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3 August 2011

DWO have teamed up with Empire Big Screen to offer our visitors a chance to win tickets to David Tennant's new movie premiere!

The most exciting movie event the UK has seen, Empire Big Screen is coming to the O2 on August 12th–14th.

Featuring world first film previews, premieres, live entertainment, masterclasses with industry legends and much much more, this live movie extravaganza is perfect for young and old alike!

And to celebrate the most anticipated film event of the summer, Doctor Who Online is offering 2 lucky winners the chance to each take a friend to the premiere of David Tenannt's new blockbuster film Fright Night on Sunday 14th August!

All you have to do to enter is be a follower of the Doctor Who Online Twitter account, and send us a tweet making sure you include the hashtag #DWOBigScreenComp to be in with a chance of winning!

DWO will announce the winner on Saturday 6th August 2011 at 6:00pm.

+  For more information on Empire Big Screen go to www.empirebigscreen.com.

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[Sourcea: DWO; Empire Big Screen]

3 August 2011

The DWO WhoCast is proud to announce the re-launch of our DWO TorchCast podcast.

Regular listeners will remember we trialed the spin-off show back in 2007, but now, with a totally new dedicated team, we are thrilled to confirm the podcast will be a permanent show running side by side with the DWO WhoCast podcast. Join your hosts Mark James and Phil Edwards as they explore the world of Torchwood each week.

Even better news is that the show, which will continue even after Miracle Day has aired, now has its own separate feed, which you can bookmark here: http://dwotorchcast.libsyn.com/rss.

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[Source: DWO]

24 July 2011

Hot on the heels of our popular iWho, WhoFeed and iTorchwood Apps, DWO are thrilled to announce the launch of our WhoGuide App.

WhoGuide is an in-depth guide to every single televised Doctor Who story, for both the Classic Series and the New Series.

Featuring 218 story entries, as well as guides to the many incarnations of the Doctor, a history of the show, a guide to the missing episodes, as well as price comparison links to the DVDs, WhoGuide is a labour of love that acts as a fitting companion to the show, and one that every Doctor Who fan should have.

Don't forget to Rate & Review WhoGuide on the App Stores, and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

+ Click Here to buy WhoGuide for just £2.99 ($4.99) on the Apple App Store.

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Read More about WhoGuide in the DWO Apps section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

12 July 2011

To celebrate the launch of our new Bublaa social network bubble, DWO are offering our visitors a chance to win the Doctor Who Series 6: Volume 1 DVD Box-set simply by following us!

To enter, follow these simple steps:

1) Sign up to Bublaa for FREE here.

2) Join the Doctor Who Online bubble here.

3) Reply to the Doctor Who Online DVD contest thread here.

That's it! The winner will be announced on August 1st 2011.

What is Bublaa?

Bublaa is a new type of social network that allows us all to share and collaborate around any community or topic called bubbles. Bubbles can be created and customised to suit our interests and desires.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

9 June 2011

On Tuesday 7th June 2011, DWO had the pleasure of interviewing  Tom B aker (The 4th Doctor), in the English seaside town of Rye, for the upcoming 200th episode of our DWO WhoCast podcast.

To tie-in with the interview, DWO have a specially recorded promo video titled 'To Catch Tom in the Rye'.

Featuring DWO WhoCast hosts Tony Gallichan and Dave Keep, the pair roam the streets of Rye looking for the elusive Tom Baker. Along the way they discover several clues, a couple of red herrings, and a terribly disinterested cat. The video has been included for your viewing pleasure below:

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Tom also very kindly recorded a video greeting to DWO below:

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[Source: Doctor Who Online]

4 June 2011

DWO caught up with New Series Actor, Simon Fisher-Becker, to discuss his character, Dorium Maldovar, his early Doctor Who memories, Doctor Who fandom and bringing the universe together!

6.7: A Good Man Goes To War isn't the first time we have seen Dorium Maldavar. Did you know at the time of filming 5.12: The Pandorica Opens, that your character would return in Series 6?

No, complete surprise. I was very happy with my scene opposite the delicious Alex Kingston. Yes I hoped there would be more - thanks to Steven Moffat's imagination Dorium Lives...! 

Without giving too much away, tell us a bit about Dorium. What kind of a man is he and can we expect to see more of him in future Doctor Who episodes?

As episode 7 has revealed, there is a decent moral fibre hidden deep inside Dorium. He lives and thrives on the murky side of society where he survives on his wits. His temperament is somewhat murcurial which adds a little danger - others can be nervous around him, but Dorium is multi layered. Very few really 'know' Dorium but when push comes to shove he is loyal, reliable and teflon coated.

How aware of the Doctor Who universe were you before you got the part? Were you a fan, and if so, what is your first memory of the show?

I was born in 1961 and was 2 when William Hartnell first appeared. I do remember him. In particular the change to Patrick Troughton. I refer to myself as a 'follower' of Doctor Who rather than a Fan. I take great pleasure in having been bullied in the past for supporting Dr Who I can laugh and gloat that I am now part of the huge BBC flagship phenomenon that IS Doctor Who. 

How have you found the fan reactions to your character, and how does the impending prospect of convention appearances appeal to you?

The Fan reaction is very exciting and humbling at the same time. What really surprised is the immediate response to Dorium. Having only one scene with six lines initially, it is amazing how he caught everyone's imagination. Thankfully Steven Moffat loves Dorium too. 

The conventions have been frightening and thrilling. Those who know me will tell you I'm a bit of a gas bag, there is nothing more I enjoy than mixing with people having a good chin wag. I have broad interests and am happy to pontificate on anything for hours.....! The only practical downside of the conventions is fatigue. The hands can start to ache with all the handshaking but I am delighted to help fans enjoy their day.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

Rather than a Place or Time I would go on a mission. I would collect all the Deities from ALL Faiths, Galaxies and the known Universe, sit them down and say '...We Need To Talk.....!!!!'

+  Post a Question to Simon Fisher-Becker in the DWO Forums Ask & Answer section.

+  To read more DWO Interviews, check out the DWO Features section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


2 June 2011

This weekend sees the Doctor Who mid-season finale, featuring Olivier Award-winning Actress, Frances Barber as the mysterious eye-patch lady. DWO caught up with Frances for a quick interview to discuss her character, her love for Doctor Who and saving President Kennedy:

We've seen you quite a bit in Doctor Who this season (albeit with fleeting appearances behind sliding panels in walls) but in this week's episode we will finally get to see a bit more of your mysterious character. How easy was it to get your head round the script when you first received it, and were you aware at the time that your character would be placed throughout the series?

I wasn't aware at the time that my character would be placed throughout the first part of Series 6. I knew I had some mysterious appearances from behind an equally mysterious hatch, but I didn't realise the ongoing arc of the storyline. As you know, its all very top secret at Doctor Who headquarters, which actually meant that I had the luxury of creating a character from the script and my own imagination.

How aware were you of Doctor Who growing up as a child? Did you watch it and were you a fan?

I have always loved Doctor Who...Tom Baker was my first very strong memory of a Doctor and Sylvester McCoy is a friend of mine. I have always wanted to be a part of it in any way, and I am absolutely delighted to be in this particular season.

You have had a long and varied career working in TV, Film and Theatre. Do you have a preference, and what do you hope for most when your agent gets in touch?

I don't have a preference with any of the various forms of acting in either film or theatre. I just choose whatever I think is the most interesting project.

You have great chemistry and indeed a great relationship with fellow Actor, Ian McKellen. Is it true he bought you a library? What is your favourite book of all time?

Ian gave some money to a charity in which he paid for a library in India to be built in my name. This often gets misrepresented. I don't live in a mansion! My favourite book of all time is The Grapes Of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

If I had one round trip in the TARDIS, I would like to be in the car when President Kennedy was shot, with a perfect view of who pulled the trigger! Then The Doctor could prevent it!

+  To read more DWO Interviews, check out the DWO Features section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


22 May 2011

If you're a member of the many social networks available online, then you will be pleased to know that you can follow Doctor Who Online on two of the largest - Twitter and Facebook.

Our Twitter account was launched back in January 2009, and as of today, we are proud to have one of the largest Doctor Who followings with a whopping 21,000+ followers! Follow the DWO Twitter account for Spoiler-Free News and Reviews as they happen, as well as exclusive Doctor Who competitions, discussion, opinion and more.

+  Follow DWO on Twiiter at: twitter.com/DrWhoOnline.

Our Facebook account was launched earlier this year, and currently has over 3,000+ Likes. As with the Twitter account, followers will be updated with the latest Spoiler-Free Doctor Who News and Reviews, as well as exclusive polls, competitions, discussion, opinion and more.

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21 May 2011

Tonight sees the airing of 6.5: The Rebel Flesh, part one of a two-part adventure directed by Julian Simpson. DWO recently caught up with the new series director who spared us some time for a quick interview:

The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People is your Doctor Who directional debut, were you a fan of the show before, and owing to the huge fan base, did you approach the job with any nerves or anxiety?

I was a huge fan when I was a kid, back in the Tom Baker days, but I have to confess to not being particularly taken with much of the "new" Who (despite my wife featuring as DiMaggio in "Dalek"!). The episodes that did really grab me, though, were those written by Steven Moffat (I know that sounds horribly crawly but it's true!) When Steven took over the show and Matt, Karen and Arthur were cast, DW suddenly became everything I'd hoped it could be and I was glued every Saturday night for the first season. 

I don't recall being particularly nervous about directing DW but I was acutely aware that, if I did a good job, there was a chance that this storyline could stay with some members of the audience for years, just as "City of Death" has always stayed with me. 

On the flipside of that, of course, was the constant nagging fear that I might screw it all up and be responsible for the most hated episodes in the show's history...

You've worked on other high profile shows such as Spooks, Hustle, Hotel Babylon and New Tricks. How does Doctor Who compare, and how do you find adapting to directing for the Science Fiction genre?

I wasn't conscious of having to adapt to Doctor Who, perhaps because I've always been such a huge sci-fi fan. If anything, I've had to adapt more to some of the shows you mention above. But directing is about telling a story clearly and with the right tone and style, really you should be able to turn your hand to any genre.

The art department on this season of Who, under designer Michael Pickwoad, is the best I've ever worked with and the sets and props they built for me were a constant source of inspiration. I'd like to steal the lot of them and force them to work with me forever.

Marcus Wilson was one of the great producers. He was incredibly supportive and, once we'd established that we liked the same movies and TV shows and had almost identical comic book collections, he gave me as much freedom as I've ever had to tell the story my way and in the style I thought was appropriate. Matthew Graham, the writer, gave us a great script full of brilliant ideas and scary moments and he and I also shared many of the same references, so it was a very happy collaboration.

There's no internal politics on Doctor Who, at least none that I was aware of. Steven, Piers, Beth and Marcus all just wanted to help Matthew and I do the best job we could. They're all incredibly ambitious for this show and want it to be the best it can possibly be and that creates a fantastically challenging and creative environment in which to work.

There's no getting away from it, this is a dark, creepy two-parter, with bags of atmosphere. Your use of shadows are particularly effective in achieving the mood of the stories. How difficult is it to get the desired effect and what are the pro's and con's of working with light in this kind of setting?

That's more a question for my brilliant Director of Photography, Balazs Bolygo, who is ultimately responsible for the lighting (and lack thereof) in these episodes. The look comes from the story; there's no way you could make this work if it looked like THX 1138.

We referenced the James Whale "Frankenstein" along with Alien3, Shutter Island, The Thing and a whole host of others.

It helped that most of this story was filmed on location in various castles in and around Cardiff. These places have a creepy atmosphere of their own and lend something to the atmosphere  that would have been very hard to fake. 

Much credit for the creepiness must also go to my editor, Jamie Pearson, who has the most uncanny talent for constructing sequences that just drip with atmosphere.

The stories rely on some pretty impressive make-up – both real and CGI. How challenging is it working with make-up in these mediums, and as the director, which do you think gives the overall greatest result?

I'd hate to have to choose; each is good for certain things. Once prosthetic make-up is applied, it's easy to shoot on over and over again and it bears greater close-up scrutiny than a lot of CGI work but if you look at a movie like Benjamin Button, there's no way Brad Pitt could have been aged so convincingly with physical make-up.

Within these two episodes, we've used a mix of make-up and CGI. Sometimes you'll be able to tell which is which but there are times where an actor might be wearing a prosthetic but we've used CGI to alter their eyes. The result is pretty seamless and we couldn't have done what we did without using both tools.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

I'm currently nursing an obsession with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, the Victorian inventors who NEARLY built the first computer in the mid-nineteenth century. The world would be a very different place now if they had succeeded. My fascination grew from reading Sydney Padua's awesome webcomic detailing their adventures, which I heartily recommend to everyone. Anyway I'd love to visit them, show them an iPad, and tell them they're on the right track.

+  Post a Question to Julian Simpson in the DWO Forums Ask & Answer section.

+  To read more  ;DWO Interviews, check out the DWO Features section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


20 May 2011

There's a new chap in charge of SciFiNow Magazine, and guess what...he's a Doctor Who fan!

New Editor of SciFiNow Magazine, James Hoare, has been in touch with details on the latest issue of the magazine, but in a rather new and technological twist, we're going to be promoting the magazine in a slightly different way.

James has very kindly agreed to a blog swap, which will see members of the SciFiNow team guest blogging on the DWO Blog, and vice versa.

It's a fun exchange that will no doubt introduce new readers to both camps, as well as providing some interesting and (hopefully) amusing stories along the way.

+ Check Out SciFiNow's May 2011 Guest Blog on DWO.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

19 May 2011

DWO recently caught up with New Series Doctor Who Director, Richard Clark, who spared us some time for a quick interview:

When you found out you would be directing the hotly anticipated Neil Gaiman episode, what was your first reaction, and how much input did he have?

I was absolutely thrilled. The Sandman blew me away when I first came across it and I loved American Gods. Having said that I hadn't been aware of this episode or any of the feverish anticipation surrounding it. And frankly I'm glad. The first I knew of Neil's script when it landed on my desk with his name on it, so I just approach it as I would any other story.

As for Neil's input, well I guess the honest answer would be very little. Like all good writers he understands that once you pass a script to a director you're in some ways saying goodbye. A writer's responsibility ends at the words on the page. It's then the director's job to turn those words into a walking, talking visual exciting reality, on time and on budget. 

However what did inevitably happen is that, because of our practical restraints, we did go back to Neil on several occasions to see if he could write us out of a corner. Hence there are a number of scenes, characters, locations and dialogue that never made the final film.

3.3: Gridlock, 3.6: The Lazarus Experiment, 6.4: The Doctor's Wife - Which has been the most challenging of all the Doctor Who stories you have directed to date and why?

Tricky one. Either Gridlock or The Doctor's Wife. In both cases you've got to create an entire alien world which is always a challenge. Gridlock had some very elaborate CGI work - David Tennant jumping from car to car and the Macra snapping at Martha's vehicle. 

However there was a visual ambition to The Doctor's Wife that we all just really went for. Just take the lighting for example (Owen McPollin was my wonderful DP). We tried to use it to really tell the story which meant we had all sorts of complex lighting changes going on all the time (look at when the Tardis first lands on the planet). And then the production design was a massive undertaking. Infact I'm n ot sure Dr Who hasn't seen sets built on that scale before.

When it comes to directing actors, do you prefer minimal input so that they bring more to the table or a more hands-on approach to get more out of them?

For me directing actors is about instinct. You have to get a feel for who they are and how they work. They all have different approaches and need supporting, encouraging or guiding in different ways. Matt for example knows his character, but I wanted this to be a really emotional episode for him (as did he) and so it was about teasing that out of him. However Suranne, as a guest on the show, had to create a character from scratch. In that case I had a clear idea of what that should be so it was very much about giving her the confidence to go for it. It was very ballsy of her to trust me because, had I got it wrong, she would have been the focus of fans anger! 

The other thing I should add is that actor's spark off each other and affect each other's performance. They create possibilities that you as a director couldn't have imagined.

Bearing in mind DWO is a non-spoiler site, what can you tell us about your upcoming episode written by Mark Gatiss?

Almost nothing I guess! Except to say that I absolutely love it. It's very creepy (young viewers might well need a cushion to hide behind). Oh and Danny Mays is brilliant. Great chemistry with Matt.

Finally, if you could have one round trip in the TARDIS, anywhere in time and space, where would you go and why?

Now that's tricky. 

Either I'd take a trip into the future, say 2000 years after mankind first inhabits another planet, and go to the planet with the most established human civilization but furthest from earth, just to see where we're all heading. OR. I'd go to the most advanced alien civilization that exists right now and see if they know about us.

[We also asked Richard another question in case he couldn't answer Question 4. The reply was so good, we have included it below]

Owing to the huge success of The Doctor's Wife, and your clearly successful partnership with Neil Gaiman, is there any possibility of a future collaboration in Doctor Who between the pair of you?

Neil and I would love to collaborate on something together. And we'd love to collaborate on another Dr Who. (a feature?) But the t ruth is it's not up to us. With Steven Moffat, Beth Willis and Piers Wenger in charge the show is in very capable hands and they will make the right choices about how to keep it moving forwards.

But I have to say I'd love to direct a Dr Who episode for each new Doctor across my lifetime!

+  Post a Question to Richard Clark in the DWO Forums Ask & Answer section.

+  To read more DWO Interviews, check out the DWO Features section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]


11 May 2011

Following today's comments from Steven Moffat on BBC Radio 5 Live, DWO have made the decision to make our online Forums, completely spoiler-free.

The site itself has already been spoiler free since 2006, and our forums have spoiler related discussion contained in one board. However, we now feel that any spoiler discussion at all has no place on our forums, and therefore, as of today, will be removed. Instead we will allow speculation and mild teasers, as per the BBC format, and have renamed the Spoiler & Speculation board to Speculation (No Spoilers).

We are aware that a few fans will not like this decision, and may not wish to use the forums anymore, but we feel it is the right decision, and one that the majority of our members will see as a good thing.

This may sound like a drastic step, but we think this is what the show, the fans and indeed the production team deserve, especially considering how much hard work and effort goes into the making of Doctor Who.

+  Link: The DWO Forums.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

23 April 2011

The DWO WhoCast Doctor Who Podcast is covering the New Series as soon as it airs each week.

The podcast, which is available weekly for FREE from iTunes and the DWO WhoCast website , will be moving to Saturday evenings whilst Series Six airs, and immediately after each episode has finished, you can find the latest episode of the DWO WhoCast online, with a review of the most recent adventure.

So at 6:45pm Tonight you will find Episode #190 available for download with our review of 6.1: The Impossible Astronaut.

** Don't forget to Rate / Discuss each episode of the DWO WhoCast in the DWO Forums!

+ Subscribe to the DWO WhoCast via iTunes.

+ Download the iWho App for just £1.19, complete with DWO WhoCast Episodes!

[Source: DWO]

10 April 2011

DWO are thrilled to announce our brand new Doctor Who RPG series - exclusively on the DWO Forums.

The new role playing game series, titled Vortex Adventures, launches tonight at 6pm, with our first adventure: 1.1: Lost in Time.

Taking part is free and requires membership to the DWO Forums - prospective players will also need to submit a character profile, which you can get a template for in the Vortex Adventures 'Rules and Gameplay' thread.

There is no current limit to the number of players, and all players will get their own profile thread to keep track of their scores, accomplishments, battles and awards.

Members of the DWO Forum Moderation and Admin team will be supplying linking story text, and will be accepting new players regularly.

To whet your appetites we've included the introductory story text below:

The Doctor opened his eyes and took a sharp intake of breath as he clambered to his feet. Slowly looking around him, there was a distinct air of unfamiliarity about the environment. How did he get here? Where are Amy and Rory? What planet is this? And more importantly…Where is the TARDIS???

It's late at night and the starry sky above twinkles in an unnatural manner as it meets with the almost blue hue of the planets surface. The Doctor shivers and tries to gain a sense of bearing. Up ahead in the distance he can just about make out the lights of what appears to be a small city.

He starts off in the direction, when an asteroid lands 30 metres to his right, shaking the ground beneath him, forcing The Doctor to maintain his balance. Suddenly it becomes clear as to the unnatural nature of the stars as The Doctor realises an asteroid belt passes through part of the planets atmosphere. Quickly he gathers his pace and starts running towards the city.

As he gets closer, The Doctor finally realises where he is…The Maldovarium…

He gathers his wits and becomes mindful of the setting, which is famed across the galaxy for its reputation as a hive of opportunistic characters where strange things happen to even the most steadfast of travellers.

The Doctor needs to find some allies and piece together the events that are clearly missing from his memory.

+ Join the DWO Forums and take part in Vortex Adventures, here.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

3 March 2011

After many weeks of hard work, the DWO iWho App is now live on the Apple App Store.

Developed by DWO's Sebastian J. Brook and James Kelly, iWho is your #1 app for the latest Doctor Who News and Reviews, together with episodes of the DWO WhoCast podcast, as well as the DWO Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Blog Streams - right in the app itself!

Don't forget to Rate & Review iWho on the App Store, and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

+ Click Here to buy iWho for just £1.19 ($1.99).

Read More about iWho in the DWO Apps section.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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