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25 March 2013

Sony DADC’s interactive development group, LOOT Entertainment, and BBC Worldwide’s Digital Partnerships team have joined forces to bring Doctor Who to life like never before by creating a social gaming and commerce environment inside PlayStation® Home.

Available to more than 31 million PlayStation® Home users across the globe on March 27th, the Doctor Who on PlayStation® Home experience will immerse gamers in the world of Doctor Who by allowing fans to interact with iconic elements, explore and customize environments, and watch content from the popular television series in a social atmosphere.

Doctor Who fans can enjoy dynamic features based on the show’s most popular characters and scenery, such as The Eleventh Doctor and River Song costumes, and a TARDIS- themed private space and clubhouse. Users can also visit the Doctor Who-themed LOOT Space Station Theater for additional video content from BBC Worldwide and shop for Doctor Who items - both virtual and real - via LOOT’s Entertainment on Demand system. 

Simon Houston, Senior Vice President for Digital Development at BBC Worldwide, had the following to say:

“We’re really excited to be bringing this much-loved series to social and virtual worlds. Discovering new ways to engage with our fans is incredibly important to us, especially as we approach Doctor Who’s 50th year.”

David Sterling, Vice President of Business Development at LOOT Entertainment, had the following to say:

“We are committed to preserving the spirit and aesthetic of Doctor Who while introducing this historic franchise to PlayStation® Home. It’s the same Doctor Who millions have loved for almost 50 years—with a virtual, interactive, and social twist.”

In celebration of the series’ 50th Anniversary, additional Doctor Who themed virtual goods, environments and social experiences will be added to Doctor Who on PlayStation® Home throughout 2013.

DWO have acquired the pricing for Doctor Who: Wave One, which is detailed below:

Doctor Who™ - The Eleventh Doctor Costume

2.99 €


Doctor Who™ - The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

0.99 €


Doctor Who™ - River Song Costume

2.99 €


Doctor Who™ - River Song's PDA

0.99 €


Doctor Who™ - Silent Costume

2.99 €


Doctor Who™ - Silurian Soldier 

2.99 €


Doctor Who™ - Cybermat

1.99 €


BBC Active Light

(with bundle)

(with bundle)

BBC Active Camera

(with bundle)

(with bundle)

Doctor Who™ - Private Space and Clubhouse Bundle

9.99 €


Doctor Who™ - Wave 01 Bundle

14.99 €


Watch two trailers for Doctor Who: Wave One, below:

Watch a promo for The Silent costume for Doctor Who: Wave One, below:

+  Doctor Who: Wave One is released Worldwide on 27th March 2013, priced £11.50.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]

24 March 2013

Our friends over at London's Stamp Centre have been in touch with details of their new 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who First Day Covers.

The team have put together a stunning array of First Day Covers, each featuring The Doctor himself alongside his enemies for each incarnation.

All the covers are individually numbered on the reverse and are part of a strictly Limited Edition available both signed and unsigned.

All of the covers will also be postmaked with the Seal of Rassilon, First Day Official handstamp and available signed by luminaries from the shows cast. The Stamp Centre guarantee the authenticity of every signature which is personally signed and not reproduced.

+  For more information and to Order, visit the SciFi Collector website.

[Source: SciFi Collector]

13 March 2013

Our friends over at PixelWho have been in touch with details of their exciting new Kickstarter project for a new visual catalogue of Doctor Who characters.

The PixelWho project came about through a desire of the graphic designer and artist, Nathan Skreslet, to combine his passion for the British science fiction program Doctor Who with the 8-bit artistic style of 80’s video games, which also carries a great deal of nostalgia for him. It is an attempt to be the most complete visual catalogue of Doctor Who characters in order to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all the artists who have worked on the program over the last 50 years.

The overall goal is to document every character, both significant and insignificant, from every Doctor's respective movie/series runs. Nathan freeze frames DVDs and scours episode screen captures in order to recreate each character accurately and roughly to scale. Every pixel is individually laid by hand; no computer conversion program is used. His art is a true labor of love which requires dedication and time. For example the 10th Doctor poster took 4 months of work to create. The lost episodes of William Hartnell’s (the 1st Doctor’s) era were recreated by referencing production photos, telesnaps, and promotional materials. The smaller PixelWho items and posters are printed locally in Virginia. The large Doctor posters (1st and 10th) are printed in Florida by a specialized eco-friendly printer. 

The Doctor Who art prints are high-quality limited edition lithograph prints. They are individually numbered; only 500 of each Doctor's poster have and ever will be made. Nathan has now completed the art for the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker's, epic 7 seasons run. All the main and incidental characters are represented over two posters, over 700 in all. 

To help fund the printing of these new posters, PixelWho has started a Kickstarter campaign and the project has been noticed by some distinguished people. They've been honored with being selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. They''ve also been featured on the news site Kasterborous.com. And they did a very fun interview for the podcast over at Mind of the Geek. Interest in the project is really heating up.

PixelWho is run by a husband and wife team. While Nathan is the artist, Ly is the business brain. Both Nathan and Ly have enjoyed finding their niche in the world of science fiction conventions where they have been met with great enthusiasm for the artwork and had many interesting conversations with other Whovians. Ly currently manages PixelWho's web presence while Nathan busily creates new artwork for PixelWho and a variety of other design projects. Nathan is thrilled that his beloved cult science fiction show is now once again a worldwide sensation that it deserves to be, and he has more people to have Whovian discussions with. 

+  Support PixelWho's Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the following Link.

[Source: PixelWho]

7 March 2013

Writer, Steven Moffat talks exclusively about the New Series in Doctor Who Maagazine #458.

The Doctor finally meets Clara and returns for a season of eight brand new adventures, later this month! DWM gets a sneak peek of some of the upcoming stories, while showrunner STEVEN MOFFAT reveals the horrors that await the Doctor and Clara in the first episode, THE BELLS OF ST JOHN…

“It’s the traditional Doctor Who thing of taking something omnipresent in your life and making it sinister," Steven tells DWM. "If something did get in the Wi-Fi, we’d be kind of screwed. Nobody had really done it before, so I thought, ‘It’s time to get kids frightened of Wi-Fi!’”


In the second part of DWM’s previously unpublished interview with JON PERTWEE, conducted a year before his death in 1996, the actor who played the Third Doctor reveals his thoughts on his departure from Doctor Who, the untimely death of Master actor Roger Delgado, and his relationship with the show and its fans in later years.

FRAZER HINES recalls his adventures in time and space in the 60s series as kilt-wearing companion to the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon – and why he wants to come back…

DWM goes behind the scenes on the forthcoming Doctor Who edition of the BBC quiz show, Pointless Celebrities and talks to contestants SYLVESTER McCOY, LOUISE JAMESON, NICOLA BRYANT, BERNARD CRIBBINS, FRAZER HINES, SOPHIE ALDRED, JOHN LEESON and ANDREW HAYDEN-SMITH!

There’s trouble aboard ship as the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough take part in a race through space, and encounter a race of Eternals! Discover a wealth of fascinating facts about the last story in 1983's 'Black Guardian trilogy' as Enlightenment is put under the spotlight in THE FACT OF FICTION. 

The big boss answers some of your most pressing Doctor Who questions in this issue’s ASK STEVEN MOFFAT – including one from one of his predecessors… 

Hey nonny nonny! The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones go back to Elizabethan England  and meet the most famous writer in history, as THE TIME TEAM watch The Shakespeare Code.

The Doctor is reunited with his old friends, Ian and Barbara, while flaming-skulled warriors cause havoc on the world of Cornucopia? The action heats up in Part Three of our epic comic-strip adventure HUNTERS OF THE BURNING STONE, written by Scott Gray and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.

DWM turns back the clock to 2005 when Doctor Who made its momentous return to our TV screens, with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as his companion, Rose Tyler. The voyage through five decades of Doctor Who with the twenty-seventh series of the show in COUNTDOWN TO 50! 

JACQUELINE RAYNER shares the ups and downs of a family in love with Doctor Who and tackles the controversial topic of how to order your DVDs on your shelf, in this issue’s RELATIVE DIMENSIONS.

WOTCHA! ponders just which planets in the Doctor Who universe have seas of acid in The History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects, challenges you to spot the false fact in a Shakesperian-themed Six Faces of Delusion, and consults The Stockbridge English Dictionary for some more unusual definitions. 

PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, a prize-winning competitions and crossword and much, much more!

+  Doctor Who Magazine Issue #458 is out Out Now, priced £4.75.

+  Subscribe Worldwide to DWM from just £17.99 via Unique Magazines!

+  Check Out The DWO Guide to Doctor Who Magazine!

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]

7 March 2013

Forbidden Planet have teamed up with Character Options for another Exclusive Doctor Who Toy.

'The Claws OF Axos' Collector's Set features Jo Grant, The Brigadier and an Axon Man, as featured in the 3rd Doctor adventure; The Claws Of Axos.

A In this Third Doctor adventure an approaching alien spaceship lands in England and the UNIT team meet its occupants: Beautiful golden-skinned humanoids called Axons. The Axons claim that their ship, Axos, is damaged and that they need time in which to repair it. In return, they offer Axonite, a substance that can cause animals to grow to enormous sizes and thus end Earth’s food shortages. The Doctor is suspicious, and rightly so: Axos, Axonite and the Axons - whose true form is that of hideous tentacle monsters - are all part of a single parasitic entity brought to Earth by the Master to feed on the planet's energy.

The Doctor links his and the Master’s TARDIS's together to make one giant time machine in order to help Axos - but on condition that they assist him in taking revenge on the Time Lords for exiling him to Earth. But, this is merely a trick, and Axos is locked in a time loop from which it can never escape.


1 x Brigadier action figure in jersey with U.N.I.T. beret and pistol.
1 x Jo Grant action figure.
1 x Axon in Humanoid form action figure.

+  'The Claws Of Axos' Collector's Set is released in July 2013, priced £29.99.

+  Preorder this product from Forbidden Planet for just £27.99!

[Source: Forbidden Planet]


5 March 2013

The third instalment in a sensational series of stories celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is written by Marcus Sedgwick, multi award-winning author of Floodland, My Sword Hand is Singing and Midwinterblood.

Speaking to DWO Marcus, had the following to say on his upcoming title:

"Doctor Who is such an iconic part of British popular culture that any writer would jump at the chance to add something to the universe. Being the age I am there are really two Doctors that I love the most: Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee, and I was thrilled to write this new story about the Third Doctor. I hope fans recognise Jon in the pages of my story."


The Third Doctor and Jo Grant are trying to track down the magical spear of Odin when they find themselves caught up in a vicious battle between two Viking tribes.

But one of the Vikings is even more dangerous than he appears to be.

Can the Doctor stop the spear getting into the wrong hands before it’s too late?

Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories: a year-long celebration of Doctor Who! The most exciting names in children's fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time-travelling Time Lord.

+  The Spear Of Detiny is released on 23rd March 2013, Priced £1.99.

+  Preorder this eBook on Amazon for £1.99.
+  Preorder this eBook from iTunes for £1.99.

[Source: Puffin Books]

28 February 2013

Lost episodes of Second Doctor adventure The Ice Warriors are being animated for DVD release, doctorwho.tv has confirmed.

Animation studio Qurios have been commissioned to recreate the missing episodes two and three, which see Ice Warrior leader Varga revive, kidnap Victoria and defrost his glacier-bound army.

“We’ve been discussing the various ways Qurios could reconstruct these episodes for over three years” said Dan Hall, Managing Director of Pup Ltd Media Consultancy, producer of the DVD. “So it’s really, really satisfying to finally see them animated. Qurios have a great track record in excellent and innovative animations”.

When asked about using a different animation studio to previous releases, Hall replied:

“Doctor Who has had many different visual styles thanks to changing directors, designers and production methods. We wanted to mirror this in our choice of animation partners”.

Qurios Entertainment’s previous work includes visual effects for sci-fi sitcom Hyperdrive, puppet comedy Mongrels and titles for Doctor Who DVD extra series Who Peter. Veteran producer of the classic Who range, Chris Chapman has overseen the animation, Niel Bushnell is the producer for Qurios and the animation director is Chris Chatterton.

See an exclusive “work in progress” clip, below, where the Doctor tries to convince Leader Clent that temperamental humans - even the recently fired scientist Penley - are still far better than machines:

+  The Ice Warriors will be released on DVD on 26th August 2013, priced £20.42.

[Source: doctorwho.tv]

20 February 2013

BBC Consumer Products have sent DWO the cover and details for the Doctor Who DVD release of Inferno: Special Edition.

Inferno: Special Edition
Featuring: The 3rd Doctor

An experiment gone awry sends the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) to a parallel universe where his friends and companions are members of a fascist regime in this thrilling and popular episode from the long-running science fiction series Doctor Who.

Inferno is the name of a project designed to drill into the Earth's core and release a powerful energy source called Stahlman's Gas; what's yielded instead is an insidious substance that transforms men into monsters.

The resulting chaos interrupts the Doctor's travel in the TARDIS and knocks him into an alternate Earth run by a military dictatorship, and where Project Inferno's progress threatens to bring about an apocalypse.

Special Features:

To be updated later today...

+  Inferno: Special Edition is released on 27th May 2013, priced £20.42.

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com.

+  Check Out the DWO Release Guide entry for this product.

[Source: BBC Consumer Products]

20 February 2013

BBC Consumer Products have sent DWO the cover and details for the Doctor Who DVD release of The Visitation: Special Edition.

The Visitation: Special Edition
Featuring: The 5th Doctor

It’s 1666, and medieval England is in the grip of the Great Plague. But when the Doctor and his companions arrive, they discover an even greater threat: the entire planet is in danger.

As the Grim Reaper stalks the countryside, the Doctor uncovers an alien menace intent on wiping out humanity and claiming our planet for themselves.

The Terileptils have arrived – and only the Doctor can stop them…

Special Features:

Disc One: 

•  Commentary with Peter Davison (the Fifth Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric) and director Peter Moffatt.
•  Grim Tales - Brand-new 45-minute documentary. Former companion Mark Strickson takes Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton back to the original filming locations while other cast and crew discuss their memories of the story.
•  The Television Centre of the Universe: Part One - Peter Davison, Mark Strickson and Janet Fielding return to BBC Television Centre and meet up with old friends and colleagues to reminisce on their time in the iconic building.
•  Doctor Forever: The Apocalypse Element - Examining the world of Doctor Who on audio. Including interviews with Colin Baker, Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss and many others.
•  Film Trims Shots and sequences cut from the finished programme.
•  Directing Who: Peter Moffatt.
•  Writing A Final Visitation.
•  Scoring The Visitation - Interview with composer Paddy Kingsland.
•  Subtitle Production Notes.
•  Radio Times listings and BBC Sales Sheet.
•  Photo Gallery.
•  Coming soon trailer.
•  Isolated Music Score.
•  Easter Egg.
•  Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

+  The Visitstion: Special Edition is released on 6th May 2013, priced £20.42.

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com.

+  Check Out the DWO Release Guide entry for this product.

[Source: BBC Consumer Products]

16 February 2013

The First Doctor’s final adventure The Tenth Planet is to have its lost fourth episode animated for DVD release, the BBC's official doctorwho.tv site has confirmed.

Teased yesterday at the Gallifrey One convention by Dan Hall, commissioning editor of the classic Doctor Who DVD range, The Tenth Planet sees both the introduction of the menacing, dead-eyed Cybermen, and the departure of The First Doctor, William Hartnell. The final episode has been missing from the BBC Archives since the mid-1970s, and will be reconstructed using the same Thetamation process used to recreate The Reign of Terror episodes 4 and 5.

Dan Hall said:

"It’s a real thrill to be bringing such an iconic Doctor Who episode back to life. Without the events established in The Tenth Planet episode 4, there would be no Doctor Who as we know it!"

The release date is currently scheduled for Late 2013.

View a clip of Episode One, below:

[Source: doctorwho.tv]

15 February 2013

A new Doctor Who Magazine and Figurine partwork called The Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection is currently on sale in a test area in the UK by publisher, Eaglemoss.

The Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection features classic characters from 50 years of Doctor Who, including the series’ greatest monsters, all 11 Doctors and the most important Daleks and Cybermen from every era!

Every issue comes with a richly illustrated collector’s guide that provides all the essential information about your figurine, is filled with official photography supplied by the studio and reveals the inside story behind the featured episode.

Every figurine is in perfect 1:21 scale, with measurements taken from the original props and the BBC’s archives to make sure that the height relationship of all the characters is correct.

Figurines that are touted to be releases include every Doctor, Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Sontarans, Ice Warriors, Zygons, The Silence and much more.

The per issue price is £2.99 for Issue 1 and £6.99 for Issue 2 onwards.

Speaking to DWO, Eaglemoss confirmed that if the test area is successful, they are planning to launch nationwide in either September 2013 or January 2014 - the exact month is still to be confirmed.

+  Visit The Official Doctor Who Figurine Collection website.

[Source: Eaglemoss]

15 February 2013

Silva Screen Records have released the tracklising for the upcoming Doctor Who Soundtrack release of 'The Caves Of Androzani'.

Product Synopsis:

First time release for the music from this seminal 1984 Doctor Who adventure in which Peter Davison regenerated into the sixth doctor played by Colin Baker.  

The Caves of Androzani was Roger Limb’s seventh of eight contributions to the series, and the first of his two very successful collaborations with director Graeme Harper.

This is the first release in a series of archive recordings from Silva Screen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this most British of television series.


1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme) (00'39") 
2. Androzani Minor (01'46") 
3. Gun-Runners (00'59") 
4. Morgus and Chellak (01'06") 
5. Death Sentence (01'36") 
6. Sharaz Jek (01'49") 
7. Death Under the Red Cloth (02'10") 
8. Androids (00'50") 
9. Next Time It'll Be for Real (01'07") 
10. Nobody Lives for Ever (02'16") 
11. Spectrox (01'11") 
12. Salateen (00'32") 
13. Exile (01'06") 
14. Clever Little Android (00'44") 
15. Two Kilos, What a Deal (00'50") 
16. The Magma Beast (02'14") 
17. Blind Fools (00'34") 
18. Tear His Arms Out (02'37") 
19. Stage Three (01'54") 
20. Geostationary Orbit (01'43") 
21. The Girl Will Be Alone (01'00") 
22. Peri Abducted (01'28") 
23. Vertical Descent Pattern (00'32") 
24. It Could Have Been Worse (02'08")
25. Do You Think I'm Mad? (02'56") 
26. The Doctor Pursued (03'13") 
27. Mud Burst (01'58") 
28. Morgus and Stotz (01'03") 
29. Face Off (01'11") 
30. Morgus Kaput (00'37") 
31. Not Beaten Yet (01'21") 
32. Milk of the Queen Bat (07'04") 
33. Return to the TARDIS (00'50") 
34. Is This Death? (02'18") 
35. Doctor Who (Closing Theme) (01'20")  

Further titles are yet to be confirmed, but Silva Screen have informed DWO that there will be 7, possibly 8 Doctor Who titles this year.

+  The Caves Of Androzani Soundtrack will be released on 25th March 2013, priced £10.75.

+  Preorder this product from Amazon.co.uk for £10.75.

[Source: Silva Screen Records]

13 February 2013

Hot on the heels of the launch of their Doctor Who Statuaries, Harlequin Goldsmiths have now launched their Doctor Who Ladies Jewellery Collection.

The current Harlequin Goldsmiths Doctor Who Jewellery product catalogue includes:

-  Silver Charm Bracelet - from £24.99
-  Silver TARDIS Charm - from £29.99
-  Silver Dalek Charm - from £29.99
-  Silver Doctor Who Charm - from £29.99
-  Silver TARDIS Key Charm - from £29.99
-  Silver Sonic Screwdriver Charm - from £29.99
 Silver TARDIS Drop Earrings - from £39.99
-  Silver TARDIS Stud Earrings - from £39.99
-  Silver Dalek Drop Earrings - from £39.99
-  Silver Dalek Stud Earrings - from £39.99
-  Silver Sonic Screwdriver Drop Earrings - from £39.99
-  Gold-Plated Charm Bracelet - from £39.99
-  Gold-Plated TARDIS Charm - from £44.99
-  Gold-Plated Dalek Charm - from £44.99
-  Gold-Plated Doctor Who Charm - from £44.99
-  Gold-Plated TARDIS Key Charm - from £44.99
-  Gold-Plated Sonic Screwdriver Charm - from £44.99 
-  Gold-Plated TARDIS Drop Earrings - from £54.99
-  Gold-Plated TARDIS Stud Earrings - from £54.99
-  Gold-Plated Dalek Drop Earrings - from £54.99
-  Gold-Plated Dalek Stud Earrings - from £54.99
-  Gold Plated Sonic Screwdriver Drop Earrings - from £54.99
-  Silver TARDIS Pendant Necklace - from £64.99
-  Silver Dalek Pendant Necklace - from £64.99
-  Silver Sonic Screwdriver Pendant Necklace - from £64.99
-  Gold-Plated TARDIS Pendant Necklace - from £89.99
-  Gold-Plated Dalek Pendant Necklace - from £89.99
-  Gold-Plated Sonic Screwdriver Pendant Necklace - from £89.99

The Gentlemen’s Doctor Who Jewellery Collection will be available to pre-order from May.  

+  Check Out the Harlequin Goldsmiths Doctor Who website.

+  Follow Harlequin Goldsmiths on Twitter@HarlequinGifts.

[Source: Harlequin Gifts]

13 February 2013

A new license has been given by the BBC to Rubbertoe Replicas to make 100% authentic Doctor Who props.

The company, which is headed by New Series Doctor Who Prop Maker, Nicholas Robatto, offers a range of Doctor Who prop replicas, hand-made using the same materials and techniques as used on the show.

Speaking to DWO, Rubbertoe Replicas Founder, Nicholas Robatto said:

"After making props for Doctor Who for many years, we are incredibly excited to be launching our range of replicas and memorabilia. All our replicas are made in exactly the same way as they have been made for the show, so hopefully people will enjoy being able to own something that is a real, authentic piece of Doctor Who."

The current Rubbertoe Replicas Doctor Who product catalogue includes:

-  Gallifreyan Coasters - £46.99
-  Coaster Display Stands - £11.95
-  Sonic Coaster Display Stands - £11.95
-  Brass Gallifreyan Wibbly Wobbly Paperweight - £46.95
-  Silver Gallifreyan Wibbly Wobbly Paperweight - £46.95
-  TARDIS Type 40 Plaque - £37.99
-  'The Power Of Three' Cube - £37.99
-  Gallifreyan Sonic Screwdriver Display Holder - £39.99
-  River Song Squareness Blaster - £369.99
-  Captain Jack Sonic Blaster - £369.99
-  Dalek Death Ray Projector - £565.50 

+  Check Out the Rubber Replicas website.

+  Follow Rubber Replicas on Twitter@DoctorWhoProps.

[Source: Rubbertoe Replicas]

12 February 2013

Radio Times starts its celebrations of 50 Years of Doctor Who with four free postcards of classic Doctor Who Radio Times covers with each issue – there are two sets of postcards to collect.

Also in this week’s Radio Times - What’s coming up to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th birthday:

November 2013 marks 50 years of Doctor Who on TV, and RT will bring you all the news as it unfolds – starting with some of the treats coming up. The most hugely anticipated event is surely the Anniversary special on BBC1.

All details are firmly under wraps – and it doesn’t even start filming until spring, but fans worldwide are praying for a multi-Doctor escapade, perhaps with a few former best friends and best enemies thrown in. Could it actually happen? And would all the surviving actors be available – and willing – to appear in such a celebration?

Tom Baker famously declined to participate in The Five Doctors in 1983, and the first three actors to play The Doctor are now long dead. But if William Hartnell can be recast (in The Five Doctors and now in An Adventure in Space and Time) is it conceivable that other actors might convince in Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee’s shadows? This might all be pure fantasy, but what is known is that showrunner Steven Moffat has been toiling with the script.

He tells Radio Times:

“I’m mostly excited, a little bit nervous, and aware of trying not to let people down.”

An Adventure In Space And Time:

Radio Times is chuffed that Mark Gatiss is calling his drama about Doctor Who’s birth An Adventure in Space And Time. This was the tagline RT printed on the billing for episode one in 1963 (below) and indeed on all 253 editions in the 60s. For Gatiss, the 90-minute special (filming now and due to air in November on BBC2) is “quite simply a dream come true”. He describes it as “the story of how an unlikely set of brilliant people created a true television original”.

David Bradley (Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films) is playing William Hartnell, the actor who was initially reluctant to take on the role of the mysterious time traveller. He soon fell in love with the character and was sad to leave in 1966. He died in 1975. Bradley says when Gatiss offered him the part, “I almost bit his hand off.” Our first picture of Bradley in character shows him on the second day of shooting last week, with Lesley Manville as Hartnell’s devoted wife, Heather.

Call the Midwife star Jessica Raine has been cast as producer Verity Lambert (then just 27), while Brian Cox (the international film star, not the prof) is playing the “father” of Doctor Who, Sydney Newman, a flamboyant Canadian who was BBC head of drama.

The only surviving member of the quartet who created the series is Indian-born director Waris Hussein. He’s helped Gatiss with his “meticulous research” and is delighted to be a key character in the drama. “I am to be portrayed by my doppelganger, Sacha Dhawan, a handsome actor. Vanity prevails!” he jokes. Recently seen in Last Tango in Halifax, Dhawan was one of the original History Boys (in the play and movie).

Filming began on 3rd February at BBC Television Centre, on what is likely to be the last drama made on the site before it’s redeveloped.

Executive producer Caroline Skinner tells Radio Times:

“As the BBC moves out of TV Centre, we are moving the cast and crew for An Adventure in Space and Time in! It’s a fantastic opportunity to film this momentous story in the actual location – a little bit of television history .”

Plus an exclusive shot of David Bradley as William Hartnell on his second day of shooting, we also look ahead to plans for the 50th anniversary and to the new series at Easter.

+  Radio Times is released Today, priced £1.60.

+  Order both issues with all 8 x Postcards from just £5.99 from CompareTheDalek.com.

[Source: Radio Times]

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