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7 April 2013

Open auditions for 'One Fine Time Lord' - a brand new 45 minute full cast audio drama starring some familiar faces and... YOU?

It’s official! Doctor Who Online have teamed up with Children in Need, the production crew involved in the new series of Doctor Who Online Adventures and two top radio drama producers to produce a unique, one-off, 45-minute Doctor Who audio drama spin-off to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, titled 'One Fine Time Lord'.

This, however, is the best bit - we are now looking for actors & actresses both young and old to audition for the various parts! No specialist experience is required as it is an OPEN audition!

The auditions will be held in Cambridge on 27th-28th April 2013, so if you ever fancied having a go at acting - NOW's your chance!

You will only be required on ONE of these days and if you are interested in getting involved, here is the information you will need:

What type of cast is the production team looking for?

-  Male Actors aged between 14-17 and 35-70 if you are in your 30-40s you must be able to turn you hand to playing this age and older! (Please note that if you are aged between 14-17 you will require a chaperone, we will not audition you without one.)

-  Female Actresses aged between 20-40.

-  We are looking for standard British accents (how very Gallifreyan of us).

Ok! Ok! I’m interested how do I get an audition?

You will need to book an audition place with one of our Producer’s (email below). Auditions will take place in front of a panel of up to 4 people including our cool Director! You will be asked to do three things:

1) We’d like you find a famous speech and adapt it. Instead of reading it in it’s original context you will be reading it out to a panel of senior Time Lords! So maybe you could find a speech from a King or Queen? A piece of Shakespeare or maybe a hero of your own and then give it your all.

2) We will obviously be finding out a little about you and why you’ve come to audition but we will also get you to read sections from the script.

3) And the third... Well the third we’ll keep a secret until the day but it will involve improvising!

These auditions will be fun so don’t feel nervous and we will let you know on the day if you have been shortlisted. Please note that you may be asked to come back and do joint readings with other hopefuls but shortlisting does not guarantee you a part.

Auditions should last around 20 minutes per person (depending on the response).

The recording date for 'One Fine Time Lord' will be: June 3rd/4th and possibly 5th, it will be recorded in the evening, not during the day - the recording will also take place in Cambridge.

Should you have any further questions or to book your place please email the producer Kim Bates: kimberleymbates@gmail.com

Good luck and book EARLY to avoid disappointment.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

6 April 2013

Episode #286 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Dave and Thomas are transported to The Rings of Akhaten where they witness The Doctor and Clara battle an ancient evil for the soul of a young girl meanwhile Elizabeth and Michelle are stuck in the past with The Doctor and Sarah Jane in Tom Baker's first adventure Robot.

It's like a podcast version of Mawdryn Undead except it isn't really.

Listen to Episode #286 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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[Source: DWO]

30 March 2013

Episode #285 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Doctor Who returns to our screens in an adventure that sees him travel past (and up) some of London's most notable landmarks to save new companion Clara but has the latest episode been worth the wait?

Dave, Elizabeth and Michelle have a ding dong over The Bells of Saint John before our own Belles (see what we did there) Elizabeth and Michelle travel back to the era of Jon Pertwee to encounter The Daemons.

Listen to Episode #285 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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[Source: DWO]

24 March 2013

Episode #284 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

UNIT. How does it fit into the story of The Doctor? Is the Brigadier the ultimate companion or is he more than that?

Dave, Elizabeth and Thomas have a good natter, Elizabeth offers her opinion of The Second Doctor eBook The Nameless City and Dave and Dean are intrigued by the third Destiny of the Doctor release Vengeance of the Stones.

Listen to Episode #284 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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[Source: DWO]

15 March 2013

Episode #283 of the DWO WhoCast, Doctor Who Podcast is Out Now!

In this week's episode of the DWO WhoCast...

Jo Grant has long been thought of as a dolly bird with trendy gear and huge eyelashes but Dave and Elizabeth think that there is more to The Third Doctor's assistant played by Katy Manning.

Their discussion looks at the young girl who arrived in Terror of the Autons, her journey to become the idealistic woman of The Green Death and beyond to The Scorchies, the latest Companion Chronicle from Big Finish.

Listen to Episode #283 of the DWO WhoCast in the player below:

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[Source: DWO]

24 November 2012

Ex-Doctor Who star, Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor) has signed and donated a package of special jungle souvenirs for this exclusive DWO competition in support of Malaria No More UK – the beneficiary charity of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The jungle package includes a mess eating tin, a bandana, a Malaria No More UK t-shirt and a photo, all signed by Colin!  

Malaria No More UK works tirelessly to end deaths from malaria, a preventable disease which claims the life of a child every minute. Colin has united with his fellow celebrity contestants to support this inspiring cause with 15p from every vote going to Malaria No More UK to help save lives. Colin says: 

“What The Doctor has failed to do is to get a cure for malaria and take it back in time, which is what I am sure he would have done, had he thought of it!”

To enter the competition, simply answer this question: What is the name of the charity supported by Colin and the other I’m a Celebrity contestants? 

Email your answer, along with your full name to info@malarianomore.org.uk with the subject line: ‘Colin Baker Competition’.

Closing date: Monday 3rd December 2012

Terms and conditions:

Malaria No More UK will contact the winner of the competition using the email address provided within one week of the closing date.  If the winner has not responded within one month of the closing date, another winner will be chosen.

Malaria No More UK & Malaria No More UK Trading Ltd will use your personal information in order to process your entry to the competition and to keep you updated on the progress in the fight against malaria and how you can help. By entering this competition, you are agreeing to receive occasional email updates from Malaria No More UK & Malaria No More Trading Ltd (You can unsubscribe at any time).  If you would prefer not to receive these email updates please include NO EMAIL in the body of your email.

[Source: Malaria No More]

21 August 2012

In Episode #257 of the DWO WhoCast Podcast, Dave and Siobhan bring you the second part of the two-part interview with Doctor Who Fan and Script Consultant; Ian Levine.

Over the years Ian has been a somewhat controversial character in Doctor Who fandom, and for the first time, we are able to hear his complete story, "warts and all", in this two-part DWO WhoCast Interview Special.

+ Listen to Episode #257 of the DWO WhoCast here!

[Source: DWO]

17 August 2012

In Episode #256 of the DWO WhoCast Podcast, Dave and Siobhan interview Doctor Who Fan and Script Consultant; Ian Levine.

Over the years Ian has been a somewhat controversial character in Doctor Who fandom, and for the first time, we are able to hear his complete story, "warts and all", in this two-part DWO WhoCast Interview Special.

Ian also recorded a short video promo for the episode which you can view below:

+ Listen to Episode #256 of the DWO WhoCast here!

[Source: DWO]

18 July 2012

DWO and Firebox have teamed up to offer our Twitter followers a chance to win an invite to the Sonic Screwdriver Remote Press Launch!

3 x lucky winners will win an invite to the press launch next Wednesday in London, as well as taking away with them one of the new Sonic Screwdriver Remote's (pictured).

To enter, all you have to do is Tweet '#DWO @Firebox' to us via the @DrWhoOnline Twitter page.

Please note that in order to be eligible, you must be free next Wednesday (25th July) at 3:30pm, and must be able to make your own travel arrangements.

+ Check Out the Sonic Screwdriver Remote at Firebox!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

5 July 2012

The 2012 DWO Awards are now open for nominations in 13 different Doctor Who related categories.

We all like a good poll, right? Especially if it is connected to our favourite show; Doctor Who. That's why DWO have decided to launch our own annual awards covering all aspects of Doctor Who; incorporating Merchandise, TV Episodes and Fandom.

We are particularly keen on the addition of the Fandom category as it is often overlooked by many of the more 'official' polls, and it is our belief that fandom can provide some of the most creative offerings out there.

The awards are run in conjunction with the DWO Forum Community, which anyone can join for FREE, and will begin with nominations from fans in the categories. The top 10 selections in each category will then make a shortlist in which fans can vote online for their favourites.

The following 13 categories are now open for nominations via the DWO Forums:

+ Best Doctor Who DVD of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who DVD Special Feature of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Book of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Audio of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Toy of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Magazine Issue of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Series 6 Story of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Convention / Event of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Podcast of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Website of 2011

+ Best Doctor Who Fanzine of 2011

+ Best DWO (Member) Fan Fiction of 2011

+ Best DWO (Member) Blog of 2011

** Please Note - Nominations will close on 1st September 2012, and voting will commence for the shortlist on 2nd September 2012 through to December 31st 2012. Winners will be announced on 1st January 2013.

+  Membership to the DWO Forums is FREE and fast to join. Register Here!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

8 April 2012

DWO are thrilled to announce the return of our popular VortExtra section.

VortExtra began back in 2007 as a way of providing post-episode features that take the televised stories beyond what you see on screen. We continued the section for 2 more years before giving it a rest as we concentrated on other areas of the site.

In 2011, the DWO team discussed the options of reviving VortExtra, and after much deliberating, we decided to go in a new direction with the feature. We all know what happens in the televised stories, but we never really find out what happened just before or just after The Doctor's involvement in each adventure, as so began our quest to provide fans with just that; a Prologue and an Epilogue for every televised story - complete with Episode Guide entry links.

Roll forward to Easter 2012, and as of today, we have officially relaunched VortExtra, starting with the very first televised story; An Unearthly Child. Each Prologue and Epilogue will contain accompanying illustrations from some of the finest artists and illustrators around (who also happen to be Doctor Who fans), together with narration options and interactivity links.

Each week we will bring you a brand new VortExtra in random order from the shows 49-year history - including Classic and New Series adventures. We have also encouraged some established Authors and Writers to take part (some very well known indeed), in the hopes that maybe just a few of them *might* be up for taking part in the project [you don't ask, you don't get, right?]. We are also looking for fans with experience in writing to send in their submissions to us. A selection of the best material will make it through to have their stories made into VortExtra's with accompanying artwork and narration.

If you wish to take part, please E-mail the DWO team, together with a sample of your writing / artwork to: vortextra@drwho-online.co.uk.

+ Check Out VortExtra!

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

22 February 2012

DWO are thrilled to announce the launch of our own Minecraft server, aimed solely at Doctor Who related builds.

Minecraft is a popular online game that enables players to build objects and source materials within an online virtual world.

Speaking of the new venture, DWO Editor; Sebastian J. Brook had the following to say:

"This is a fantastic new area for fans of both Doctor Who and Minecraft to come together and get creative in our online virtual sandbox. There's so much creativity amongst fans, and already within the first 24 hours, we've noticed some truly amazing builds within our world. We are extremely excited to watch the world grow and to interact with our visitors in Minecraft, and have a few building ideas of our own…"

Do you have a particular build you want to create? Perhaps a monster, set or prop from the show? Why not create it for FREE in the DWO Minecraft world!

+  The DWO Minecraft Game Server can be reached at the following address:

+  Download the Minecraft software.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

12 February 2012

DWO have been working on our latest guide, and this time round we're taking a look at Doctor Who on Twitter.

Our guide includes over 140 entries including; Actors, Writers, Authors, Artists, Musicians, Websites, Blogs and Podcasts, and is constantly being updated with new additions. The guide allows you to follow (and see if you've followed) anyone on the guide, as well as in which Doctor Who related show they are connected to; (The Classic Series / The New Series / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures).

Do you have a Doctor Who Website, Blog or Podcast with a Twitter account? Why not email your submissions to us at: guides@drwho-online.co.uk. Likewise, if you know of any personalities who we are yet to add, please also email us with the name of the person, together with their Twitter usename, and we will ensure that we add them on the next update.

+ Check Out The DWO Guide to Doctor Who on Twitter.

[Sources: DWO; Twitter]

21 December 2011

Over the past week, DWO visited central London and the Bluewater shopping centre to film some scenes for our 2011 DWO Christmas video.

The video, which features a poem written and performed by DWO site editor, Sebastian J. Brook, takes a look at a couple of the main Doctor Who related stories from 2011, coupled with festive scenes and a warming Christmassy backing track.

Expect to see a few more treats right here on DWO in the coming days, but for now we present you with 'A Blue Box For Christmas':

+  Like / Leave Comments for this video!

+  Subscribe to the DWO YouTube Channel.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

19 November 2011

Last night saw the Doctor Who Christmas Special Preview Trailer, and a slightly nude Matt Smith as part of Children In Need's evening of fundraising programming...It also saw the end of DWO's very own Children In Need Doctor Who eBay auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to CIN.

We had hoped that we would reach our target of £500+, but in the last 20 minutes, were blown away by some last minute bids which saw our final total rocket to a staggering £1070 - more than double what we had initally hoped for!

So a big congratulations to eBay member 'Bow-Peep', a.k.a Katy Payne, who generously gave to the Children In Need cause, and eventually won our Doctor Who eBay auction, which included a poster signed by David Tennant, a First Day Cover from 1999, a 2012 Doctor Who Calendar, The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2012, 2 x 2in1 Doctor Who books, The Silent Stars Go By book, Companions And Allies book, Series 6: Part 1 DVD, 1st ever issue of SFX Magazine, Doctor Who 'Inferno' audiobook, and last (but by no means least) a DWO Flyer!

We hope to update this news item shortly with a short interview with Katy, our auction winner - watch this space!

DWO Editor, Sebastian J. Brook had the following to say on last night's auction:

"Last night was truly one of the proudest moments in the entire 16 years of DWO's history. We had a busy 3 days tirelessly promoting our charity auction on DWO, Twitter and Facebook, and it has been amazing to see so many areas of fandom pulling together to help such a worthy cause."

"I'm not ashamed to say I was wiping the tears away when I saw us not only beat our target - but double it, and then some! Even if you didn't win or even bid on our auction, every single person who helped promote it is responsible for that fantastic final figure. Thank You!"

As promised, DWO also wish to thank the following people who helped us in promoting the auction. We have tried to include as many of you as possible (and as traceable), so please forgive us if you are not mentioned below:

Websites, Podcasts & Magazines:

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society, The Doctor Who News PageKasterborous, BlogtorWhoDen Of Geek, Forbidden Planet International, SciFiNow, Doctor Who and the TARDIS by Craig Hurle, The Doctor Who Site, Companions of The Doctor, TalkingWho, Capricorn One & ThoseVideoGuys.

Celebrity Retweeters:

Russell Tovey (Midshipman Frame in Doctor Who), Andrew Hayden-Smith (Jake Simmonds in Doctor Who), Rufus Hound (Comedian), James Moran (Doctor Who & Torchwood Writer), Paul Cornell (Doctor Who Author), Steve Hughes (New Series Director), Tony Lee (Doctor Who Comic Author), Paul Bradford (Tech Manager for Ghost Hunters International),

Other DWO Twitter Followers:

@aastrid, @adriwadri, @AlexiHampson, @ats2040, @AustinMe, @CartoonBeardy, @CliffChapman, 
@CrowHawk, @dailyanglofile, @DavidKeep1964, @Doctor_No1, @dragonfall05, @DWF2006, @elad_eiram, @Galadriel1010, @HarryHayfield, @IanOTimelord, @ItsMiaBro, @JasonOnion, @jldomini, @Kirstie_Nash, @KneelDowne, @LadyBugLass, @linerlovers, @MellorCarolyn, @MerseyMal, @Mouse_Mallow, @nwgayboyuk, @OneGirlGeek, @Rdkil, @robynschneider, @SimonGA, @SirRoundSound, @SteamPiffler, @Stoogie, @THEDeanBatch, @ullemon, @Waltmouse, @Wolfie_Rankin, @xenelle, @XenRaiha, @zort70.

+  You can still donate to Children In Need here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/donate/.

[Source: DWO]

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