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16 May 2012

In Bournemouth, police are drawing up plans to reintroduce police boxes to Boscombe.

The plan is for a modern police-style contact point to be erected in the town precinct, giving police a permanent presence there. This 'hub' would give members of the public easy access to the police and, it is hoped, discourage any anti-social behaviour.

According to the Bournemouth Echo, PC Will Martindale outlined their plans, saying, “The Inspector would like to put a ‘TARDIS’ outside McDonalds [which] hopefully we will be able to staff fairly regularly.”

PC Martindale added that they hoped local businesses would apply for sponsorship of the “TARDIS”.

It is understood that designs for the “TARDIS hub” are currently being drawn up and will be presented to council planners in due course. Two council members, Cllr Jane Kelly and Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts, have already given their support to the proposals. Kelly, who is the council member for the Boscombe West district, told the Bornemouth Echo, “I think having the ‘TARDIS’ there will deter any anti-social behaviour by giving the police a permanent presence.”

Cllr Stanley-Watts, who represents Boscombe West – is a long-time advocate of the reintroduction of police boxes to British streets. He first raised the idea with Inspector Mark Kelly back in 2008, believing that updated versions could be used for reporting crime and would make the public feel safer in their community.

[Source: Digital Journal]

16 May 2012

UK newspaper, The Telegraph have just posted a recent interview with Doctor Who Actor, Christopher Eccleston, regarding his new play Antigone, and why the theatre means so much to him.

Below are a few excepts from the interview, which can be read in full here:

“I’ve neglected theatre,” he says, quiet certainty matched by emphatic vigour, his Salford accent pressing flinty personality into the words. “That’s a shame. It’s why I went to train as an actor. And for the next 20 or 30 years I’m going to do more and more of it. That’s the plan. I’m determined!”

Some of his facility for comedy was evident in the grinning eccentricity he brought to Doctor Who. But that only lasted a series. And puzzlement continues as to why he left before he had a chance to own the role.

When prodded to speak further about this, he is amicably terse. “I know what went on and the people who were involved know what went on – that’s good enough for me.”

He half-smiles, half-grimaces. “My conscience is completely clear. I’ve lived my life, particularly my working life, on the basis that I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror about the way I behave. It wasn’t a bold move, it was an entirely natural one. I’m hugely grateful to the children who to this day come up and talk to me about the show.”

+  Antigone previews at the National’s Olivier Theatre (020 7452 3000) from 23rd May.

[Source: The Telegraph]

15 May 2012

White-hot Doctor Who scriptwriter and writer/creator of hit Comedy Central sit-com Threesome, Tom MacRae and superstar actor Russell Tovey (Being Human, Sherlock) come to Kapow! to talk about the relationship between writing sci-fi drama and television comedy by asking the question: How much is creating a joke like constructing a high concept narrative?

Joining them on the panel will be stars of the sit-com Adam Garcia (Threesome, House), actress and comedy writer Lucy Brown (Primeval) and comedian Tom Allen

In addition to comic-book panels with Marvel, DC, Image and Millarworld, other events taking place include An Audience with Nick Frost, Noel Clarke Q&A with exclusive footage from Storage 24, the creative team behind Batman: Arkham City from Rocksteady Studios, British writer and director Gareth Evans talking The Raid, two of Britain’s biggest comedians as Jimmy Carr interviews Frankie Boyle live about his love of geek culture plus the much loved TV personality and comic-book writer Jonathan Ross talking America’s Got Powers.

Live interviews with huge film, TV and comic stars will be taking place all weekend at the Total Film, SFX and Comic Heroes stage plus the massive cosplay competition. 

Tickets for Kapow! are only available in advance and through the website www.kapowcomicconvention.com. Tickets for Kapow! 2011 sold out ahead of the event, so get your tickets now.

+  Kapow! takes place from 19th-20th May 2012 at the London Business Design Centre.

[Source: Kapow!]

14 May 2012

BBC Worldwide today announced the official opening date for their multi-award winning attraction the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, the home of the BBC One show. Doors will open to the public on the 20th July with tickets going on sale at 10am on the 14th June.  Paula Al-Lach, Head of Exhibitions and Events at BBC Worldwide formally accepted the keys to the Experience’s distinctive new home in Cardiff Bay this afternoon and the first exhibits are already being moved in.

Philip Murphy, Managing Director of BBC Worldwide Live Events said:

“The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is going to be just minutes away from where the BBC Wales television series is made which I’m incredibly excited about. The Experience sets out to engage visitors’ imaginations from the outset immersing them in the world of Doctor Who and what better place to do this than in Cardiff the home of the show.”

The Doctor Who Experience is the first ever interactive Doctor Who exhibition that invites visitors to star in their very own Doctor Who adventure. Arriving at the venue they will step through a crack in time to become the Doctor’s companion, taking on the challenge of reuniting the Doctor with the TARDIS whilst fending off threats from some of his most fearsome foes - entering a Dalek spaceship and finding a way through a maze of Weeping Angels. Featuring a replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS which visitors get to fly themselves the interactive walk-through culminates in a stunning 3D finale that sets the scene for fans entering the exhibition.

The exhibition presents fans with the world’s most extensive collection of original Doctor Who costumes and artefacts stretching back almost 50 years to the very first series of Doctor Who.

The content of the exhibition is updated constantly with new items from the television series to ensure it is ever changing offering fans the chance to get up close to the incredible sets, costumes and props that feature in their favourite show.  New items to be shown to the public for the first time in Cardiff include the Doctor’s cradle seen in A Good Man Goes to War; the Silence spaceship and Matt Smith’s sonic cane from Let’s Kill Hitler with many more items being kept under wraps until the doors open.

[Sources: BBC Worldwide]

26 April 2012

Matt Smith and Jessica Hynes are among the cast of British stars that will narrate a second series of poetry shorts for Disney Junior UK.

Previous Doctor Who supporting actors; Richard Briers and David Walliams will also support A Poem Is... which features poetry set to classic animations including Dumbo, Cinderella and Snow White.  

Disney UK’s general manager, Boel Ferguson, said: “Combining timeless poetry with imagery from some of Disney’s most beloved animations is a fantastic way for young children and their parents to enjoy the beauty of a poem well read.”

The 12-part series, produced in-house, is designed to introduce young children to poetry and will begin later this month.

[Source: Broadcast Now]

19 April 2012

Scientists claim to have invented their own version of the sonic screwdriver as seen in Doctor Who.

Researchers at Dundee University have created a machine which uses ultrasound to lift and rotate a rubber disc floating in a cylinder of water.

It is said to be the first time ultrasound waves have been used to turn objects rather than simply push them. The study could help make surgery using ultrasound techniques more precise, the physicists said. Surgeons use ultrasound to treat a range of conditions without having to cut open a patient. The ability to steer ultrasound waves to the precise spot where they are needed could make those treatments even more effective.

The ultrasound waves could also be used to guide a drug capsule through the body and activate it, for instance right inside a tumour. Ultrasound waves could already be made to push objects and scientists believed they could also turn them - but the Dundee University team claims to have now proved it.

They used energy from an ultrasound array to form a beam that can both carry momentum to push away an object in its path and, by using a beam shaped like a helix or vortex, cause the object to rotate.

Dr Mike MacDonald, of the Institute for Medical Science and Technology (IMSAT) at Dundee, said:

"This experiment not only confirms a fundamental physics theory but also demonstrates a new level of control over ultrasound beams which can also be applied to non-invasive ultrasound surgery, targeted drug delivery and ultrasonic manipulation of cells. The sonic screwdriver device is also part of the EU-funded nanoporation project where we are already starting to push the boundaries of what ultrasound can do in terms of targeted drug delivery and targeted cellular surgery. It is an area that has great potential for developing new surgical techniques, among other applications, something which Dundee is very much at the forefront of. Like Doctor Who's own device, our sonic screwdriver is capable of much more than just spinning things around."

The results of the sonic screwdriver experiment are published in the American Physical Society's journal Physical Review Letters.

The research also forms part of a UK-wide Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council project known as Sonotweezers, which aims to bring dexterity and flexibility to ultrasonic manipulation, allowing applications in a wide range of topics including regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, developmental biology and physics.

[Source: BBC News]

18 April 2012

Doctor Who Actress, Georgia Moffett is starring in an upcoming proudction of Joe Orton's play; What The Butler Saw.

The actress, who previously starred as The Doctor's Daughter in the 2008 episode of the same name, will be playing the role of Geraldine Barclay and will be starring alongside fellow Doctor Who actor, Tim McInnerny (Mr.Halpen in 4.3: Planet of the Ood), Samantha Bond (Ms.Wormwood in The Sarah Jane Adventures), Omid DjaliliNick Hendrix and Jason Thorpe.

Previews for the production begin from 4th May 2012, and ticket prices begin at just £15.

Show Synopsis:

When psychoanalyst Dr Prentice instructs his new secretary to undress, little does he expect to be interrupted by his wife, her blackmailing lover, a meddling government inspector and an inquisitive policeman. But hiding a naked woman is the least of his worries, as libidos run riot, identities are swapped and social decorum is buried. Madness and mayhem mock morality, and laughter reigns supreme. What the Butler Saw is the last and arguably the finest work of one of this nation's most celebrated playwrights. A gloriously witty and shockingly hilarious comedy, you'd be mad to miss it!

A trailer for the production can be viewed below:

+  Book Tickets for What The Butler Saw via the Nimax Theatres website.

[Source: Vaudeville Theatre]

18 April 2012

Doctor Who Script Editor, Author, Ex-DWM Editor and Ex-Big Finish Producer, Gary Russell will be taking part in a signing at Cardiff's Comic Guru store this Saturday.

The event, which kicks off from midday on Saturday 21st April, will be held at The Comic Guru, 13 Wood Street, St.David's House, Cardiff (Next to the Millennium Stadium).

The Comic Guru team have also recorded a 9-part video interview with Gary Russell, the first video of which can be viewed below:

+  Check Out The Comic Guru website.

[Source: Andy Frankham-Allen]

17 April 2012

Sunday 6th May sees Hampshire’s biggest Dalek event taking place at the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea. The event called ‘Dalek Invasion of Portsmouth’ will take place between 10am and 5pm and terror will give way to panic when visitors come face to face with the Daleks.

Visitors will be able to see the Daleks navigate through an obstacle race, interact with them during an ‘Audience with the Daleks’ show and watch the Dalek ‘X’ Terminate Factor show. Throughout the day visitors can also take part in a Dalek Hunt around the Museum, shop from a selection of Dr Who traders, have a souvenir photo taken with the Daleks or take part in the family craft activities and make your own Dalek.

Children are encouraged to come in sci-fi fancy dress and there will be a prize awarded for the best costume.

Tickets are available online at royalmarinesmuseum.co.uk/daleks or through the Museum reception on 023 9281 9385.

Tickets cost £10 for adults, £5 for children under 12 and £3 for children under 5.

+  For more details see the website www.royalmarinesmuseum.co.uk/daleks.

[Source: Royal Marines Museum]

17 April 2012

Virgin Media have pulled their latest series of television advertisements featuring David Tennant, at the request of the BBC.

Complaints from the BBC have led Virgin to withdraw the advert (see bottom of this news article) featuring the Doctor Who brand as "a gesture of goodwill".

The ad for Virgin Media's cable TV, broadband and telephone packages sees former Time Lord Tennant perusing his own back catalogue on Virgin’s TiVo service, and pauses on a page featuring the Doctor Who logo and a description of the show. Meanwhile, in the background, Virgin boss Richard Branson is shown constructing a time machine of his own.

Virgin originally responded to complaints by removing the Doctor Who logo but BBC Worldwide - the corporation's commercial arm - argued that it continued to contravene BBC guidelines regarding the endorsement of third parties. 

Virgin has now pulled the ad but will continue to broadcast two others in the series, which also star Tennnant but do not reference Doctor Who.

A joint statement from Virgin Media and BBC Worldwide said:

"Virgin Media has listened to concerns raised by BBC Worldwide about perceived commercial endorsement by a BBC brand relating to the recent Virgin Media ad… As a gesture of goodwill, Virgin Media has agreed to withdraw the ad and BBC Worldwide is satisfied that the issue has been addressed."

[Source: Radio Times]

13 April 2012

Karen Gillan has officially joined the Twitter Social Networking site.

Fans can now interact with Karen through her Twitter account (@KarenGillan2), which has also been confirmed by co-star Arthur Darvill (@RattyBurvil) and Showrunner, Steven Moffat (@Steven_Moffat).

It is beleved that DWM scribe, Benjamin Cook (@Benjamin_Cook) may have had a slight hand in helping convince Karen to join during the current filming block taking place in New York, and he's apparently working on getting Matt Smith to join also, so watch this space!

Please note that anyone else claiming to be either Karen or Arthur is an impostor, and only the accounts listed above are official.

+ Check Out The DWO Guide to Doctor Who on Twitter.

[Sources: DWO; Twitter]

10 April 2012

Fellow Doctor Who site Blogtor Who is pleased to announce the return of the Blogtor Who Audio Commentaries.

So far Series 6 and Series 1 have been tackled by the commentary team and now they return to Series 2, starting this Saturday 14th April with New Earth.

Easter Saturday saw the release of their commentary for the 2009 Special, Planet of the Dead. You can download the commentaries from Blogtor Who HERE or pop over to their iTunes page HERE

Along with the commentary, each podcast also features the thoughts and opinions of listeners.


+  http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/blogtor-who-doctor-who-commentaries/id434061130

Planet of the Dead

+  http://blogtorwho.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/planet-of-dead-audio-commentary.html

[Source: Blogtor Who]

5 April 2012

The Time Traveling Troupe is a serialized improvised comedy series inspired by Doctor Who that follows the adventures of The Traveler, and her two companions, Travis and Tiffany, as they journey throughout time. Where and when they go, and what happens, will be based on three suggestions they receive at the beginning of each show.

Raychel Winstead plays The Traveler and is accompanied by Kyle Brower and Jessi Kyle, playing Travis Hartnell and Tiffany Smith respectively. Each night they will be joined with various talented improvisers to play supporting characters.

The first season will contain 12 episodes with a run of time of approximately 40-minutes each. Episodes will be available to watch for free via YouTube for everyone.

The team behind the venture are currently in the process of raising money to fund the show through a Kickstarter campaign, details of which, together with further information and a pitch video, can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/78344168/the-time-traveling-troupe

[Source: Dennis Spielman]

16 February 2012

BBC Worldwide confirmed today that Karen Gillan will be joining her co-stars Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill at The Official Doctor Who Convention taking place on the 24th and 25th March at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre. 

Karen Gillan said:  “I'm really looking forward to the Convention and meeting all of the wonderful Doctor Who fans!”

The Convention brings the makers of the Doctor Who together for a full day, in-depth event designed to reveal the inner workings of the series. On the main stage live pyrotechnic demonstrations will thrill attendees, while in detailed prosthetics masterclasses fans will see a monster made flesh in front of their eyes. Throughout these sessions the secrets of their craft will be revealed by masters of the trade including Danny Hargreaves, Doctor Who’s SFX Supervisor and Neill Gorton co-director of Millennium FX, Europe’s leading supplier of cutting edge prosthetics, animatronics and special make-up FX.

Gillan joins a full contingent of Doctor Who professionals ready to give fans an unrivalled glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Doctor Who. Everyone from the Production Designer Michael Pickwoad, responsible for Doctor Who’s eye-popping visuals to Casting Director Andy Pryor revealing what it takes to find a Doctor, will be gathering in one place to celebrate the creativity (and elbow grease!) that goes into the series. 

The Official Doctor Who Convention line up includes: Matt Smith; Steven Moffat; Karen Gillan; Arthur Darvill; Mark Sheppard; Nick Briggs; Ian McNeice; Raquel Cassidy; Neill Gorton; Danny Hargreaves; Tom MacRae; Toby Haynes; Barnaby Edwards; Caroline Henry; Stephen Pehrsson; Michael Pickwoad; Andy Pryor; Gary Russell; Simon Fisher-Becker and Marcus Wilson.

All tickets include:

•  Official Doctor Who Convention souvenir ticket.

•  Official Doctor Who Convention souvenir lanyard and pass.

•  Official Doctor Who Convention exclusive postcard pack.

•  Official Doctor Who Convention bag.

+  Tickets are on general sale now, priced at £99 and available atwww.dwconvention.com.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]

3 February 2012

Matt Smith last night proposed to his long-standing girlfriend at the Doctor Who Experience in London. The marriage offer, which Matt had been planning for weeks (with some help from BBC Worldwide), came as a complete surprise to his girlfriend who was under the impression she was visiting the capital for a shopping trip.

The Doctor Who Experience at London’s Olympia, a walk through exhibition where The Doctor takes you on a spectacular adventure though time and space, has already been enjoyed by over 200,000 fans both young and old, and was chosen by Matt as the perfect setting for his proposal to girlfriend and avid Doctor Who fan, Stacie-Anne Dilkes, 23. The attraction is in the final three weeks of its year-long London run.

Matt, 22, from Rochford, Essex coincidentally shares the same name with the star of the globally successful BBC TV series and even chose to dress in a tweed jacket and bow tie for the occasion, the standard uniform of the Eleventh Timelord. He stunned his wife-to-be by pretending to be an exhibit in a section of the Experience which hosts original props, costumes and monsters from almost 50 years of the programme – before bending down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. And happily, she said YES!

Matt Smith, who plays the real Doctor, instead of protesting at this apparent, albeit brief identity theft, was also in on the surprise and sent a personal message of congratulations to the happy couple, commenting: "Matt Smith proposing to his girlfriend! Firstly, being a Smith means phone calls to the bank take so much longer - there are so many Smiths!! But I bet none of them have proposed at the Doctor Who Experience! Amy and Rory would be proud. Next - babies in the TARDIS...? Congratulations to you both and many years of happiness. Love, Matt.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]

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