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27 June 2012

BBC Books have sent DWO the cover & details for the September release of A History of the Universe in 100 Objects by James Goss and Steve Tribe.

A History of the Universe in 100 Objects

Written by: James Goss and Steve Tribe

Every object tells a story. From ancient urns and medieval flasks to sonic screwdrivers and glass Daleks, these 100 objects tell the story of the entire universe, and the most important man in it: the Doctor.

Each item has a unique tale of its own, whether it’s a fob watch at the onset of the Great War or a carrot growing on the first human colony on Mars. Taken together, they tell of empires rising and falling, wars won and lost, and planets destroyed and reborn.

Within these pages lie hidden histories of Time Lords and Daleks, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the plot to steal the Mona Lisa and the story of Shakespeare’s lost play. You’ll find illustrated guides to invisible creatures, the secret origins of the internet, and how to speak Mechonoid.

A History of the Universe in 100 Objects is an indispensible guide to the most important items that have ever existed, or that are yet to exist.

+  A History of the Universe in 100 Objects is released on 27th September 2012, priced £20.00 (HB).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: BBC Books]


26 June 2012

Our friends over at Underground Toys have announced their San Diego Comic Con, Doctor Who Toy Exclusive for this year.

The company will be releasing a Victory of the Daleks set containing Winston Churchill and Dalek Ironside figures complete with 'loads of extra accessories'.

It is expected that the set will be available as a Forbidden Planet Toy Exclusive in the weeks following.

+  Check Out some of the current Forbidden Planet Doctor Who Toy Exclusives.

[Source: Underground Toys]


26 June 2012

Forbidden Planet have teamed up with Character Options for another Exclusive Doctor Who Toy.

The Castrovalva Collector's Set features The 5th Doctor, The Master's TARDIS (in Pillar disguise) and a shrunken figure accessory.

The newly regenerated Fifth Doctor escapes with his companions back to the TARDIS. Suffering from post-regeneration trauma, he only narrowly manages to save the ship from destruction as it plunges back to Event One, the hydrogen in-rush that preceded the creation of the universe.

He then seeks sanctuary in the peaceful domain of Castrovalva, only to discover that it is an illusory, dimensionally paradoxical trap set for him by the Master with the unwilling aid of a kidnapped Adric. The Doctor eventually wins the day by enlisting the help of the Castrovalvan people who, although also part of the Master's creation, are nevertheless able to exercise free will.


1 x Post-regeneration Fifth Doctor action figure.
1 x Shrunken figure accessory.
1 x Master’s TARDIS as a Stone Column.

+  The Castrovalva Collector's Set is released on 20th August 2012, priced £19.99.

+  Order this product from Forbidden Planet!

[Source: Forbidden Planet]


1 June 2012

BBC Consumer Products have sent DWO the cover and details for the Doctor Who DVD release of Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition.

Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition

Featuring: The 6th Doctor

The Doctor visits the planet Varos to obtain supplies of a rare ore called zeiton 7, vital to the functioning of the TARDIS. Varos was once a colony for the criminally insane and the descedants of the orginal guards still rule over the rest poverty-striken population. The Doctor and Peri meet two rebels, Jondar and Areta, and Peri and Areta are captured by Qullam, the Dome's sadistic commandant... 

Cleared Special Feautres:

•  00:17:42:04 - (EXTENDED & DELETED SCENES)
•  00:01:07:01 - (NEWS) (TELEVISION NEWS CLIP)

+  Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition is released on 10th September 2012, priced £20.42.

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com.

[Source: BBC Consumer Products]

1 June 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of The Androids of Tara.

In this brand new novelisation of the original 1978 TV story by David Fisher, the 4th Doctor, Romana and K9 become enmeshed in a Prisoner of Zenda-style adventure where the evil Count Reynart plots to become ruler of Tara.

Read by John Leeson.

+  The Androids of Tara is released on 5th July 2012, priced £13.25 (CD) / £12.29 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

1 June 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of The Nu-Humans.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive on the planet Hope Eternal, where colonists from Earth have reworked themselves with new internal organs and DNA structures. But their presence is far from welcomed by the colony governor - and when the travellers unearth some dark home truths, their lives are put in danger.

Read by Raquel Cassidy.

+  The Nu-Humans is released on 5th July 2012, priced £10.20 (CD) / £6.79 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

1 June 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of Dark Horizons.

On a windswept Northern shore, at the very tip of what will one day become Scotland, the islanders believe the worst they have to fear is a Viking attack.

The Doctor is just looking for a game on the famous Lewis chess set. Instead he encounters a people under attack from a power they cannot possibly understand. The islanders must take on a ruthless alien force in a world without technology; without communications; without tea that isn't made out of bark. Still, at least they have the Doctor on their side... Don't they?

A thrilling new adventure starring the Doctor, as played by Matt Smith.

Read by Neve McIntosh.

+  Dark Horizons is released on 5th July 2012, priced £13.25 (CD) / £12.29 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

31 May 2012

William Russell, the original star of Doctor Who, talks candidly about his time in the TARDIS in Doctor Who Magazine - Issue #448.

Sixties action hero William Russell, talks to DWM about his role as science teacher Ian Chesterton, companion to the First Doctor in the very earliest days of the series:

"William Hartnell never forgave me for leaving," he reveals. "He couldn't understand it, which was nice in a way. He said to me, 'What's the matter with you? You've got three kids, you've got a job, we're having a great time – what more do you want?!' 'I want to do a play, Bill.' He didn't understand that. Maybe he was right. But he never forgave me for jumping ship."


DWM, in association with Big Finish Productions, is proud to present an exclusive brand new audio adventure starring WILLIAM RUSSELL. THE REVENANTS, written by Ian Potter, features the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan and is available FREE to all readers this issue!

The votes have been counted and the winners of DWM's annual poll can now be announced! Find out which stories, actors, authors and directors came out on top in 2011. And where did YOUR favourite come in the race for the most popular Doctor… ?

Author NEIL GAIMAN, writer of the acclaimed 2011 episode THE DOCTOR'S WIFE, talks exclusively to DWM about writing the story and reveals the secrets of the scenes you DIDN'T see…

Doctor Who's commander-in-chief, STEVEN MOFFAT, writes exclusively for DWM in PRODUCTION NOTES and tells of the sad day on which Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill recorded their very last scene as departing companions, Amy and Rory. Have your hankies ready!

GLEN McCOY, author of 1985's time-twisting Timelash, talks to DWM about writing the Sixth Doctor's infamous adventure and his early career in television.

It's 1982 and the Fifth Doctor takes the helm of a crowded TARDIS and navigates the series into a new era as our voyage through five decades of Doctor Who continues with 1982's Season 19 in COUNTDOWN TO 50.

DWM goes behind the scenes of the making of a brand new Doctor Who spin-off audio drama series from Big Finish Productions. COUNTER MEASURES features characters from 1988's REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS, and DWM talks to actors PAMELA SALEM, SIMON WILLIAMS and KAREN GLEDHILL who reprise their roles after more than 20 years!

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory get involved in some very organised crime on an alien world as they embark on a brand new adventure, THE CORNUCOPIA CAPER, written by SCOTT GRAY and drawn by DAN McDAID.

As the hunt for the Key to Time comes to a dramatic climax, the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 face the ultimate forces of darkness in THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR. THE FACT OF FICTION examines this universe-stopping six-part adventure from 1979 and uncovers dozens of fascinating new facts…

As well as all broadcast episodes of Doctor Who, there are a multitude of scripts and story ideas that never made to the screen. Some of these are now being produced as audio dramas, but it would be have better to let the stories rest in peace and make brand new adventures for the Doctor instead? TOBY HADOKE and JOHNNY CANDON debate the pros and cons in A BATTLE OF WITS!

THE TIME TEAM slick their hair back and join the Doctor and Rose in post-war London where the alien Wire is riding the airwaves of the nations TV broadcasts. Join Chris, Emma, Will and Michael as the bathe in the warm glow of 2006's THE IDIOT'S LANTERN. 

The cunning Watcher challenges readers with The Six Faces of Delusion, outs another Supporting Artist of the Month and examines Doctor Who's use of the definite article in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects – all crammed into this issue's WOTCHA!

PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!

+  Doctor Who Magazine Issue #448 is out on Thursday 31st May 2012, priced £4.50.

+  SUBSCRIBE and get 12 x Issues, 1 x Special and Worldwide Shipping for £85 via CompareTheDalek.com!

+  Check Out DWO's Guide to every issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]

31 May 2012

Big Finish has revealed that Tom Baker and Louise Jameson will return in a third season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures, which will be released commencing in January 2014. The series of full-cast audio plays will consist of eight stories, and will again be set after the TV adventure The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

“We’ve been delighted by the response to the first season of our Fourth Doctor stories,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “We had such an exciting and rewarding time making series one and two, and we’re just thrilled to be back in the studio again with Tom and Louise recording more. Of course, the second series – which features Mary Tamm as Romana, with John Leeson as the voice of K9 – won’t be released until January 2013. But, recording schedules being what they are, we are always working well ahead.”

“We began recording on series three on May 9,” says producer David Richardson, “and production will continue through until July. At the moment it’s too early to reveal many story details, but we can say that Geoffrey Beevers will again return as the Master, the travellers will discover what lurks in the dead of night and the Doctor will encounter an even deadlier version of an old foe.”

Gareth Thomas, best known as freedom fighter Roj Blake from Blake’s 7, will be portraying the last surviving member of the Colophon race in one episode. Jessica Martin (Mags in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) also guest stars in the story.

Season Three is available to pre-order now at bigfinish.com.

Meanwhile, June 2012 sees the release of the final story in the first series of Tom’s first season with Big Finish – in which he takes on the Master and the Kraals in The Oseidon Adventure.

[Source: Big Finish]

24 May 2012

BBC Books have sent DWO the cover & details for the July release of The Wheel of Ice by Steven Baxter.

The Wheel of Ice

Written by: Stephen Baxter

Resilience. Remembrance. Resolution. Whatever the cost.

She had no name. She had only her mission - she would return Home. And bathe in the light of a long-dead sun... Even if it meant the sacrifice of this pointless little moon to do it.

The Wheel of Ice: a ring of ice and steel turning around a moon of Saturn, home to a colony mining minerals for a resource-hungry future Earth. A bad place to grow up.

The Wheel has been plagued by problems. Maybe it's just gremlins, just bad luck. But what's the truth of the children's stories of 'Blue Dolls' glimpsed aboard the gigantic facility? And why won't the children go down the warren-like mines? And then sixteen-year-old Phee Laws, surfing Saturn's rings, saves an enigmatic blue box from destruction.

Aboard the Wheel, The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find a critical situation - and three strangers who have just turned up out of nowhere look like prime candidates to be accused of sabotage ... The Doctor finds himself caught up in a mystery that goes right back to the creation of the solar system. But it's a mystery that could have dire repercussions for the people on the Wheel. It's a mystery that could kill them all.

A thrilling, all-new adventure featuring the Second Doctor, as played by Patrick Troughton in the legendary, classic series from BBC Television.

+  The Wheel of Ice is released on 16th August 2012, priced £16.99 (HB).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: BBC Books]


23 May 2012

Today sees the worldwide release of one of the finest Doctor Who games to date; The Eternity Clock - so what can we look forward to in the game?

You can play as the Doctor and River Song as they race to save the universe and time itself, whilst trying to unravel the mystery of The Eternity Clock and stop its deadly path of destruction before it’s too late.

Equipped with the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, River’s Blaster and other fantastic gadgets, journey through four London time periods and a number of alien locations in search of the answers. Face up to the most fearsome monsters including Silurians, Cybermen, Daleks and the Silence.

Outwit and destroy foes, solve puzzles and make the right choices in an epic action-adventure to save the future.

Other great gameplay features:

•  Explore the universe of the Doctor, across 4 distinct 'London' time periods.
•  Play as the Doctor and River Song to solve the riddle of The Eternity Clock.
•  Collaborative multiplayer - play together simultaneously and in different time periods.
•  Time travel gameplay mechanics - changes to one time period affect the layout of another, solve puzzles across the centuries.
•  Innovative 2D to 3D camera switch play.
•  Experience 'being the Doctor' - face challenging decisions and puzzles.
•  Cross platform play between PS3 and Vita game.
•  An intriguing, expansive and yet simple plot developed in collaboration with the team behind the TV show  - set across 600 years of history and into the alternate futures of earth.

DWO are offering our visitors a chance to win a Download Code to get the game for FREE. Simply pop over to our Competitions page and answer the question to enter.

[Source: BBC Games]


22 May 2012

BBC Worldwide have sent DWO another video for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock video game, focusing on making an interactive episode, introduced by Simon Harris (Executive Producer) and Nick Dixon (Design Director).

The Eternity Clock launches on 23rd May for PS3 and 13th June for PS Vita on the PlayStation Network.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]


17 May 2012

BBC Worldwide have sent DWO a video introduction featuring interviews with Simon Harris (Executive Producer) and Nick Dixon (Design Director) for the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock video game.

The game will be launched on 23rd May for PS3 and 13th June for PS Vita on the PlayStation Network.

[Source: BBC Worldwide]


15 May 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of Doctor Who and The Sea Devils.

Whilst visiting the Master, who has been exiled to a luxurious castle prison on a small island, Doctor Who and Jo Grant learn that a number of ships have vanished in the area. Whilst investigating these mysterious disappearances, Jo and the Doctor are attacked by a Sea-Devil, one of a submarine colony distantly related to the Silurians.

Soon they discover that the Sea-Devils plan to conquer the Earth and enslave humanity, aided and abetted by the Master. What can Doctor Who do to stop them?

Geoffrey Beevers reads this exciting novelisation of a classic "Doctor Who" adventure. 

+  Doctor Who and The Sea Devils is released on 7th June 2012, priced £13.25 (CD) / £12.29 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

14 May 2012

BBC Worldwide have confirmed that the forthcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock computer game, will be released globally on 23rd May.

The game via be available via the PlayStation Network and will see a physical release [box-art to the right] follow shortly after on the 25th May

[Source: BBC Worldwide]


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