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15 February 2013

Steven Moffat has (quite possibly deliberately) added fuel to the rumours that past Doctors might return for the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special.

Speaking at the recent BBC Drama Commissions event, and subsequently quoted by The Mirror newspaper, Moffat had the following to say regarding plans for the special:

“Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?”

Initially The Mirror newspaper failed to state the source of the quote, but DWO today got confirmation that it was indeed at the BBC Drama Commissions event.

Matt Smith has also added fuel to the rumours, having been quoted saying:

“How amazing would it be to see Tom Baker? Can you imagine seeing him back in the scarf? That would be so cool! Paul McGann is a great Doctor – I say bring back Chris and Dave too.”

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[Sources: The Mirror; DWO]

14 February 2013

BBC Worldwide Channels has announced that the much-anticipated latest episodes of the BBC’s hugely popular sci-fi drama Doctor Who will be coming to BBC Entertainment in Poland and South Africa just one day after its UK premiere transmission.

The second part of Series Seven (eight episodes) will air on UK screens on 30th March 2013 and will transmit the following day, 31st March, on BBC Entertainment in Poland at 6:00pm, and on BBC Entertainment in South Africa at 7:00pm.

The first fantastic adventure in the run is written by the show’s lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, and directed by Colm McCarthy, whose previous credits include Hustle, Spooks and Endeavour. Later adventures in the run are written by Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman among others.

Jon Farrar, VP Programming, EMEA, BBC Worldwide Channels said:

“It’s a very important part of our programming strategy to bring our acquired content to air as close to its UK transmission as possible. Doctor Who is a hugely popular programme and I’m delighted we are able to bring the Doctor’s latest adventures to Polish audiences just one day after the UK premiere transmission.”

Doctor Who is the world’s longest running science fiction series and will celebrate its 50th anniversary on 23rd November 2013. One of BBC Worldwide’s flagship global brands, the show has now been seen in over 200 territories worldwide.

[Source: BBC Press Office]

11 February 2013

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will be shown in 3D.

Below is the release that BBC Controller, Ben Stephenson issued today:

“As part of the BBC's blockbuster celebrations to mark the Doctor turning 50, fans will be able to see the Time Lord and his adventures like never before - in 3D!  To be broadcast using some of the BBC’s HD capacity.

It's a nationwide celebration of both Doctor Who and the BBC because I think they are so synonymous. We will be doing a big Doctor Who special in 3D which is very exciting and feels very innovative.

We will be doing it on cinema screens as well. We are working out the logistics of that at the moment because we need to make sure the main BBC1 experience remains absolute value for money for the audience.

There will be lots of aliens and daleks and things like that – or maybe there won't. There are many different things to take into account and we will also have a Christmas special after that and it all connects. Or maybe it doesn't. There's lots to work out."

Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer, said:

“It's about time. Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside. A whole new dimension of adventure for the Doctor to explore."

Steven Moffat is still working on the script for the show which will be filmed, like most of the series, in south Wales, and will follow an eight-part run of Doctor Who.

The BBC have also uploaded a showreel for their upcoming drama, which features a couple of new clips from Doctor Who:

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[Sources: BBC Press Office; The Guardian]

11 February 2013

SFX Magazine have exclusively revealed that Classic Series villains, The Ice Warriors, will return in Series 7 of Doctor Who.

Speaking to SFX in an exclusive interview, Executive Producer, Caro Skinner, had the following to say regarding their eturn:

“We’ve got the most fantastic episode by Mark Gatiss, where we are bringing back the Ice Warrior… on a submarine! It’s a really wonderful kind of ‘bunker’ episode, and a classic monster which Mark has brought his own inimitable twist to.

We wanted to bring them back because they’re wonderful! In the mix of stories that we were planning for this year it felt as if doing something very bold with a monster that hadn’t been seen for a while would be really cool. Mark is an enormous fan of the Ice Warrior stories and came up with the idea. The sense of a monster of that scale and that size trapped in a really small, contained environment such as a submarine was a really brilliant story to be able to tell. And obviously we’ve had a huge amount of fun going back to the traditional designs and recreating them, bringing the Ice Warriors back to life again.

They were such a beautiful original design, and are genuinely really scary in terms of what they look like as they’re coming towards you in that armour. Letting a huge Ice Warrior loose at the heart of a classic Hunt For Red October style submarine movie was exactly the kind of story that the Doctor should get mixed up in.

They’ve got really scary voices as well. I spent quite a lot of time on set trying to hiss like an Ice Warrior...”

Armed with lethal sonic technology, the reptillian warmongers first tangled with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor in 1967′s “The Ice Warriors”, returning two years later in “The Seeds Of Death”. Jon Pertwee’s incarnation encountered them in 1972′s “The Curse Of Peladon” and 1974′s “The Monster Of Peladon”. Traditionally seen as one of the show’s 'Big Four' pantheon of monsters – along with The Daleks, The Cybermen and The Sontarans – the militaristic Martians won a throwaway mention in 2009′s “The Waters Of Mars” but have remained unseen in the 21st Century series.

Watch a clip from The Ice Warriors, below:

[Source: SFX Magazine]

8 February 2013

The title of Neil Gaiman's Series 7 Doctor Who episode has now been confirmed.

Speaking in an interview to TheMusic.com.au, Gaiman himself revealed the title of his Cyberman epsiode:

“I’ve written [one] that broadcasts in May. It guest stars Warwick Davis, Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins. The episode is called The Last Cyberman. It’s about identity, it’s about responsibility and it’s about porridge.”

[Source: TheMusic.com.au]

30 January 2013

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has been talking about what viewers can expect from the new series, which is set to resume on Saturday 30th March on BBC One

Speaking at the Radio Times covers’ party, Moffat teased:

“We’ll be up in the air, we’re under the water, we’re on a fantastic alien planet, we’re back in time, we’re forward in time, and the Doctor’s greatest secret is in jeopardy.” 

The upcoming eight episodes - which see Matt Smith teaming up with new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman - will include instalments written by Moffat, as well as Luther creator Neil Cross, Neil Gaiman and Mark Gatiss

In November, Doctor Who will, of course, celebrate its 50th anniversary and Moffat was also asked about whether he was apprehensive as regards the forthcoming anniversary: 

“You can’t do this job if you’re nervous all the time. So, seriously, I’m mostly excited, a little bit nervous and aware of trying not to let people down.” 

When probed about how big the event would end up being, the writer replied:

"Pretty big. But, you know, I don’t want people to get bored just yet. So let’s just wait and get our next eight episodes out of the way before we start talking about it.”

+  Series 7: Part 2 begins on Saturday 30th March 2013 on BBC One.

[Source: Radio Times]

23 January 2013

BBC One have contacted DWO to let us know that Doctor Who will return to our screens on Easter Saturday (30th March 2013).

W = Written By / D = Directed By:

7.6: The Bells Of St.John - [W: Steven Moffat / D: Colm McCarthy] - Rumoured Title
7.7: Untitled - [W: Neil Cross / D: Farren Blackburn]
7.8: Untitled - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Douglas Mackinnon]
7.9: Phantoms Of The Hex - [W: Neil Cross / D: Jamie Payne] - Rumoured Title
7.10: Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS - [W: Stephen Thompson / D: Mat King] - Confirmed Title
7.11: The Crimson Horror - [W: Mark Gatiss / D: Saul Metzstein] - Rumoured Title
7.12: Untitled - [W: Neil Gaiman / D: Stephen Wolfenden]
7.13: Untitled - [W: Steven Moffat / D: TBC]

[Source: BBC One]

23 January 2013

In light of the recent news reports which appear to be evolving from an original report from the Birmingham Mail story, DWO decided to put together a definitive guide to the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special, separating fact from fiction, and getting down to the original sources of some of the recent rumours.

What are the rumours?

According to the Birmingham Mail report, all 11 Doctors are set to feature in the 50th Anniversary special. Christopher Eccleston is said to be reconsidering his earlier decision not to take part.

David Tennant, interviewed on a radio show, claimed that he had yet to be invited – but gave the presenter a knowing wink, thus hinting at his possible involvement in the special.

DWO contacted Paul Cole; the writer of the article in question who had the following to say:

"The article in question was a speculative piece based on all the available information, recent interviews with the five Doctors taking part in the 50th anniversary audiobook, comments made by Eccleston. I would be amazed if the 11 doctors are not featured in some form, be it surviving actors, film footage, storyline, plot device or online."

What is the likelihood of past Doctor's returning for the Anniversary special?

This is a difficult question to answer without adding our own flame to the fire surrounding the rumours, but going on what the BBC have done for previous anniversary specials, it would be odd if at least one past Doctor didn't turn up.

- 10th anniversary special was titled 'The Three Doctors' and featured all 3 incarnations of The Doctor.
- 20th anniversary special was titled 'The Five Doctors' and featured all 5 incarnations of The Doctor.
- 30th anniversary featured a short two-part adventure titled 'Dimensions in Time' as part of Children in Need and included performances from 5 of the surviving Doctors (3-7).

All of the surviving actors who have played The Doctor have been asked questions from press and fans regarding their involvement in the 2013 Doctor Who Anniversary special. Here are some of their responses and the original sources:

Tom Baker (The 4th Doctor) - speaking at Collectormania 18 - (June 2012)

"I think if they ask me nicely or I can see what they want me to do, I'd consider it. I think the fans have been so good to me, they'd expect me to at least make an appearance."

Peter Davison (The 5th Doctor) - speaking at New York Comic Con - (October 2012)

“Every day I check the phone to see if Steven Moffat has called me. I don’t know what’s happening next year, I have nothing to report. I’m sure it will be something fantastic! But I don’t know what. I think if [the classic Doctors] aren’t invited, I’m going to make my own rival video. I’ll do my own 50th anniversary special. Colin Baker’s prepared to work for nothing!”

Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor) - speaking via Twitter - (22nd January 2013)

“Alas apart from The Big Finish plans I am not aware of any 50th stories nor have I been approached." When probed further by fans on whether he was double bluffing, Colin then tweeted: "There's no point in me tweeting if you don't believe me".

Sylvester McCoy (The 7th Doctor) - speaking at DragonCon - (2012)

"No. Nothing whatsoever. The only thing I've heard about, and I'm sure you've all heard about is that Mr Moffat and Mr Gatiss are going to write a play about the beginning of Doctor Who. But I haven't heard anything about us, no nothing. Nothing whatsoever."

Paul McGann (The 8th Doctor) - speaking to The Independent - (July 2012)

"I mean, I know it's imminent but no, there's been no invites to or sounding out taking place but maybe it will happen, we don't know."

Christopher Eccleston (The 9th Doctor) - several sources mentioned below - (2011-2012)

In April 2011, Eccleston was famously quoted on Graham Norton's BBC Radio 2 show as saying “No, I never bathe in the same river twice.” when asked if he would ever return to Doctor Who.

In July 2012, Eccleston attended a Q&A at National Theatre. A fan in the audience noted his Doctor Who related comments:

"[He] felt that one series isn’t enough to get under the skin of the character and that if he’d had two or three series he’d have developed the role considerably. He said that if you looked at the other Doctors (with the exception of Tom Baker) you can see them working out how to play the character through their first series because it’s such a complex and challenging role. He said several times that there was more for him to do with the character... "

In November 2012, RedCarpetNewsTV grabbed a very brief interview with Eccleston asking about his involvement in the 50th Anniversary, to which he replied: "Would I like to be involved? If I told you that, I’d have to shoot you”.

David Tennant (The 10th Doctor) - several sources mentioned below - (2012-2013)

In July 2012, Tennant was interviewed on Attack Of The Show. When asked about his 50th anniversary plans, Tennant stated:

"I cannot be drawn on anything. Who knows what will happen next year. I'm sure there are lots of plans being discussed in quiet rooms by men with long beards and great power. I am confirming nor denying anything." When asked if he still has his suit on standby, Tennant added: "I do have it in a very secure location. Yes!"

In November 2012, RedCarpetNewsTV interviewed Tennant at the world premiere for Nativity 2. When asked if he would like to be involved in the 50th anniversary celebrations, Tennant said:

"I can't imagine there even are going to be any anniversary celebrations are there? Look at my agent getting twitchy!"

In January 2013, Tennant was interviewed on The Jonathan Ross Show, and when asked by Ross if he would be returning, Tennant simply stated: "No-one has spoken to me. I know nothing." 

What are the facts for the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special?

- The story will be written by Steven Moffat.
- The duration will be 60 x Minutes to be broadcast in Autumn of 2013 (most likely the actual anniversary).
- Matt Smith will be The Doctor in the adventure (but hopefully not the only one). 

[Sources: DWO; Birmingham Mail; New York Comic Con; The IndependantCollectormania 18; Twitter; RedCarpetNews TV; BBC Radio 2; Attack Of The Show; The Jonathan Ross Show]

3 January 2013

The final BARB viewing figures are in for 7.6X: The Snowmen.

The episode achieved a final rating of 9.87m viewers - a shift of +4.12m - the biggest ever!, with a total audience share of 38.8%, making it the 4th most-watched programme on Christmas Day, behind Eastenders (11.31m), Call The Midwife (10.18m) & The Royle Family (9.90m), respectively.

The figures include recordings of the episodes within 7 days of transmission.

Overnight Rating:
7.59m / 33.9% audience share.

AI Score:

BBC iPlayer Downloads (1-day):

Time Shift:

+  What did you think of the episode? Rate / Discuss in the DWO Forums!

[Source: Andy Parish]

19 December 2012

The BBC have released a full reveal image for the new TARDIS interior which will debut this Christmas.

The new set (pictured right), was designed by Michael Pickwoad, the show’s production designer, and will be home to The Doctor and Clara as they travel through space and time when the adventure continues in spring 2013 with eight epic episodes.

+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC One at 5:15pm in the UK.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC America at 9/8c in the USA.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on Space at 9e/6p in Canada.
+  The Snowmen will air on Proclamation Day (26th December) on ABC1 at 7:30pm in Australia
+  The Snowmen will air on Boxing Day (26th December) on Prime at Time TBC in New Zealand

[Source: BBC Pictures]

8 December 2012

The BBC has released a Press Pack for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special '7.6X: The Snowmen', featuring interviews with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Richard E Grant and Tom Ward.

Christmas Eve 1892, and the falling snow is the stuff of fairy-tales.

When the fairy-tale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace?

Executive produced by: Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner
Directed by: Saul Metzstein
Written by: Steven Moffat
Produced by: Marcus Wilson

Steven Moffat introduces The Snowmen

Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat gives us an insight into the monsters and adventures that we can expect from the Christmas special.

What can we expect from the Christmas special?

The Christmas episode is Doctor Who, only more so, and this year we're going for more epic. The Doctor, when we meet him, isn't in a good place. A bit like when we first encountered William Hartnell as the Doctor in 1963 - or indeed Christopher Eccleston in 2005 - this a cold and withdrawn Time Lord, wanting no part of the world around him. It's going to take a lot of Christmas spirit to get him back out those TARDIS doors.

Are there any new monsters?

Well there are Snowmen. You've probably guessed that from the title. But that's not all. Dear me, no! But monsters should always be a bit surprising, so that's all I'm saying.

How do you find writing the Christmas special as opposed to a regular episode? Does it differ at all?

You're very aware of the time of year, and the noisy, sugared-up, slightly tipsy household. Sometimes we play along with something a bit frothier. Though this year, we might just give them a fright!

Last time we saw the Doctor he said goodbye to the Ponds. Will we see a different side to the Doctor in this episode?

The Doctor is almost defined by his friendships. When they end, and the TARDIS is silent again, he's a very different man. He's lost a lot of people in the time we've known him, and this Christmas he's decided he's finally had enough...

This episode welcomes Jenna-Louise Coleman. What can you tell us about her character?

It's going to quite a journey of discovery with Jenna and her character - and it doesn't start here, it starts on Christmas day. For now, enough to say, that the Doctor in his darkest hour, long ago in a Victorian winter meets the exactly the right person. Or does he?

Matt Smith on what fans can expect from this year's Christmas Special

Returning to screens on Christmas Day, it’s all change for Matt Smith’s Doctor with a new costume, a new hat and minus Amy Pond. Here he talks about what fans can expect from this festive treat and family tradition.

"Lots of snow and a rather good villain." Matt is chatting enthusiastically about this year’s Christmas special, The Snowmen. Set in a Victorian snow-covered England, the episode opens with the Doctor feeling more ‘bah humbug’ than festive, as he struggles to get over the loss of his companions the Ponds. 

"He is slightly removed and not at his best," explains Matt. But after the Doctor meets a feisty young governess, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, do we see a change in the Doctor? "You get to see a different side to him," Matt explains. "She is a very different to Amy Pond. That is the great thing about this show," he continues, "reinvention - it keeps me as an actor on my toes!"

As well as seeing Matt Smith’s Doctor for the first time without his old companions, Matt will be sporting a new costume, complete with top hat. "It is a bit like the Doctor meets the Artful Dodger," says Matt. 

So can we expect to see a period of grieving following the loss of the Ponds? "Grieving has its place," says Matt, "but it is important to show that and then propel back into adventure!"  

And that is exactly what this Christmas special does. Matt reveals that this Christmas the Doctor will embark on a dangerous adventure – a quest that leads him to Darkover House, where something sinister is lurking. 

As well as guest starring Tom Ward (Silent Witness), Richard E Grant features as this year’s villain, Doctor Simeon. "He was a delight and brilliant at being villainous. Some actors are just made for the show and he was one of them. And he looked wonderful in Victorian garb," says Matt. 

Now a family tradition, Matt is chuffed to be part of the Christmas special. "I love being part of them. Family TV on Christmas day is a great tradition and Doctor Who is at the heart of that."   

So will Matt be making an appointment to watch on Christmas day? "Absolutely, I can’t wait."

Jenna-Louise Coleman talks about her character, Clara

Having made a surprise appearance in the series opener Asylum of the Daleks in September, fans have already met the new companion... or have they? Here, Jenna-Louise gives a little bit of insight in to the character she plays in the festive episode and what we can expect from Clara.

"She is from the Victorian era and a mysterious one," explains Jenna. "Very down to earth, but feisty and curious too with numerous jobs," she continues, revealing more about new girl Clara.

Set in Victorian England, we first catch a glimpse of Clara as a barmaid in the ‘Rose and Crown’ pub, but after meeting the intriguing Doctor, she soon sets about following him, because as Jenna explains, "He has the answers to her questions." With his self-imposed solitude, the Doctor appears uninterested, but eventually gets drawn in as an army of evil snowmen cover London and it becomes apparent that Christmas and the world are at risk.

With Matt Smith revealing that she is a very different to Amy Pond, how does Jenna explain the dynamic of the relationship between the Doctor and Clara, following the loss of the Ponds in the epic mid-series finale The Angels Take Manhattan? "She isn’t intimidated by the Doctor," says Jenna. "Instead, she finds him amazing and ridiculous. But she is on her own mission and lives by her own means. She is very resourceful."

As well as a barmaid, Clara adopts the role of governess to two children in Darkover House, where something sinister is lurking in their garden and whose last governess hasn’t yet left the premises...

After being selected for the coveted role of companion, Jenna started filming in BBC Cymru Wales’ Roath Lock studios earlier this year and made her first appearance in series seven opener Asylum Of The Daleks. So how has she found the job so far? "Everyday is really surprising," she explains. "For the last two years, I have mainly been doing period dramas, so to be thrown into this world with loads of CGI is very different. Whole new sets are built in the space of a couple of weeks. For this episode, we had snow machines and it does make you feel like a big kid!"

Stepping into Karen Gillan’s shoes, who played Amy Pond, did Jenna receive any advice? "Karen has been great," explains Jenna. "She has texted me advice on Cardiff, like where to eat. And Matt always has an ear out for me."

Unlike the Doctor in this festive episode, Jenna isn’t a Christmas grump: "I love Christmas and will probably be sitting down with the family to watch this adventure on Christmas day! It is one of the shows that can do Christmas properly and this is a proper Christmas treat."

Richard E Grant talks about his character, the villainous Doctor Simeon

Having previously played the Doctor in the 2003 online animated series Scream Of The Shalka and during a Comic Relief spoof some years ago, Richard E Grant returns to Doctor Who, but this time as the villainous Doctor Simeon.

"I have been told that on pain of death I am not allowed to reveal anything about my role in the Christmas Special," explains Richard, "other than that this character has never been in Doctor Who before..."

Returning to Doctor Who for the third time, Richard explains, "I have had two 'brushes' with the Who phenomenon before, playing the Doctor in the cartoon digital version and the Comic Relief spoof some years ago, before the franchise was re-booted with Christopher Eccleston."

Richard is tasked with playing this year’s villain, the mysterious Doctor Simeon, who, with a vendetta to settle from childhood, recruits an army of evil and hungry snowmen to bring together his plan.

So how did Richard enjoy playing the villain? "When you're born with a 10-foot-long face, you don't get hero roles, but I'm not complaining, as I have hugely enjoyed the wide variety of parts I've got to play."

Growing up in Swaziland, Richard has had to devote time to catching up on the British institution, he explains: "Having grown up in a country without TV, I missed seeing Doctor Who through my childhood, but I have made up for lost time since with box sets."

As the Doctor battles to defeat Doctor Simeon and his army, Richard shared many scenes with Matt Smith - so what did he make of working Matt? "I have really admired Matt from when I first saw him in a play called That Face at the Royal Court Theatre some years ago," says Richard, "and have keenly followed his career progress. He is the perfect fit for Doctor Who. His interpretation is very kinetic and fast-talking." 

So will Richard be watching this Christmas? "I love Christmas and everything about it. I will be at home and watching TV after lunch, hoping I can stay awake after the feast!"

Tom Ward talks about his character, Captain Latimer

Tom has been star of Silent Witness for over 10 years, so that Doctor Who presents a departure for him - from the modern day to the world of sci-fi. Here he explains what we can expect from his character and whether he will be watching on Christmas Day.

"He hasn’t been used to dealing with his children," explains Tom, as he reveals a small insight into his character, Captain Latimer. "He wants to love them, but he is an old naval captain that has struggled to build a relationship."

Tom plays an archetypal Victorian gent, complete with a rather good beard. "Yes it is," laughs Tom, as he confirms the beard is real. "You often get the obligatory moustache in a Victorian drama, but I wanted to go further and the beard seemed appropriate."

Having spent 10 years in a drama not necessarily accessible to his children, Tom reveals he is excited to have done something they can watch. "My children are very excited that I am in Doctor Who and I am glad they have something that they can finally watch! My oldest child is 10, so this will give him bragging rights at school and hopefully me a little bit of school gate currency."

So what drew Tom to the role? "It was one of the best scripts I had read in a long time, and the thought of doing a period sci-fi was really fun."

With Tom admitting that his Doctor is Tom Baker, he expresses admiration for current Doctor, Matt Smith. "He is brilliant. He kept the set feeling happy and is full of energy," says Tom. "He has a great relationship with the crew." As well as co-starring Tom, the Christmas episode will also feature Richard E Grant. "I had one scene with him," explains Tom, "and he was a legend. An absolute delight."

In this episode we also meet Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman for the first time. "She is a brilliant actress," says Tom, "full of life and energy, so funny and has a great rapport with Matt."

With Tom confirming that his children are fans, will he be watching on Christmas day? "We have just moved into the country, so it will be the family round and the fire blazing. I don’t normally like to watch myself on TV, but this time I think I will make an exception..."

+  7.6X: The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day at 5:15pm on BBC One.

[Source: BBC Media Centre]

8 December 2012

The BBC have released a sneak preview for the new TARDIS interior which will debut this Christmas, together with some more promotional pictures.

The new set (pictured right), was designed by Michael Pickwoad, the show’s production designer, and will be home to The Doctor and Clara as they travel through space and time when the adventure continues in spring 2013 with eight epic episodes.

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC One at 5:15pm in the UK.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC America at 9/8c in the USA.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on Space at 9e/6p in Canada.
+  The Snowmen will air on Proclamation Day (26th December) on ABC1 at 7:30pm in Australia
+  The Snowmen will air on Boxing Day (26th December) on Prime at Time TBC in New Zealand

[Source: BBC Pictures]

5 December 2012

The BBC have released a some more promotional pictures for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special; 7.6X: The Snowmen.

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC One at 5:15pm in the UK.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC America at 9/8c in the USA.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on Space at 9e/6p in Canada.
+  The Snowmen will air on Proclamation Day (26th December) on ABC1 at 7:30pm in Australia
+  The Snowmen will air on Boxing Day (26th December) on Prime at Time TBC in New Zealand

[Source: BBC Pictures]

4 December 2012

The BBC has confirmed the airtime for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special; 'The Snowmen'.

The episode will air at 5:15pm on BBC One, and will be 1 hour long.


Christmas Eve 1892 and the falling snow is the stuff of fairy-tales. When the fairy-tale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help.

But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe.

As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace.

+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC One at 5:15pm in the UK.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on BBC America at 9/8c in the USA.
+  The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day on Space at 9e/6p in Canada.
+  The Snowmen will air on Proclamation Day (26th December) on ABC1 at 7:30pm in Australia
+  The Snowmen will air on Boxing Day (26th December) on Prime at Time TBC in New Zealand

[Source: BBC]

27 November 2012

The BBC have released a number of promotional pictures and a synopsis for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special; 7.6X: The Snowmen.

Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image Enlarge Image Enlarge Image

+  7.6X: The Snowmen will air on Christmas Day at 5:15pm on BBC One.

[Source: BBC Pictures]

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