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13 February 2013

A new license has been given by the BBC to Rubbertoe Replicas to make 100% authentic Doctor Who props.

The company, which is headed by New Series Doctor Who Prop Maker, Nicholas Robatto, offers a range of Doctor Who prop replicas, hand-made using the same materials and techniques as used on the show.

Speaking to DWO, Rubbertoe Replicas Founder, Nicholas Robatto said:

"After making props for Doctor Who for many years, we are incredibly excited to be launching our range of replicas and memorabilia. All our replicas are made in exactly the same way as they have been made for the show, so hopefully people will enjoy being able to own something that is a real, authentic piece of Doctor Who."

The current Rubbertoe Replicas Doctor Who product catalogue includes:

-  Gallifreyan Coasters - £46.99
-  Coaster Display Stands - £11.95
-  Sonic Coaster Display Stands - £11.95
-  Brass Gallifreyan Wibbly Wobbly Paperweight - £46.95
-  Silver Gallifreyan Wibbly Wobbly Paperweight - £46.95
-  TARDIS Type 40 Plaque - £37.99
-  'The Power Of Three' Cube - £37.99
-  Gallifreyan Sonic Screwdriver Display Holder - £39.99
-  River Song Squareness Blaster - £369.99
-  Captain Jack Sonic Blaster - £369.99
-  Dalek Death Ray Projector - £565.50 

+  Check Out the Rubber Replicas website.

+  Follow Rubber Replicas on Twitter@DoctorWhoProps.

[Source: Rubbertoe Replicas]

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