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9 September 2011

DWO have seen 6.10: The Girl Who Waited and have put our spoiler-free preview together:

Tom MacRae takes time travel to a whole new level in this weeks episode of Doctor Who, 6.10: The Girl Who Waited.

The TARDIS team arrive in a futuristic alien healthcare clinic, called the Twostreams Facility. Within minutes Amy gets separated from The Doctor and Rory, and so begins a thoroughly entertaining 40 minutes of trying to find and rescue her.

Unlike some of the other stories from this season, this isn't a laugh-a-miniute adventure, as we discover the consequences of choices (a theme that has been concurrent throughout Series Six), in a new, beautifully written way. That's not to say there isn't humour, however, as MacRae uses it sparingly but with bullseye accuracy.

Although The Doctor and Rory do feature in the adventure, it does feel quite Amy-heavy - and quite right too. Karen Gillan really gets something to sink her teeth into here with the opportunity of playing a totally different facet to her character. For the most part she delivers, but there are moments when the delivery isn't as genuine as it could be.

The Handbots featured in this episode, are perhaps the nicest killer robots in Doctor Who history ever, as they quite simply kill you with kindness. The threat of someone or something hunting you down, is a winning concept, and one that is put to great use in The Girl Who Waited. It sits there in the background, and you can't help feeling the inevitability of a showdown at the end. 

This is truly a great story, with an ingenious take on a concept that has already been worked with on so many levels in Doctor Who. There are some fantastic sets and visuals with the garden scenes particularly worthy of note, all of which help compliment the script. It makes you wonder why Tom MacRae's absence since Series 2 has been allowed to happen, as he clearly deserves a place in every season going forward.

Five things to look out for...

1) Forgetting your camera phone can have disastrous consequences.

2) Green Anchor or Red Waterfall?

3) Don't touch the hand!

4) Possibly the world's largest handheld magnifying glass.

5) Samurai Amy.

[Source: Doctor Who Online]

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