fate of The Doctor is in their hands.


Finally, if you could take a round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?


Oh that’s easy... the UK in the 1960s, so I could record all the incomplete stories and missing episode of Doctor Who. Then I would bring them back to modern times and be worshipped as a god!

+ Purchase tickets for Who, Me, here!


[Source: DWO]

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