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7 April 2015

GALHA LGBT Humanists, the LGBT section of the British Humanist Association, were thrilled to welcome actor and writer Mark Gatiss as the guest of honour at their 2014 Annual Lunch last November.

Among other things Mark talked about his thoughts on taking over as show-runner on Doctor Who, whether or not Russell T. Davies had a ‘gay agenda’, and what he really thinks of organised religion…

A video of GALHA Chair Richard Unwin interviewing Mark after the meal is now available to watch in the player, below:

(Video shot and edited by Jon Bagge)

To find out more about GALHA LGBT Humanists, visit their website at: www.galha.org

[Source: Richard Unwin]


7 April 2015

Theatre actress and 70s child star Bonnie Langford is joining the cast of EastEnders, the BBC has confirmed.

She will take the role of Carmel Kazemi, Kush's mother and will start filming her scenes this month, with her first on-screen appearance in June.

Known to Doctor Who fans for her role as The 6th Doctor's companion; Mel Bush, Langford said:

"I'm so thrilled and delighted to be part of EastEnders. 
I'm a great fan of the show and think the recent 30th anniversary was sensational and shows just how good British television can be. To be part of this family is an absolute privilege."

[Source: BBC News]

30 March 2015

Our friends over at Planet Folkestone will be bringing the first Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con to The Folkestone Academy on Saturday May 9th 2015

Formally Geek Fest, FFCC is an epic celebration of TV, Films and Comics with guest signers, costumers, props, a body painting jam and much much more.

Some of the current guests include:

Tom Baker (The 4th Doctor) - £15.00 per Autograph
Nicola Bryant (Doctor Who) - £15.00 per Autograph
Jeremy Bullock (Star Wars, Doctor Who) - £15.00 per Autograph
Virginia Hey (Mad Max, James Bond) - £15.00 per Autograph
Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf) - £15.00 - per Autograph
Normal Lovett (Red Dwarf) - £15.00 per Autograph
Lee Sullivan (Doctor Who Artist)


Adults £7.00

Children £4.00
Family Tickets £20.00 (2 Adults and 2 Children)
Tom Baker Question and Answer Tickets £12.00 Each (Adult and Children are the same cost)
Under 5 years old Free

IMPORTANT NOTE - If you plan on attending the Tom Baker Q&A Session you MUST purchase both an entry ticket and a Q&A ticket. If you only have a Q&A Ticket when you arrive at FFCC you will be asked to purchase an entry ticket at the door.

1 Adult ticket & 1 Tom Q&A Ticket or 1 Child Ticket & 1 Tom Baker Ticket

Supported by the The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, Absolute Graphix and OYFE Productions.

The event will be raising funds for Folkestone Rainbow Centre and Alzheimers Society.

+  BOOK TICKETS on the Planet Folkestone website.

[Source: Planet Folkestone]

27 February 2015

We Are Colony has released Emily, the provocative short film debut of renowned producer Caroline Harvey, starring Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones (The Theory Of Everything) and Emmy-winner, BAFTA-nominee Christopher Eccleston (Thor: The Dark WorldDoctor Who).

Harvey was formerly Head of Development at Mirage Entertainment, the company run by the late Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack, where she produced the acclaimed short film Love Me More, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The two remained close after Love You More, with Taylor-Johnson donating some of her Palme D'Or prize money to fund Harvey's directorial debut, Emily


Director, Caroline Harvey says:

"Emily comes from a place of frustration: about the form of short film, the fashion for them to be silent, to be genre driven, to be bleak, to have an obvious twist in the tail. It also comes from an irritation with the way in which women are portrayed on screen. Female characters are usually rigorously pinned to a narrative by a mass of explanation and consequence: ‘she’s that way because of this and now she’ll suffer…’ - a falsehood"


"The film is about gender roles, desire, control, frustration, the lust inherent in sorrow, the lies we tell ourselves and each other, the peculiarities of being English", she continues. "I wanted to write about a sexual encounter in which no-one is attacked, hurt, contracts a disease, gets pregnant, arrested or dies. Rather, the opposite: certain encounters allow us to learn about ourselves, our limitations, what we want and need. That these experiences are as capable of healing as they are of damaging us."


Felicity Jones plays a young woman who meets a man in a coffee bar (Christopher Eccleston). The two are soon chatting about snogging, smoked salmon blinis and sexual stirrings involving fingers in ears. "I wanted to do something unexpected," Jones has said.  She also produced the film, alongside Jack Sidey and Nicholas Hatton. The film premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and was nominated for Best British Short Film at Raindance Film Festival.


We Are Colony is a new global video-on-demand platform connecting passionate fans with great films, and their favorite filmmakers and talent.  We Are Colony releases exclusive special edition bundles of deleted scenes, cast interviews, making-of documentaries, production stills, scripts, storyboards, teasers and so much more. Get behind-the-scenes now at www.wearecolony.com

+ Check out the special features for 'Emily' on the We Are Colony website.

[Source: We Are Colony]

4 February 2015

American Doctor Who fan, Mary Nicholls got the surprise of her life last year when Christopher Eccleston (The 9th Doctor) helped play a part in her engagement. Mary's boyfriend asked Christopher if he could help out, and the result is truly heartwarming.

So all you naysayers out there who think Christopher Eccleston hates Doctor Who - think again, and enjoy the video, below:

[Source: Kasterborous]

23 January 2015

Now and again we hear some truly upsetting stories from Doctor Who fans who are facing real life challenges. One such fan is British-born Amy Watts, who has stage four cancer, and desperately needs help in order to get a life-saving operation.

Amy, who now lives in Los Angeles, has been undergoing gruelling chemotherapy every two weeks and was hoping to have an operation back in December. Unfortunately her Doctor has now ruled out the operation. Amy recently had a second opinion from a Doctor in the UK who wants to perform two operations at Spire Hospital in Leeds - the first in February and the second shortly afterwards.

Unfortunately the operation will cost over £70,000... Fortunately her friends and family have clubbed together and launched the 'Hold Amy's Hand' fund, where they hope to raise over £100,000 to cover her medical expenses and re-establishing herself in the UK.

The name of the fund has drawn inspiration from the Series 6, Doctor Who episode 'The Almost People', where The Doctor is quoted as saying:

""There's a lot of things you need to get across in this universe. Warp drive... wormhole refractors. You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold".

+  Visit www.holdamyshand.com to learn more about Amy's story.
+  Donate Now to help Amy pay for her life-saving operations.

[Source: Iona Kirby]

22 January 2015

Last night, ITV played host to the annual National Television Awards, and whilst Doctor Who failed to scoop up any awards, David Tennant (The 10th Doctor), picked up the coveted 'Special Recognition' Award.

Tennant, who was sat in the audience with his wife (and Doctor Who actress) Georgia Moffett, seemed genuinely shocked and surprised to have won the award.

Check out the entire David Tennant segment from last night's awards in the player, below:

[Source: NTAs]

28 October 2014

The celebrated actor and writer Mark Gatiss will be the special guest speaker at an event in London on 30th November celebrating Galha LGBT Humanists, a network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender humanists. 

Gatiss, is well known for writing for and acting in programmes like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The League of Gentlemen, and is a firm favourite on both sides of the Atlantic, appearing in fan-pleasing recurring roles in shows like Game of Thrones and Being Human

Mark has been a firm supporter of campaigns for LGBT rights, as well as humanist activism, over many years. At the Galha Annual Lunch, he will be talking with guests about his commitment to these issues, and toasting to another successful year for Galha, which brings together LGBT people for special events and promotes equality and diversity, particularly in respect of sexual orientation and identity matters.

The lunch, which will be at Browns Covent Garden in central London, will see Mark honoured with the 2014 LGBT Humanists award, and will also feature a fundraising raffle. All profits will go directly to funding Galha’s activities.

Riccy Unwin, Chair of Galha LGBT Humanists, said:

"Mark is a fantastic actor and writer, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him as the guest of honour at this year’s Annual Lunch. The Annual Lunch is always one of Galha’s most popular events, and this year is shaping up to be a very special occasion. Any fans of Mark ’s who are curious about what we do and would like to come along are more than welcome to join us at Browns on 30th November."

+  Tickets for the event are on sale now at: www.humanism.org.uk/LGBTlunch

[Source: GALHA]


23 October 2014

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series, BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce an exciting fan event to be held on Monday 17th November featuring the stars of the show. It will be the first chance the cast have had to reflect on the thrilling conclusion of Peter Capaldi’s debut series in front of 140 lucky fans at a central London location. 

BBC Worldwide has 70 pairs of tickets to give away for this exclusive event. Fans will be treated to a special screening followed by a Q&A with members of the cast. All they need to do is visit doctorwho.tv and correctly answer the multiple choice question, when they will subsequently be entered into a prize draw. The competition opens today and will close at 23.59 on Wednesday 29th October. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified within seven days of the closing date. Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted. Fans should only enter if they can travel to London for the afternoon of the 17th November. The event venue will be disclosed to winners on their invitation closer to the time. 

Frank Skinner commented:

“When they asked me to host this event I was over the moon. Luckily the space-dragon incubation period is such that I was in no real danger. I have so many questions I want to ask and, when we're all talked out, I'm planning to finish off by crowd-surfing for 10 to 15 minutes, dressed as Chief Engineer Perkins.” 

This event continues BBC Worldwide’s celebration of a new Doctor in the world’s longest running sci-fi series. Earlier this year, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman travelled the globe visiting Doctor Who fans in Seoul, Sydney, New York City, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro and later this month the interactive and immersive attraction in Cardiff Bay – The Doctor Who Experience – will reopen with an updated adventure featuring the Twelfth Doctor.

+  Series 8 of Doctor Who is released on DVD & Blu-ray from 17th November, priced £49.99

+  Preorder Series 8 of Doctor Who on DVD via Amazon for just £40.84.
+  Preorder Series 8 of Doctor Who on DVD via BBC Shop for just £34.99.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]

20 October 2014

The BBC has today announced 'The Doctor And The Dalek', a new online game for CBBC audiences voiced by Peter Capaldi. The game sees the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor thrown into a dangerous quest with his most devious of enemies in a new, stand-alone story from Doctor Who and Wizards vs Aliens TV writer, Phil Ford.

'The Doctor And The Dalek' - which has been specially released to be part of the BBC's Make it Digital initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, digital technology and programming - will be available freely at bbc.co.uk/cbbc from Wednesday 22nd October.

The Doctor And The Dalek

Players join the action as the TARDIS materialises amidst a deadly pursuit through space – a Dalek Saucer bearing down on a Cyber-ship. But from that Cyber-ship emanates a distress call – from a Dalek! On freeing the battered Dalek from his Cybermen captors, the Doctor finds himself taking his new unlikely ally on a mission to save all of creation from destruction at the hands of his greatest enemies.

But why would a Dalek turn to its mortal foe for help? To find out, join the 'Doctor and the Dalek' in a new adventure spanning the Sontar homeworld and its vile Clone Chambers, which have never been shown on-screen before, as well as reintroducing the icy Cyber-tombs of Telos – last seen in classic Doctor Who episodes.

The Doctor said:

"Oi! Short and not-very-old one! I need your help - I’ve got a Dalek and we’ve got a mission to save the universe. So get on over to the CBBC website, and play 'The Doctor and the Dalek' while there’s still a universe left! Come on! Chop chop! Make it Digital on the BBC."

Introducing computing skills

A range of puzzles are featured throughout the game, where players must take control of the Dalek and program it to 'power up' its ability to perform a range of tasks, such as flying. Each puzzle unlocks an achievement that helps the Doctor build the Dalek back to full strength, ensuring it can take on increasingly difficult challenges as the game progresses.

The puzzles are linked to the new computing curriculum and are designed to allow children across the UK to pick up core programming principles as they play. Several key stage 2 and 3 curriculum points – such as combining instructions to accomplish a given goal, using variables to alter behaviour, repetition and loops, and logical reasoning – are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and, most importantly for children, are intuitive and fun.

Resources accompanying the game will be available from BBC Learning at bbc.co.uk/schoolscomputing for teachers and parents to help children get the most out of the game. These will provide links to other resources available from across the BBC and third parties, enabling children and teachers to take their learning journeys further.

Danny Cohen, BBC Director of Television, said:

“'The Doctor and the Dalek' is a brand-new Doctor Who story and a fantastic game, voiced by the wonderful Peter Capaldi. It’s an excellent example of how a hugely popular BBC show can give fans something extra, whilst also introducing wider audiences to increasingly important skills, such as coding and programming.”

Sinéad Rocks, Head of BBC Learning, said:

“We’re really excited about the launch of 'The Doctor and the Dalek' as not only is it a really entertaining platform game for kids to play but it’s also a great introduction to some key principles of computer programming. Every puzzle has a strong link to the KS2 or KS3 computing curriculum. So we think it’s going to be a really valuable tool for students, parents and teachers.”

The Doctor And The Dalek was commissioned by BBC Learning, developed and produced by BBC Wales and Somethin’ Else in association with BBC Future Media. 

Check out a sneak peek at the game, courtesy of FamilyGamerTV, in the video player, below:

[Source: BBC Media Centre]

4 September 2014

Our friends over at MDIFILM just sent over a cool, independently made Doctor Who Fan Film called T.R.A.C.E. – A Doctor Who Fan Film Webisode.

The project is relatively ambitious, great marital arts stunts, visual effects, and with a total running time for an hour but will be broken down into 5-8 minutes each and shown directly online on YouTube, Vimeo and social media sites.

The Pilot (Episode 1) was premiered on 7th May, 2014 with a full house at Atlas Cinemas Lakeshore for free and it has garnered interest from not only the Doctor Who fans but all martial arts enthusiasts.

Even the local Doctor Who Society of Cleveland supported this fan film, founder Carol Olsen and her husband Eric Olsen has graciously offered their life-sized Tardis for the film set. 

Whovians around the world will have a treat, unlike the other Doctor Who fan films, TRACE will include their own made Tardis’ Control Unit that is currently being built by artist Gadi Zamir of Cleveland while set design and props are currently being built by William Cruz Morales and Peter Wong

T.R.A.C.E. A Doctor Who Fan Film talks about the alternate universe where an empire of military assassins from another dimension is trying to take over this Earth. And, the Doctor (played by Donn Nottrage) is there to save the day. Many other familiar characters will make appearances to delight the Whovians.

Right now, the production team needs your help. 

They are looking for your support in producing Episode 2-7 for this series. Only with the cost of a dinner night out from you, can help make this a reality. If you can’t donate financially, then you can continue sharing it to your friends, the more it is shared, the faster it gets to the top of IndieGogo page and being featured, making this a Doctor Who fan dream come alive. After all, they are not asking much, only US $5,000 for the entire season. And most of, they are not paying any talents or crew or locations nor are they using the money to build their arsenal of equipment (as they are already been donated for their use). All they need is fund to help continue build the props, sets, and wardrobe.

+  Check out videos and photos from T.R.A.C.E at: http://igg.me/at/tracethedoctor now!

[Source: MDI Film]

3 September 2014

Last night saw the winner's announced at the 2014 GQ Man Of The Year Awards, and Peter Capaldi came out with the TV Personality Of The Year award.

On winning the award, Capaldi said:

"I've been very lucky because in the past I've received awards for my acting. This is the first I've received for my personality, which I assume means they've never met me. The reason I've got this award is because I got the chance to play the roll of a lifetime twice. Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It. And I also got to play Doctor Who. The real people who know the personality of the year are my family - my mother and my sister and my wife who have put with my personality and endured it to the point that I can get this ".

Catch up on all the winners from the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014. 

[Source: GQ]

30 July 2014

On Sunday 3rd August, Spaceport will be welcoming a brand new Doctor Who exhibit to the Time Travellers exhibition. A lifelike sculpture of The Fourth Doctor and Liverpool native, Tom Baker has been skilfully created by Phil Robinson and will be carefully installed by Phil this weekend. 

Tom Baker played the iconic role of The Doctor from 1974 to 1981 and remains a firm favourite of Whovians to this day. The Tom Baker sculpture joins life-sized replica Daleks, Cyberman, K9 and many others alongside memorabilia ranging from the 1970’s to the present day. With the Robots exhibition also at Spaceport including Wall-E, Terminator, Futurama’s Bender Westworld Robot Gunfighter Yul Brynner so there’s something to enthral every sci-fi fan in the family. 

Intrepid space explorers can also enjoy unlimited simulator rides & take a virtual journey through space in the 360 degree space dome theatre, venture through the themed galleries, interactive hands-on exhibits and exciting audio visual experiences then if you’re feeling peckish refuel at the cafe and play area at Seacombe terminal. Make a day of it with a trip on the iconic Mersey Ferry, with great value family prices** combination tickets available for River Explorer cruise and Spaceport.

The Time Travellers exhibition, featuring replica props and costumes, has been put together by Hyde Fundraisers to raise money for BBC Children In Need and other charities. 

**Adult Combination Ticket: £13, Child Combination Ticket: £7.50, Family Combination Ticket: £33.50, Concession Combination Ticket: £11 (Concession tickets are available for seniors aged 60 and over and students - valid NUS card required). 

[Source: Spaceport] 

8 July 2014

The fab folks over at Showmasters have put together an even more amazing line-up of Doctor Who related guests for this year's London Film And Comic Con, which include the following:

Steven Moffat - (Showrunner / Head Writer) - Saturday Talk
Jenna Coleman - (Clara) - Autographs / Photoshoot
John Hurt - (The War Doctor) - Saturday Talk / Autographs / Photoshoot
Paul McGann - (The 8th Doctor) - Saturday & Sunday Autographs / Photoshoot
Colin Baker - (The 6th Doctor) - Sunday Autographs / Photoshoot
Bernard Cribbins - (Wilf) - Saturday Autographs / Photoshoot
William Russell - (Ian Chesterton) - Friday Autographs
Jemma Redgrave - (Kate Stewart) - Saturday Autographs / Photoshoot
Sarah Louise Madison - (Weeping Angel) - Sunday Autographs

On Saturday 12th July, there will be a very special Doctor Who talk, featuring; Steven Moffat, John Hurt and Paul McGannThis is a paid-for talk and will be sold on the days of the show. It will be held on the super stage so there will be plenty of seats available.

The talk will last for 45 minutes and the tickets will be £25 each. They will be on sale on the sales desk inside the show at Earls Court 2.

DWO are thrilled to announce we too will be there for all 3 days offering a selection of Doctor Who merchandise, and with every purchase over £10, you will get a FREE Doctor Who gift! We will be offering a wide range of Toys, Books, DVDs, CDs, Radio Times, Autographs, Trading Cards and more, so do pop by and say hello!

We will also be interviewing any fans who want to tell us how much they are looking forward to Peter Capaldi's Doctor, for a short video feature we will be releasing just before Series 8! If you would like to be part of this, please ask a member of the DWO team at our tables!

+ Buy your tickets for the London Film And Comic Con, here

[Source: Showmasters]

25 June 2014

From now until the morning of 4th July, Cecily's Fund is auctioning 17 unique and exclusive mock school reports written by major celebrities through eBay for charity.

The celebrities - each recalled the real reports they received as schoolchildren and recreated them for this special auction. 

One of the celebrities is none other than The 12th Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi - you can bid on his report, here. You can also view the report in the features column to the right-hand-side of this news article.

All proceeds from the auction will go to Cecily's Fund, to support their work enabling orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia to access education.

[Source: Cecily's Fund]

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