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6 August 2013

Our good friend, Cameron K. McEwan and his chums Elisar Cabrera and Jack Ayers are putting together a Doctor Who Fan Documentary called 'Who's Changing', and they need your help to fund the project.

The feature-length documentary about 50 years of Doctor Who fans, looks at how the nature of fandom has changed since the series returned to TV screens in 2005.

Filming has already begun, having started in the Spring, and the team have already met and interviewed some incredible people:

Louise Jameson ('Leela' - companion to the 4th Doctor); 
Sophie Aldred ('Ace', companion to the 7th Doctor)
Neve McIntosh ('Madame Vastra', companion to the 11th Doctor); 
Dan Starkey (Sontaran 'Strax', companion to the 11th Doctor); 
Simon Fisher-Becker ('Dorium Maldovar', friend of the 11th Doctor); 
Catrin Stewart ('Jenny', companion to the 11th Doctor);
Caitlin Blackwood (Young 'Amelia Pond', the first person to meet the Eleventh Doctor); 
Gary Russell (Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures Script Editor and author);
Andrew Smith (writer of Fourth Doctor story, 'Full Circle'); 
James Moran (writer of the Tenth Doctor story, 'The Fires of Pompeii');
Spencer Wilding (Doctor Who creature actor in the 11th Doctor era); 
Eric Saward (Doctor Who Script Editor and writer); 
Jane Espenson (Torchwood, Buffy, Once Upon A Time writer); 
Jeremy Bentham (Writer Doctor Who Weekly and Co-Founder Doctor Who Appreciation Society); 
Tony Lee (writer of the IDW Doctor Who comic); 
Simon Furman (writer of Doctor Who Magazine and Transformer comic strips);
Dan Slott (legendary Spiderman Marvel comics writer and Who fan);
Richard Starkings (writer of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips and the Elephantmen comic book series);
Liam Dryden (YouTube star and Chameleon Circuit band member);
Josh Adams (American artist of Doctor Who comics); 
Alain Carrazé (French journalist & TV programmer)

and many more including lots of Doctor Who fans like yourself...

+  Help fund the project by donating at the IndieGoGo page, here.

Watch the trailer for the project, below:

[Source: Cameron K. McEwan]

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