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23 October 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of City of Death.

Whilst sightseeing in Paris, 1979, the Doctor and Romana notice a series of unexplained temporal disturbances. When a visit to the Louvre lands them in hot water, they realise that a certain Count Scarlioni knows more about advanced technology than a 20th Century Parisian should.

With British detective Duggan in tow, the time travellers become embroiled in an audacious plot to steal the Mona Lisa and sell it on the open market. Not only that, but Count Scarlioni appears to have more da Vinci masterpieces at his disposal - each one apparently genuine.

What time experiment is Scarlioni forcing a genius professor to undertake? What is behind his suave persona, and what are his plans for not only Paris but the whole world?

The Doctor and his friends must discover the answers before time itself runs out.

Lalla Ward narrates this classic TV adventure, and in an exclusive bonus interview she recalls her time as Romana in the BBC TV series.

+  City of Death is released on 6th December 2012, priced £13.25 (CD) / £9.19 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

23 October 2012

AudioGO have sent DWO the cover and details for the forthcoming Doctor Who CD release of Snake Bite.

Doctor Elehri Mussurana has spent a lifetime on her work. She's guarded her pet project close to her chest, letting only one person share her secret - her husband and lab partner Ernst Wharner.

As their experiment reaches its final, glorious fruition, they watch in awe as sparks fly in a sealed chamber and specks of sapphire light begin to join together into a shining haze. A wormhole in time and space is being created...

But then something unexpected appears inside the swirling vortex: a tall blue box with the words 'POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX' on the side. The TARDIS has arrived in the far future, in a scientific research facility - just as reality is ripped at the seams and the universe tears in two...

Written specially for audio by Scott Handcock, Snake Bite features the Doctor, Amy and Rory as played by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in the acclaimed BBC TV series.

It is read by Frances Barber, who played Madame Kovarian.

+  Snake Bite is released on 6th December 2012, priced £10.20 (CD) / £6.79 (Download).

+  Compare Prices for this product on CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: AudioGO]

19 October 2012

Our friends at TVMovieDepot have unveiled a fantastic variety of men's and women's Doctor Who T-Shirts and a discount offer - exclusively for DWO readers!

The selection features a variety of designs, with both original artwork as well as the common oversized-text shirts, including the popular 'Keep Calm And...' design.

Fans will love the handful of cool shirts depicting the Doctor's TARDIS in its classic representation, as well as a Van Gogh style 'exploding' TARDIS tee!

DWO readers get 10% off their entire order, Just use coupon code 'DRWHO' at  the checkout! Keep Calm and Don't Blink!

+ Link - TVMovieDepot

[Source: TVMovieDepot]

18 October 2012

Here at DWO we're pleased to have found a new site (well, new to us!) that you need to bookmark if you want some cool Doctor Who stuff - www.gbposters.com.

We’ve had a hunt around and they have 1000’s of posters - but best for us is their range of Doctor Who posters, Doctor Who Framed Prints, 3D Posters, and even cut outs of the TARDIS and Matt Smith as The Doctor. 

Speaking with the team behind GB Posters, they also inform us of some new posters coming soon of Jenna-Louise Coleman.

We’ve also managed to wrangle you a 20% off codeDOCTOR’ which gets you 20% off everything TARDIS, Dalek and Doctor Who Related.

[Source: GB Posters]

18 October 2012

BBC Consumer Products have been in touch with some 2013 Doctor Who DVD release confirmations:

The Legacy Box-Set - Featuring The 4th Doctor - Shada & More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS Documentary. - 7th January 2013 - £TBA.

The Reign of Terror - Featuring The 1st Doctor - 28th January 2013 - £TBA.

The Ark in Space: Special Edition - Featuring The 4th Doctor - 18th February 2013 - £TBA.

The Aztecs: Special Edition - Featuring The 1st Doctor - With recently discovered episode of Galaxy 4. - 11th March 2013 - £TBA.

Terror of the Zygons - Featuring The 4th Doctor - 25th June 2013 - £TBA.

Spearhead from Space (Blu-ray) - Featuring The 3rd Doctor - High Def New Restoration from 16mm print + extensive Pertwee bio and Caroline John obit documentaries, exclusive to this release. - Date: TBA£TBA.

Further details are coming soon, together with a full breakdown of the special features.

[Source: BBC Worldwide Consumer Products]

17 October 2012

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reports that AudioGO and Big Finish are teaming up for a series of 11 Doctor Who Audio Specials spanning all 11 Doctors for the 50th Anniversary year in 2013.

The series will feature one Doctor per month, and will be overseen by John Ainsworth, with AudioGO’s Michael Stevens and Big Finish’s Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery executive producing.

The first story, Hunters from Earth by Nigel Robinson is read by Carole Ann Ford and Tam Williams, and is set in that little-charted period after The First Doctor and Susan have arrived on Earth in 1963, but before they depart with Ian and Barbara at the end of An Unearthly Child.

The second story, Simon Guerrier’s Shadow of Death, features The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, and is read by Frazer Hines and Eve Dawnay.

As well as marking the first time that Big Finish have tackled stories for Doctors from the current version of the show, it will also be the first time that an original story for The Ninth Doctor will be released on audio.

[Source: SciFi Bulletin]

26 September 2012

Forbidden Planet have teamed up with Character Options for another Exclusive Doctor Who Toy.

The Three Doctor's Collector's Set features Jo Grant, The Brigadier and a Gel Guard, as featured in the 3rd Doctor adventure; The Three Doctors.

A gel-like plasma creature arrives on Earth and hunts down the third Doctor, who calls on the Time Lords for help. The Time Lords themselves are in crisis as their energy is being drawn off into a black hole. They send the Doctor’s earlier selves to join him.

The first Doctor, caught in a time eddy and able only to advise, deduces that the creature is a time bridge. The third Doctor and Jo then give themselves up to it and are transported to a world of antimatter beyond the black hole.

On Earth, the second Doctor is forced to take refuge in the TARDIS along with the Brigadier and Sergeant Benton. On the advice of the first Doctor he switches off the ship’s force field, and the whole UNIT building is transported through the black hole.

Behind these events is Omega, a figure from Time Lord history whose solar engineering provided the power for time travel. He has been trapped in the black hole ever since and now wants the Doctor to swap places with him, but it transpires that the corrosive properties of his domain have already destroyed his physical form, leaving only his will.


-  The Brigadier In Peaked Cap with Pistol.
-  Jo Grant (with alternate arms and removable gilt).
-  Gel Guard.

+  The Three Doctors Collector's Set is released on 3rd January 2013, priced £26.99.

+  Preorder this product from Forbidden Planet!

[Source: Forbidden Planet]


13 September 2012

Forbidden Planet have teamed up with Character Options for another Exclusive Doctor Who Toy.

The Pyramids of Mars Collector's Set features Sutekh with 2 Robot Mummy Action Figures.

In this fourth Doctor adventure, the TARDIS materialises on Earth in the year 1911 inside an old priory owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. Scarman has been possessed by Sutekh, last survivor of the god-like Osirans, who is held prisoner under a pyramid in Egypt by a signal transmitted from one on Mars. Sutekh desires his freedom and instructs Scarman to construct servicer robots - which look like Egyptian mummies - to build a missile with which to destroy the Martian pyramid. The Doctor foils this plan by blowing up the missile.

He then falls under Sutekh’s control himself and is made to transport Scarman to Mars in the TARDIS. Scarman cuts off the signal but the Doctor, now freed of Sutekh’s influence, realises that there will be a short delay before it stops, rushes back and uses the time control from the TARDIS to move the end of Sutekh’s space-time tunnel into the far future. Sutekh, travelling down the tunnel, is unable to reach the end in his lifetime, and dies.


1 x Sutekh with jackal head action figure.
2 x Mars Guardian Robot Mummy action figures.

+  The Pyramids of Mars Collector's Set is released on 18th September 2012, priced £19.99.

+  Preorder this product from Forbidden Planet!

[Source: Forbidden Planet]


28 August 2012

Radio Times have launched another issue of their popular magazine, sporting a Doctor Who cover, this time to promote Asylum of the Daleks.

In the new issue of Radio Times, on sale from today, there are interviews with Karen Gillan, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill, plus an episode guide by Steven Moffat.

Talking about the new companion, Karen Gillan says:

“I’ve met Jenna and we get on really well. And I’ve been texting her bits and bobs about Matt, but what I wrote is a secret. That’s the code of the companion. I didn’t offer her any advice though because I want her to have the experience for herself. I didn’t want to plant any preconceptions in her head.”

On the Doctor’s 50th anniversary next year, Matt Smith says:

“We want to make it as big and bold and as brilliant as we can because, we hope, it can be one of the monumental bits of TV history. But I doubt there’ll be a regeneration…”

+  Radio Times is out Today, priced £1.40.

+  Buy this issue of Radio Times as well as past issues from CompareTheDalek.com!

[Source: Radio Times]

21 August 2012

At long last, Character Options are finally releasing a Rory Williams Action Figure (for the fan who waited).

Amy Pond’s fiancée who, on his stag night found himself whisked away in the TARDIS. After defeating the Saturnynes and the Dream Lord, Rory was killed saving the Doctor’s life during a battle with the Silurians. However, his body was absorbed by the time energies leaking across time and space – resulting in him never having existed. However, his essence was placed into an Auton replica of himself in Roman times and after briefly reuniting with Amy, he accidentally killed her.

To restore her, the Doctor placed her in the Pandorica and for two thousand years Rory stood guard over her, the legendary Lone Centurion. When time was finally rebooted, Rory became human again, married Amy and once again joined her and the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with this incredibly detailed and fully articulated 5-inch Rory Williams action figure. One supplied. For ages 5 years and over.

+  The Rory Williams Action Figure is released this October, priced £9.99.

+  Preorder this product from Forbidden Planet for just £8.99!

[Source: Forbidden Planet]


17 August 2012

DWO are pleased to announce that Version 3.0 of the popular 'WhoFeed' Doctor Who News App, is now live in the Apple App Store.

The latest version is now also compatible across all iOS devices, incorporating iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Current WhoFeed Features:

-  The latest News from the top Doctor Who News sites.
-  The latest Blog entries from the top Doctor Who Blog sites.
-  Individual News stream option.
-  DWO WhoCast Podcast episodes (in-app streaming).
-  Doctor Who Websites links.
-  YouTube videos from the Official ClassicDW Channel. 
-  Comment Wall for fan interactivity.
-  WhoFeed Contacts page.
-  PLUS - in-App Social Interactivity. 

Don't forget to Rate & Review WhoFeed in the App Store - your feedback is greatly appreciated!

+ Click Here to buy WhoFeed for just £1.49 ($1.99).

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

16 August 2012

In a departure from previous projects, Fantom Publishing is proud to reveal their first ever calendar!

The Who Girls 2013 Calendar is a glorious celebration of the most glamorous travellers in time and space. Twelve stellar images featuring ANNEKE WILLS, DEBORAH WATLING, KATY MANNING, MARY TAMM, SARAH SUTTON and NICOLA BRYANT.

All photographs have been fully endorsed and approved by the actresses featured. Each calendar ordered directly through their website will come signed by one of the ladies featured!

+  Who Girls 2013 Calendar is available Now priced £12.99 including P&P.

[Source: Fantom Publishing]


9 August 2012

DWO are pleased to announce that Version 3.0 of our popular 'iWho' Doctor Who App, is now live in the Apple App Store.

The latest version is now also compatible across all iOS devices, incorporating iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Current iWho Features:

-  News & Reviews provided by DWO.
-  DWO WhoCast podcast episodes (in-app streaming).
-  Complete guide to the Region 2 DVD Guide (Region 1 coming soon).
-  DWO Twitter Timeline (with in-app interactivity).
-  DWO Facebook Timeline (with in-app interactivity). 
-  DWO YouTube Videos (in-app streaming). 
-  A LIVE Map of the DWO Minecraft Server.
-  Comment Wall for fan interactivity.
-  DWO Contacts page.
-  PLUS - in-App Social Interactivity. 

Don't forget to Rate & Review iWho on the App Store - your feedback is greatly appreciated!

+ Click Here to buy iWho for just £1.49 ($1.99).

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

31 July 2012

Big Finish is delighted to announce that its licence with AudioGO to make Doctor Who on audio has been extended up to December 2015.

“I’m so excited that we can continue our voyages with the Doctor for at least another three years,” says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, “and so pleased that AudioGO and the BBC continue to trust us with the telling of these stories.”

“It's been a privilege and a pleasure for me to have worked on the Doctor Who audio range since 1999,” adds executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “I'm looking forward to continuing the excellent relationship we have with AudioGO and the BBC – and, of course, to the many exciting adventures for the Doctor I'll be working on over the next three years or more.”

“We’re already making plans for 2015,” says line producer David Richardson, “which will be the sixteenth year of Doctor Who audio productions from Big Finish and include our landmark 200th main range play! In addition to the Doctor Who main range and Companion Chronicles, we are working through ideas for an exciting new range which we hope to announce during 2013.”

[Source: Big Finish]

27 July 2012

Matt 'Meets' Pat in Doctor Who Magazine 450!

In an exclusive, brand new interview with Matt Smith, Doctor Who Magazine imagines what would happen if he could talk with the actor who played the Doctor’s Second incarnation, Patrick Troughton.

MATT: “Patrick has a very Doctory face. Everything about Patrick is Doctory! He is peculiar without ever asking you to find him peculiar. All the elements were right. I loved his costume.”

PATRICK: “Well, you go along to the costumiers and they produce various things, and you say, 'Ahh, that would be good…'”


Head writer and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT drops his guard and reveals what's happening with the next 14 episodes of Doctor Who, exclusively in PRODUCTION NOTES!

DWM talks to writer CHRIS CHIBNALL and grills him about his forthcoming scripts in the new season of Doctor Who – DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP and the “very different” Episode 4… 

DWM pays tribute to the late CAROLINE JOHN, the much-loved actress who played the Third Doctor’s assistant Liz Shaw and died in June – and looks back over her life and times.

Seasoned Dalek operators NICHOLAS PEGG and BARNABY EDWARDS give DWM readers on a unique, Dalek-eye view of the making of 2005’s BAD WOLF/THE PARTING OF THE WAYS – accompanied by photos from their private collections!

Stern Sontarans, ambitious Androgums and fantastic food! Yes, it’s time to uncover the fascinating details of what really happened when the Second and Sixth incarnations met, as THE FACT OF FICTION looks back at the 1985 adventure THE TWO DOCTORS!

DWM investigates STARWATCH, a sci-fi series that, had it been made in the 1990s, would have starred JON PERTWEE. With never-before-published images from the project, DWM talks to the people who tried to make it happen…

COUNTDOWN TO 50 takes a nostalgic look back at the story which celebrated Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary with some old friends – and some ever older enemies! – as it remembers THE FIVE DOCTORS.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory face up to a ruthless collection of alien criminals within a mysterious ziggurat stuffed with priceless treasures in THE CORNUCOPIA CAPER, the latest DWM comic strip, written by SCOTT GRAY with art by DAN McDAID!

The Time Team convenes to watch one of the most innovative and controversial Doctor Who stories of all time – 2006’s LOVE & MONSTERS. But what will Emma, Chris, Will and Michael make of it…?

DWM strands TOBY HADOKE and JOHNNY CANDON on a desert island, with only eight Doctor Who stories each to keep them company. But which episodes will they choose? And whose selection do you agree with?  Find out, in A BATTLE OF WITS!

The mysterious Watcher marvels at the TARDIS’ food machine, challenges readers with his Six Faces of Delusion, and champions another Supporting Artist of the Month in WOTCHA!

PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more…

AND! A giant-sized, double-sided poster featuring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, and ‘every Dalek ever’!

+  Doctor Who Magazine Issue #450 is Out Now, priced £4.99.

+  Subscribe to Doctor Who Magazine from as little as £16.99 at Unique Magazines!

+  Check Out DWO's Guide to every issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

[Source: Doctor Who Magazine]

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