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1 July 2021

DWO's Matt Chambers takes a trip back in time to 1985 to play the Doctor Who text adventure video game; Doctor Who And The Warlord.

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29 June 2021

DWO's Matt Chambers unboxes and gets hands-on with the Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 24 box-set.

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15 June 2021

DWO's Matt Chambers takes a trip back in time to 1983 to play the first-ever Doctor Who video game; Doctor Who: The First Adventure.

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28 May 2021

DWO recently caught up with Doctor Who Actor, Eric Roberts to discuss his long career, his work on 1996' Doctor Who: The Movie and joining Big Finish for the recent 'Master!' audio adventures. Read the DWO interview, below:

Eric, you have a staggeringly impressive list of acting credits to your name (over 600 at our last count); dare we ask what your top 3 favourite projects have been to date, and which project you are most proud of?

Maybe not three, but three among this shorter list: Doctor Who, Final Analysis, It's My Party, Love Is A Gun & Music Videos.

Are there any Movie or TV franchises that you've not been in that you'd really love to be a part of?

Lots! Friends (if it was still being done). The Walking Dead - to join my friend, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Rebel or anything Krista Vernoff does. The Resident. Chicago Med. Californication (if it came back). Doctor Who (of course), and I love the franchises I am part of! The Righteous Gemstones & Grey's Anatomy.

With Doctor Who: The Movie, how much did you know about the role of The Master going into the project, and were you aware of the series prior to the job?

This is a very good question! I did not know a lot about The Master and I was aware of the series, but I had to do a quick tutorial. I am still learning more and more about Dr.Who from fans at the conventions and on Twitter.

You recently returned to the role for Big Finish' 'Master!' audio series. What was it like bringing your Master to audio for his first dedicated series, and would you like to do more? As a cheeky add-on to that question, if asked back by the BBC, would you also consider a return to the screen for your character?

It was fantastic doing The Master for Big Finish! It's especially great because the people from Big Finish can answer all my questions and give me excellent direction. I love doing it! I'd adore to do more. Without question YES!!! [RE: return to the screen]

Finally, if you could take a round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

If I could go safely, I'd take my 3 kids and 2 grandkids and travel until we found at least two of the civilizations out there. There is definitely so much life, it's beyond fathoming.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

18 January 2021

With aliens and spaceships regularly featuring in Doctor Who, DWO recently caught up with Nick Pope (the UK's answer to X Files' Fox Mulder), who worked at the Ministry Of Defence's UFO desk in the early 1990s.

Nick discusses some of his cases, the real possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials, and his love for our favourite Science Fiction TV series. Read the DWO interview, below:

For over 20 years you worked at the Ministry Of Defence with a portion of that time dedicated to manning the UFO desk and the many reports of UFO sightings around the UK. In fact, you were the closest thing we have to The X Files' Fox Mulder - were you always a believer or did this happen during your time at the MOD?

Nick: While my MoD career lasted 21 years, before I decided to take early retirement in 2006, my time in the division where I was responsible for investigating UFO sightings was just one posting - from 1991 to 1994 - in that longer career. It was a fascinating job: I had policy responsibility for the topic (and thus drafted advice to defence ministers, in my capacity as the subject matter expert); I investigated the sightings (200-300 each year); I dealt with the public correspondence; and I drafted material for the press office to use in response to questions from the media.

In all of this, I could call on advice from specialist staff as required, e.g. radar experts, scientific and technical intelligence staff, intelligence community imagery analysts (for looking at photos and videos that we acquired), astronomers and others. 

However, it may surprise people to know that despite being a science fiction fan, I'd never paid much attention to the UFO phenomenon. So when I was assigned the job, I didn't know much about the subject and I went in neither as a believer nor as a sceptic, but with an open mind, going where the data took me. Looking back, that was probably the best approach, as I didn't come into the post with any preconceived ideas. That said, as I began my investigations, and as I read myself into the vast archive of previous files on the subject (much of which we later declassified and released), my views evolved, and I began to realize there was more to the subject than just misidentifications of aircraft lights, weather balloons and satellites!   

From 7-year old Jacob and 10 year year old Amelia: What sizes have the UFOs ranged from and what was the largest UFO you recall being reported?

Nick: UFOs come in all shapes and sizes, though from time to time we hear more about one particular type. At the moment, there's a lot of interest in UFOs shaped like a Tic-Tac, because of a very interesting case from 2004 involving the US Navy. But people also report a lot of orb-shaped UFOs, disc-shaped craft, and huge, triangular-shaped UFOs.

The biggest UFOs I've heard of are sometimes nicknamed "flying football fields" and are rectangular or triangular in shape. There were some sightings of these in the Hudson Valley, in the United States, back in the Eighties, and in the UK and elsewhere in the Nineties. I remember one witness telling me about a 1993 sighting in the UK where he looked up at night and saw the stars blacking out, one by one, as a huge, dark UFO passed slowly overhead. And another witness to a wave of sightings in and around Phoenix in 1997 told me about a huge boomerang-shaped UFO that passed over the parking lot of a restaurant, with dozens of people standing there, mesmerized, looking up. I asked how low it was flying, and he said "Nick, if I'd have thrown a rock up into the air, I would've hit it." 

What was the most compelling case you worked on in your 20+ years and how likely do you think it will be that we will have official contact with extraterrestrials during our lifetime?

Nick: The most compelling case is probably the Rendlesham Forest incident from 1980, which involved not just something in the sky, but an alleged landing. It happened before my time in the MoD, but I undertook a cold case review in around 1993. It's everything you could want in a UFO case: multiple observers from independent locations, over three consecutive nights; military witnesses; radar evidence; physical evidence in the form of indentations in the ground, burn marks on the trees and radioactivity levels at the landing site that government scientists said seemed "significantly higher than the average background". This all took place in Rendlesham Forest, in Suffolk, and the forest lies between the twin military bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. The several dozen military witnesses included the sceptical deputy base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt. And because this was an incident involving two US military bases in the UK, there's a file that contains numerous United States Air Force and MoD documents about this case. Believers and sceptics have their various theories, but even now, 40 years later, these are just theories - officially, the case remains unexplained.

Years later, I teamed up with two of the key military witnesses, John Burroughs and Jim Penniston, and we wrote a book on the incident, entitled "Encounter in Rendlesham Forest". It's based on declassified government documents and on testimony from the military witnesses, and as such, it's the only UFO book ever to have needed security clearance from both the UK and the US government.

I think that we'll have proof of the existence of extraterrestrials in a few years from now. I'm not sure it will come from what the UFO community calls "Disclosure" (formal, official acknowledgement of alien visitation), or even from a UFO incident, and at least in the first instance I think it's more likely to come from a radio telescope picking up a signal from another civilization. The next generation of radio telescopes (and the associated computers to process the data) should be sufficiently powerful that if there are civilizations out there - at least in our small corner of the Milky Way galaxy - we'll find them. 

It's no secret that you are a Doctor Who fan - what was your earliest memory of the show and do you have a particular favourite episode and Doctor?

Nick: My first memories of Doctor Who are some of the old Jon Pertwee stories, when I was seven. After Planet of the Daleks, I watched every week. Regarding Doctors, while David Tennant and Peter Capaldi get honorable mentions, Tom Baker is my favorite. Perhaps that's partly childhood nostalgia, but I think he best portrayed the 'otherness' of the Doctor, with the unique combination of quirkiness, sadness, humor, intelligence, courage and morality that the character possesses.

My favorite story is Genesis of the Daleks. There's always something fascinating about an origin story (and the introduction of Davros was inspired), but this was a story of real depth, with the advantage swinging back and forward, generating genuine tension and excitement. This was the ultimate high-stakes story, with memorable themes of total war, genetic experimentation, genocide, a militaristic society that had clear parallels with the Nazis, and more besides. Above all, there's the moral dilemma the Doctor faces, so perfectly brought out by Tom Baker's acting. This is Doctor Who at its thought-provoking best, with the Doctor holding two detonating wires close together, knowing that if he makes the connection, the resultant explosion in the dalek incubator room could wipe them out; but then pausing and giving his speech centered around the question "Do I have the right?"

Finally, if you could take a round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

Nick: I'd want to go to wherever and whenever is the apex of civilization, to see how high and how far life can go, in terms of things like intellectual development and technological advance. Maybe that would be Earth, in the far future, or maybe it's an alien world in the distant past. It might be something like Gallifrey, it might be something like Trantor (if you'll forgive me mixing franchises!), and it might be something completely different and unimaginable. And maybe the dominant life form would be biological, but maybe it would be post-biological. Thus, in the best traditions of Doctor Who, I wouldn't know where or when I was going, and I'd probably encounter something quite unexpected when I got there!

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15 November 2019

A few years back, you helped DWO raise over £1000 for Children In Need and today being the official Children In Need TV campaign, we want your help to do it again!

This year, we've put together another bundle of Doctor Who goodies for you to bid on; something old, something new, something rare and all things WHO! 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to Children In Need and we will even pick 3 runners up (who have all placed bids in this auction) to win a Doctor Who related consolation prize. HURRY as you have just 24 hours to place your bids. Our target is £1000 and anything you bid all goes towards the final total.

Up for auction in this special bundle is:

1 x Poster SIGNED by Karen Gillan

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1 x copy of Series 9: Volume 1 on Blu-ray
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1 x copy of The Lost TV Episodes: Collection Two - 1965-1966 on Audio CD
1 x copy of The Ten Doctor Novels on Audio CD
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1 x copy of Scratchman (by Tom Baker) on Audio CD
1 x copy of The Daleks Masterplan LIMITED EDITION vinyl

1 x copy of The Target Storybook

1 x LIMITED EDITION The Two Doctors Collector Figure Toy set
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DWO will be covering the postage, too, so there is nothing to pay except the final bid price :)

If you're feeling extra generous, please also consider donating directly on the Children In Need website

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17 May 2019

DWO are thrilled to kick off the first of our new author interviews, spotlighting non-Doctor Who authors (but who happen to be Doctor Who fans).

Over the years we have had the pleasure of being sent a wide variety of published works from fans of the show, and as the subject of a lot of these books are of interest to our demographic, we wanted to offer interviews that give a glimpse into who they are as well as their writing process.

This week we welcome Christopher Simpson II, author of 'The Sag Odyssey Of Rawman Ant':

What got you into writing and when did you realise you wanted to be an author?

Life had gotten me into writing to put it simply. Now that I’m able to look back it was my passion for poetry that sort of just started to flow out of me. Then one summer day when I was freestyling my troubles making them flow together someone close to me at the time had told me to write it down and save those moments. From then on it was just the transitional magic from the pen to the pad straight to the audience that I had fallen in love with. The actual story telling aspect soon came to grow on me and I stopped the poetry and challenged myself with writing a book. 

What is your favourite book and what are you currently reading?

One of my favorite books of all time is the graphic novel “Calvin and Hobbes Days are just Packed,” as a kid I remember trying to understand Bill Watterson’s vast vocabulary that he had infused into ten-year-old Calvin. Of course, the humor was always there and the mystery of fantasy or reality between Hobbes being real or not. I’m currently skim reading a couple different books but the one that I’m really focusing on is David Rockefeller’s Memoirs.

Your novel ‘The Sag Odyssey Of Rawman Ant’, is full of rich worlds and space travel; what was your inspiration and have you always loved the fantasy / SciFi genres?

Well I love space travel but like any good story there’s always going to be some layers, and in my case, things weren’t any different. This whole story from the main characters name to the plot were just tons of layers. Me being an Antediluvian is the inspiration for all of the layers that were incorporated into the story. Anthropology, antiquities, hence the main characters name Rawman Ant. 

Can we look forward to a sequel?

A sequel is in the works. The next storyline will have a new planet and all new characters. I do plan on releasing a totally different story just to explore other genres and then after that the sequel will be released.  

If you could take a round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

Well first I’d go to see what all the hype about Proxima Centauri B. Then I’d find my doppelganger observe their life. I’d probably look at his lover and see if she’d be with me instead. I’d also like to see Ancient Egypt, checking out all of the old pharaohs and how they lived their lives. Of course, I’d try not to disrespect the pharaohs by laughing at them because of their broken noses that their present-day statues display. haha 

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1 September 2017

Owing to the increasing popularity of our very own DWO Minecraft Doctor Who Server, and to tie-in with the release of the new Official Minecraft Guides, DWO have teamed up with Egmont UK to offer 5 sets of the four books, in an exciting new competition!

To enter, simply head over to the DWO Competitions page and click on the link for the Minecraft book guides, and you could win one of 5 sets of the following 4 books:

Minecraft Guide To Creative

Learn the finer points of architecture, art and other creative disciplines with the official Minecraft Guide to Creative, and put theory into practice to build incredible constructions in Minecraft. Find out how to combine colours and textures to create different themes, devise intricate plans for complex builds, and discover secret hacks to use blocks in clever ways.

Minecraft Guide To Exploration

The mysterious world of Minecraft is just waiting to be explored. But danger lurks around every corner and survival can prove difficult for even the bravest adventurer. The official Minecraft Guide to Exploration will help you to survive and thrive. You’ll learn how to find resources, craft equipment and protect yourself from hostile mobs. Discover which biomes to avoid when starting out, how to build a mob-proof shelter and where to look for naturally-generated structures laden with loot. 

Minecraft Guide To Redstone

Learn the art of redstone and become a master engineer with the Minecraft Guide to Redstone, and put theory into practice to construct intricate contraptions in Minecraft.  Pick up the basics of the redstone components and their uses, discover how to make working circuits, and create incredibly complex builds using your new skills.

Minecraft Guide To The Nether And The End

Now that you've mastered the Overworld, the time has come to brave the perilous Nether and End dimensions. But survival will be even more difficult here and you'll need to up your game if you want to make it back to the Overworld in one piece.   The official Minecraft Guide to the Nether and the End will help you survive as you navigate new terrain, discover new hostile mobs and attempt to collect unique materials. Learn how to kill fire-resistant mobs in the Nether and repurpose Nether fortresses, then master the art of defeating the ender dragon and explore the outer islands of the End dimension. 

The Doctor Who Online Minecraft Server is the largest Doctor Who themed Minecraft server in the world. It offers Doctor Who themed worlds, games, roleplay, survival, and creative building. It is also home to the largest collection of Doctor Who Minecraft creations in existence - made by thousands of fans from across the globe! It also has the immensely popular TARDIS Plugin, which allows players to create a working TARDIS in Minecraft! 

DWO Minecraft is a family-friendly server, and all activities and events are suitable for all ages - from a first time Minecrafter to a 900 year old Time Lord, there is something for everyone!

Check out the DWO Minecraft Server Trailer in the player, below:

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[Sources: DWO; Egmont UK]

17 October 2016

DWO recently caught up with Doctor Who Missing Episode hunter, Philip Morris - responsible for the discoveries of The Web Of Fear & The Enemy Of The World, 3 years ago. Read the DWO interview, below:

It has been 3 years since the official announcement of your fantastic discovery of nine missing episodes of Doctor Who. How happy were you with the finished, packaged product released by BBC DVD and how likely do you feel it is that the last missing episode from The Web Of Fear will be found?

Very happy with the job BBC Worldwide did on restoration, packaging, artwork. You have to remember, back then BBC Worldwide did not really know how these lost stories would be received - basically, how successful. Web 3 will surface, I will make sure it does! I never give up and never give in!

Which single discovery has brought you the most satisfaction in all your years of hunting?

The single best discovery is still ahead of me. Definitely!

Have you read all the theories on the now famous ‘Omnirumour’ and what are you thoughts on it all?

The famous omnirumour! I have seen some of the strange theories, but it’s nothing new. Rumours always surround Doctor Who - it’s always ‘my mate who has an uncle’, that sort of thing. Never any solid facts to back it up, so I haven’t read all the theories, really, I stick with the hard facts. However, I will say the truth is stranger than fiction and my best advice… believe it when you see it!

There has been some chatter about more potential discoveries. Is the wind still blowing in the right direction and can we hope to have more episodes returned in the near future?

There will always be chatter about wishing our favourite shows back into existence. It’s nice to discuss, however, the truth is it takes a lot of really hard work - which I enjoy, I really do. I really believe in what I do and the work TIEA does, however, there is hope, of course.

If you could take a round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

A trip in the TARDIS... where would I go… probably back to were I could record every missing show possible in UK history and bring it all back so we can all enjoy our rich heritage.

Many thanks, Phil!

Thank you! …we will return.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

21 December 2015

As Christmas Day is almost upon us, and as we wanted to a little gift to all our visitors, DWO have recorded a song called 'Memories Become Stories'. The track is inspired by Clara's departure from The Doctor in 'Hell Bent' at the end of Series 9 of Doctor Who.

The song, which is written and performed by DWO's Editor, Sebastian J. Brook, is FREE to play / download via Soundcloud and is dedicated to Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat, Murray Gold and #DoctorWhoDaniel.

Listen to 'Memories Become Stories' in the SoundCloud player, below:

If you enjoy the song, please take a second to Like / Comment directly on the SoundCloud page!

We have also included the lyrics for you, below:

Memories Become Stories
By Sebastian J. Brook

I remember your name, but I do not know why,
I think that I knew you, once upon a time

But I guess we’re all stories in the end.
Yes I guess we’re all stories in the end.

You travelled with me, or did I travel with you?
One thing that I’m sure of, is I’m lost without you.

So I guess we're all stories in the end.
Yes I guess we're all stories in the end.

Memories become stories, when we forget them,
maybe some of them become songs.

One day I’ll find you, when I recall,
all the things I’ve forgotten for so long.

I remember this place, I’ve been here before,
I think that we came here, but I cannot be sure.

And I guess we’re all stories in the end.
You and me we’re just stories in the end.

Memories become stories, when we forget them,
maybe some of them become songs.

One day I’ll find you, when I recall,
all the things I’ve forgotten for so long.

So I’ll think of you often, please think of me too,
and this story we’ve written, will someday come true.

'Cos I guess we’re all stories in the end.
Yes I guess we’re all stories in the end.

Memories become stories, when we forget them,
maybe some of them become songs.

Memories become stories, when we forget them,
maybe some of them become songs.

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11 March 2014

Episode #316 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Thomas and Dave look at The Monster Collection books and Thomas has a natter with Stephen Cole, author of Sting Of The Zygons.

Listen to Episode #316 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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1 February 2014
5/10 Doctor Who Online needs you! 

Last summer, Doctor Who Online asked you to submit your ratings for all the televised Doctor Who stories from An Unearthly Child to The Name of the Doctor, and you responded in droves! We received hundreds of voting forms, and now we’re pleased to reveal the results.

Below, you’ll find all 239 stories ranked by their placement in the poll. Entrants were asked to rank the stories between ‘1/10’ and ’10/10’. From there, we worked out the average score for each story to present a guide to the way people saw the series in 2013. The lists below also contain - where relevant - the previous score achieved by the story during the 2009 ‘Mighty 200’ poll in Doctor Who Magazine, so you can see how much opinion of these stories has altered in the last four years. Obviously, we asked you to rate almost the entire Matt Smith era, too, which wasn’t around during that previous poll.

You’ll also find some commentary for each of the sections, pointing out anything that you may find interesting about the results. While you’re likely to find some of more common answers hanging around at the polar ends of the scale, you may well be surprised by some of the placements… 

The bottom ten is made up of stories which aren’t likely to come as a surprise to many readers - sadly unloved tales such as The Twin Dilemma and Time-Flight were always going to come in with lower scores! 

More of a surprise might be the appearance of a Tenth Doctor story taking the lowest spot - with 2006’s Fear Her pulling in an average score of just 40.11%, down massively from almost 49% four years previously!

On the whole, there’s been a decrease in popularity for most stories. 144 adventures received a lower average score this time compared to 2009, while only 56 managed to improve upon their earlier result. That said, the voters of 2013 were generally more favourable towards the programme - no story rated below 40%, whereas in 2009 The Twin Dilemma scraped the barrel with 38.44%

The rest of the bottom 40 is packed out with the lowest ranking stories for every Doctor bar the Eighth - who only appears once on the poll in The TV Movie

(The lowest-rating stories for the other ten Doctors were;The Smugglers, The Space Pirates, The Time Monster, Underworld, Time-Flight, The Twin Dilemma, Time and the Rani, Boom Town, Fear Her, and The Rings of Akhaten)

The results for stories 199 - 150 contain a mixture of stories that - while not entirely unloved - rarely appear high on people’s lists of favourite stories. Tales such as 1989’s Battlefield, 2010’s Victory of the Daleks, and 1967’s The Wheel in Space all find themselves confined to these middle-grounds of the results table.

Interestingly, 1967’s The Enemy of the World finds itself placed at number 191. The poll was conducted before its recovery to the BBC was widely known, and long before Doctor Who fans were able to watch the story for the first time in 45 years. All of us at Doctor Who Online are keen to see how that story might place now that it’s complete and back in the archives!

Another lost classic, 1964’s Marco Polo has seen a significant drop in its approval rating since 2009 - tumbling almost 15% to place at just 184 on our poll (in 2009’s ‘Mighty 200’ listings, it was at a much more healthy 65th place). We wonder if this story’s fortunes may take a turn for the better were it to appear back in the archives sometime soon?


Just missing out on a spot in the top 100 Doctor Who stories of all time are a number of stories which seem to generate no strong emotions at all. 1976’s The Android Invasion, 2005’s The End of the World, 1988’s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, and 1965’s The Chase never seem to draw much negative opinion, but they don’t seem to court a lot of positive reactions either. 


The Eighth Doctor’s single full-length TV outing finds itself sat at number 144, placing it just inside the lower half of all stories, while the very first Doctor Who story - 1963’s An Unearthly Child - just manages to slip into the upper half, sitting comfortably at number 112.

As we move into the top 100 stories, we’re still in a land defined by those so-so tales which never seem to attract a great deal of fuss. The final story of Doctor Who’s original 1963-1989 run, Survival, sits at number 76… making it only one place higher than the first story of the 21st century revival Rose, coming in at number 77.

2013’s The Bells of St John is the lowest-placing appearance of The Great Intelligence on our list at number 84, though the creature’s first appearance also falls within this section of the poll, with 1967’s The Abominable Snowmen falling at number 68, and its return to the programme in 2012’s The Snowmen coming in slightly higher in position 54. 

Another 1960’s creation - The Ice Warriors - find four of their five stories confined to this period of the list with their 1969 appearance in The Seeds of Death being rated as their best adventure, and placing at number 78. 1967’s The Ice Warriors doesn't fall far behind (number 80), with the first of their two 1970’s adventures on Peladon coming in at number 81. Their 2013 return to the series in Cold War rates slightly lower at number 95, while their second outing in the Citadel on Peladon lags way behind at number 217.

Entering the top 50 means that we’re starting to see some familiar names cropping up - stories which are considered to be among the very best that Doctor Who has to offer. 1976’s The Brain of Morbius, 1970’s Inferno, 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks, and2006’s The Girl in the Fireplace have long geld their position as ‘fan favourites’, and defend that status well here.

We’re also seeing the Eleventh Doctor rating rarely well here, too, with the two highest new entries to the list coming in at numbers 16 and 15 - representing The Name of the Doctor (2013) and 2010’s debut for the character The Eleventh Hour

Also missing from the 2009 poll were the Tenth Doctor’s final two adventures, and both of these stories take their places here, with The Waters of Mars gaining a respectable place at number 30, and the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration story - The End of Time - coming in at number 41.

Last but not least, we’ve reached the final nine - those stories which are considered to be the absolute pinnacle of Doctor Who

The list is likely no surprise to fans who remember the ‘Mighty 200’ poll, and several stories crop up here which also graced the top spots back then. 1977’s The Robots of Death, 1984’s The Caves of Androzani, and 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks are always considered to be winners, but it’s 2007’s Blink which takes the number one position, pulling in a massive 92.81%.

In one of those perfectly neat little Doctor Who moments, this means that you’ve voted the Tenth Doctor into both the top and bottom places on the poll - there’s a neat kind of symmetry to that! 

We want to thank everyone for voting - it's been really fun to see all the results come in as stories jostled for their positions. The top spot seemed to be on a rotation every day, with each of the top five stories occupying the position at some point before the final list settled into place. Over all, though more stories have dropped in popularity than grown, the scores on average are slightly higher than they were for the 2009 poll, with both the lowest and highest rated stories sporting a higher score than they previously held - we love Doctor Who now more than ever!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


Will there be a new favourite Doctor Who story in time for the programme’s 50th Anniversary? There’s only one way to find out - get voting! 
27 January 2014

Episode #313 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Dave and Thomas take giant steps while walking towards The Moonbase as they look at the latest DVD release and have a natter about all things Cyberman. Also a look at the wacky world of lost episode rumours.  

Listen to Episode #313 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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16 January 2014

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3 January 2014

In late 2013, DWO caught up with Doctor Who Actor, Tom Baker, to discuss his recent role in the 50th Anniversary Special; 'The Day Of The Doctor', Christmas and his future plans.

Millions of Doctor who fans worldwide were given a very special treat when we all saw you return in the ‘The Day Of The Doctor’. How long ago did you find out you would be in it, and what was it like coming back to the main TV series after 32 years?

I was invited to be in the Special about 7 months before transmission. I was reluctant at first but a very persuasive Miss Skinner convinced me that it was a good idea and that the fans would be happy to see me again. The second part of that argument convinced me: I never wanted to do more than please the fans. By the time the shooting date drew near Miss Skinner had disappeared though her argument remained, so I stood by my promise.

I was driven through the night to record the scene in Cardiff on a very cold and dreary morning. No glamour on a film lot, caravans scattered everywhere and tea was simply a dream of long ago when I was in lovely Sussex: long ago? well five hours but this was BBC Cardiff at 5 am! Never mind. At last 8 am crawled into view and make-up, costume and weak tea too! And then the scene.

Matt Smith came to find me with such affectionate enthusiasm that my anxieties were allayed. The film set was packed with people, scores of them, full of curiosity to see the old Doctor with the reigning one. Whatever I offered, Matt responded with terrific jollity: he was just so generous and I was grateful. As you know the scene was very brief, very, very brief; and in 4 and a quarter hours it was complete and I fled.

Your Big Finish range continues to do very well indeed. Now that you’re coming up to 2 years with them, how have you found working with your past companions and what can we expect to look forward to in the upcoming series?

I don't know exactly how long or how many adventures I have recorded for Big Finish but I am full of enthusiasm for whatever they offer me this year. I have told David Richardson more than once that I have never been happier than I am doing their scripts.

I have not discussed happiness with the other actors, except Louise, and she tells me she is delighted to be part of the group. I think that means she is very happy. But I can tell from the atmosphere in the Green Room and from the waves of laughter I hear that Big Enthusiasm is the house style at Big Finish. I have mostly had a happy time with other actors; not always but mostly. Generally actors are nice people to be with.

With the Christmas season upon us, do you have any traditions you like to keep each year? 

I don't have any particular rituals at Christmas. Nearly all the planning and organising is done by my wife. I try to help out by doing my share of shopping and by being sociable at mealtimes. Christmas is no longer a novelty at my age; nor is New Year.

Do you have a particular favourite Christmas Movie, Song or Book?

I used to like the Alistair Sim Christmas Carol for many years but now I would prefer to watch Frank Capra's film "It's a Wonderful Life."

Last year I recorded the complete Dickens' script, “A Christmas Carol”, not a word missed out. One person told me she liked it, so I got something right. I think one can justifiably make some cuts to the text as there are some obscurities here and there. But James Stewart was such a wonderful actor in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, so warm and sincere and so funny; and that slightly cracked voice and his hesitant quacking just makes me yelp with joy. And the title of the film is great, eh? 

Your autobiography has recently been released on Kindle, but you’ve had some more adventures since its original release in 1997, and with the recent success of ‘The Boy Who Kicked Pigs’ as a stage play, do you have any plans to write any more books?

My autobiography and “The Boy who Kicked Pigs” remain in print and that pleases me. The pig book is published in 5 languages including Chinese, Dutch and German. But I'm not a writer and those two efforts were little attacks of inspiration, so I don't feel another book coming on.

I still enjoy going to conventions and interacting with the fans who have supported me for so long. Some of them I know quite well and some I even know their grandchildren!  

I wish you all a heartfelt Happy New Year and many thanks for all your encouragement over so many years. 

From old Tom Baker

Watch Tom Baker's DWO video greeting:

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[Source: DWO]

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